911 – 2011 All Over Libya They’re Murdering Black People

From Colin

NATO does nothing. Humanitarian events are not a priority.

Where’s that butcher Cameron with his ethical foreign policy now?


Doesn’t it make you feel proud to be British?

Get rid of that idiot of a Prime Minister immediately.

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3 Responses to “911 – 2011 All Over Libya They’re Murdering Black People”

  1. Twig says:

    When I first starting reading your blog you used to answer my doubts about Dave’s political leanings by saying that he has to appear as a liberal otherwise the BBC will persecute him.

    What do you think now?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I think they operated a deception. It didn’t entirely take me in. My strategy was to get a Conservative landslide and get enough backbenchers into seats that they could turf him out if he failed to carry out his promises, as he has done.

    ‘They’ saw the threat of too many backbenchers coming, and cut his lead back, with Heseltine and Ken Clarke saying a hung parliament was inevitable, and polling gradually reduced his lead from 20% a year before the election.

    If the financial crash hadn’t been rescued with QE in time, there could have been a Conservative landslide amidst the mayhem.

    Now I see Cameron as part of the usual OWG game, and his backbenchers look too weak to turf him out.

    UKIP are on 7% up from 3% at election time. The Lib Dems are halved to 9/10%. It won’t take much from here for UKIP to surge to maybe 12%.

    There was no chance of that in 2009/2010. I would tend to follow a UKIP strategy from here. The Coalition will be useless if enough Conservatives quit and back UKIP.

    It was right to get rid of Gordon Brown at all costs.

  3. Twig says:

    I was very glad to see the back of Gordon Brown, the man is clearly insane, and it reflects very badly on the Labour Party that such a person could become leader of that party without even a challenge. It seems to be the way of the left to use a trojan horse, as they did when Andrew McIntosh was usurped by Livingstone at the GLC after an indecently short tenure.

    I see the BBC as the biggest threat to freedom in this country, and I was glad to see that at least the government have trimmed their budget a little – I hope there’s more trimming to come. Chris Patten’s appointment as chairman of the Trust is worrying as I know he is an EUphile and has a vested interest in the EU (pension wise), so I don’t suppose UKIP will get much change from the beeb.

    Haven’t heard much from the pro €uro mob lately including one Ken “tough on crime” Clarke.

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