Two Thousand Posts On The Tap

This is the 2000th Post On The Tap since the blog started in June 2006. That’s not far off one post a day on average for five years, with 250,000 page downloads in the last year to June 2011, according to Google, now climbing to over 30,000 a month.

Blogging is a fun hobby, as well as a great way to find out from the world what is really going on. I thank the readers for providing 80% of the leads, finding the most interesting stories.

Thus we find Gordon Logan in the comments today telling us about all sorts of things we otherwise wouldn’t know. His latest comment concerns why weather is being used a s weapon all over the world. He says the globalists/Zionists control the military, not the nations of the world, and it is in their interests to weaken the countries. The centre of this network is not Israel but London.

He writes in reply to my question in comments as follows –

None of the major powers want to fight each other. The problem is that the Pentagon’s many HAARP facilities are under the control of the World Government because the United States’ military power is totally controlled by the globalists/zionists. If it wasn’t there would have been a military coup a long time ago.

Obviously it is in the interests of the WG to weaken the major powers. Covert environmental warfare is a convenient way to do this. Though the WG is a distributed entity, its centre is London not Israel. If it were Israel, then there wouldn’t be such a drive to attack Iran, which would be a disaster for the Israelis as Meir Dagan said in April.

The Israeli elite are split between the nationalists like Dagan, and the globalists, like Netanyahu, who will follow the Rothschilds no matter what. The environmental anomalies in America are caused by the hijacking of Pentagon technology.

Brzezinski said back in 1971 that the technology can be used with very few people knowing about it. It’s just a matter of keying a username and a password and entering the parameters of the attack. I don’t see the Russians or the Chinese rising to the bait, in spite of Sechuan and Russia’s brush fires last year, which they said, almost officially, were caused by HAARP. They know that America is a World Government zombie. No offence meant to Mr. Obama.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    From Gillian by email –

    Hi Tap,

    First of all congratulations on the recently posted stats. on and about the Tap Blog. It’s well deserved.

    I have to admit that I’m beginning to warm a little towards Gordon Logan! He’s brought some great info. to your blog.
    Have you asked him exactly why he decided to tell all or most of what he knows to your blog Tap? Maybe he’s trying
    to get it all out there in case something happens to him perhaps? I hope he’s not trying to get you in any bother though.

    It’s kind of comforting and slightly reassuring if he is correct in what he says about our Royal Family. That they are not
    so high in the pecking order as we might have thought. Princess Michael always said that they were way beneath her in
    status! I didn’t know Blair’s mother was Jewish! I was reading some of the stuff on wikispooks and was surprised to read
    that Rosa Monkton a close friend of the late Diana was em eye six!

    Many people on Telegraph blogs are convinced that what is happening now to the financial system is a Jewish conspiracy.
    But I think that people such as the Rothschild’s and the other elite are a world away from the ordinary Jewish people. They
    don’t care about ordinary Jews any more than they care about the rest of us.

    Finally, I am a little surprised at the lack of comments regarding the earthquake/volcano subject. Maybe like me they are simply
    waiting with bated breath. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later, I believe.



  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Gillian.

    EMI? They make records , I believe…..

    MI6. OK. But EMI6?

    You are doing well telling us what people who read The Telegraph are saying!

    I hardly ever see a newspaper these days, or a TV. The net has far more stuff worth reading.

    I value your support.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Gillian email –

    Tap, just a brief email to clarify a couple of points in my previous email.

    The reason I wrote MI6 as em eye six was in case writing “MI6” triggers immediate attention
    from those monitoring emails. Just a thought.

    I don’t actually read a newspaper anymore and haven’t done so for several years. As you rightly
    say the www is the best source of information. But, I do visit newspaper blog sites most days as it
    gives a good indication of public opinion. Some posts do get removed of course but there is usually
    a fair chance of reading them before removal.


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