Alien Invasion Coming To A Television Near You

The terror enemy is winding down.
Asteroids are playing now. Nibiru and so on.
Next up will be Aliens.
Here’s someone who knows what game the creators of 911 are planning next……..2012 is near.

The holders of power want an Orwellian-style Police State, as they fear the loss of their power. They are using scare stories to get us to agree to be enslaved and subjected to loss of our freedoms, and to get us all to subjugate each other. We are forgetting the fear from 911 and the terror phase. The new fear is being readied for release soon. Don’t fall for it this time – OK.

The lady in the clip used to work for Wernher Von Braun, the father of US rocketry and space exploration. He warned her when he was dying, of what he claimed was being planned for the future suppression of the human race. She now realises he knew exactly what he was talking about. His message was clear. A war with aliens is coming to terrify the world into submission. Be ready to see through the gameplan for what it is, a larger scale and more complex 911-type hoax, and spread the word.

She’s a brave lady.

Here’s a clip from Russia warning that the event is getting close. Wikileaks is being used to launch the event, which explains why Julian Assange was given weeks of endless media exposure.

The claim is that massive UFO fleets which have an underwater base in Antarctica are battling with USAF over South America. The story will be ramped up when the elites are ready to bring catastrophe on the world, and blame it all on the alleged aliens. Weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, peoples’ houses burned with lasers etc will no doubt feature in this mini-series, to be followed by martial law, all being readied for with riots around the globe, being orchestrated by compliant authorities.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap! Today whole earth is wobbling. Look at USGS seismic server. Carol used to work for Illuminati, but now she is the side of the Galactic Federation of Light. After she switched the side, her whole assets were stolen by Illuminati. Check itanimulli (the backward of illuminati) website. You can find the real illuminati web site!

  2. Tapestry says:

    That site brought me to the NSA’s site…..

  3. georgesilver says:

    Don’t worry Captain Kirk will save us.

    It’s a strange thing but after looking at all the “controlled” main-stream media and then all of the internet sites and blogs. You look out of the window into the garden and nothing has changed.

    Just remember. “The meaning of life is having a good time. The rest is propaganda”.

    People who are constantly afraid because of all the stuff they read are missing out on one thing. Life.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Denial is some peoples’ response. Others feel unhappy avoiding known truths. It is challenging to try to fathom the real story behind the deceptions. Be informed. He happier. In denial, you are still inwardly afraid. As you adjust to having more knowledge of the world’s real power structures, you can finally be spiritually at rest, and happier than you were in denial.

  5. georgesilver says:

    Dear Tapestry

    I am certainly not in denial. The title “denier” is always trotted out by people who feel they are the one true source of knowledge and do not like to be questioned and certainly do not like humour. They feel vulnerable so they call others “deniers”.
    As for the women with the “atomic” hair the best buddy of Wernher Von Braun plus the Wikileaks report about UFO invasion from the Antartic you must be having a laugh. These stories and people are ten a penny all over the internet. I love the guy who is commentating on the Wikileaks story with his monotone voice, ooooh scarey. ho. ho.

    Some of your stuff is interesting but I do feel you need to put on your “sceptical-glasses” now and then as really serious true stories could be lost amongst all of these “fantasy” ones.

  6. georgesilver says:

    Dear Tapestry. Just as point in case about disinformation on the Internet I put forward the following:-

    My thoughts are man never went to the Moon. They didn’t have the technology at the time of Apollo. All missions that supposedly landed on the Moon went flawlessly. They certainly wouldn’t have allowed filming of the first man on the Moon to be on TV live. Just think of the bad publicity if they hadn’t made it back and died slowly on the Moon. Now we come to the internet “deception”.
    What better way to make the “deniers” of Moon landings change there minds than to have NASA release “smudged” Lunar photos hinting at alien cities and structures. Then to have someone like Hoagland saying there is a big coverup about aliens on the Moon and NASA really did get there and was warned-off by the aliens. Good story for when people ask why they never went back. It’s called a double-bluff.

    Keep up the good work but please be discerning.

  7. Tapestry says:

    The alien and visiting planet thing is an area of interest. I don’t claim to be right on all or any of the things I write about, or feature from others. But by writing and discussing with others on here, the picture usually gets clearer. It always takes a little time to get to grips with subjects, though. When I first wrote on covert weather war, for example, people thought I was nuts. Now it’s becoming mainstream. The story I give here is that the elites are still talking of using their secret technologies as a way to terrify populations by saying they are alien. There have been multiple reports that they intend to use aliens as their next terror. The above sources are now without authority.

    They no doubt will be using Julian Assange, and who knows they could also have ‘kidnapped’ Dutchsinse as well. His latest output seems to be pointing this way, and is not quite the same in style as it was since his best friend was shot.

  8. Tapestry says:

    not without authority.

  9. georgesilver says:

    Dear Tapestry
    Actually to put out a false story about aliens attacking would be an interesting ploy but it would have to be just believable. A few cruise missiles doctored to look like some thing alien with a couple of nuclear explosions would be just about right. Then a full scale military alert with news of jet fighters being shot down with “eye-witness” accounts to follow. Complete media coverage from morning to night. The sheep would start believing especially if there was tightened security with curfews and food rationing.
    Internet sites and Wikileaks would not be the place to announce the “attack”. It would have to be full-blown TV coverage. Orson Wells with knobs on.

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