Ron Paul Meets Piers Morgan

He’s still going at 75 and interesting to hear.  Piers spouts the notions of the Rockefellers, and attempts to portray Paul as an extremist.  Paul came second in the recent straw poll of all the current Republican candidates (he probably came first actually.  There was some sort of muddle up.)

‘Freedom is Popular’!!!!

Paul’s best reply.  ‘Freedom is Popular’!!​=AY3V6ECJLOE

via Sean Howlett.

Anyone know why the embeds are going funny?

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  1. Woodsy42 says:

    Maybe you are pasting in the text mode and forgetting to change to HTML edit mode?

  2. Anonymous says:


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    I GREATLY respect your work, and your skills. And encourage EVERYONE once again, to go over and download the full version or the “freeware” version.


    Why am I leaving?

    In the past 3 days, my good friend was shot 5 times with an AK-47 by two guys in a Black Humvee, still at large.

    I inadvertently almost got scott’s server shut down (deep earth bunkers), and had someone I respect (the creator of earthquake 3d) basically accuse me of stealing from him.

    My YOUTUBE page got several strikes against it for nonsense 3rd party copyright violations for shots of tornadoes and volcanoes erupting … and even RADAR images from nexrad !

    All this ON TOP of having my personal information spread online (home phone, cell phone and home COORDINATES literally the geospacial long / lat )… my 70 year old mothers home information, phone number and my WIFES personal information, also HER PARENTS information.. this included my parents bank account information !!!!

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    That is TOP SEARCH on google still.. when you search my name, that bunk comes up for all eternity.

    Dozens if not over a HUNDRED anti-dutchsinse videos and websites dedicated to the smearing/debunking/hating of me personally, not just my theories.

    I’d understand if this was a debate about my theories on weather modification, earthquakes, or earth changes/space anomalies—- but that does not occur… rather its one attack or misfortune after another — all thanks to this “youtube community” .. where you’re supposed to be able to make videos about things that intrigue you…

    It would appear we are only supposed to make videos that please other people, not videos that challenge the current theories or scientific orthodoxy…

    addendum @ 313pm CDT 8/16/2011

    youtube and this whole ordeal is a microcosm of our wonderful society that we’ve crafted for ourselves….

    we need only look to ourselves to see the problem. I blame myself for putting out controversial material, and not expecting harsh consequences … ala 16th century heretic persecution style.

    The inquisition still exists, in our midst, in the court of public opinion a billion skeptics and truthers tear each other apart… meanwhile.. the world is falling apart at its seams.”

  3. Me says:

    Debt Collapse – The Case For $20,000 Gold – Mike Maloney (FULL PRESENTATION)

    33 min 30 seconds +

    “First the threat of deflation, followed by a helicopter drop, followed by big inflation, followed by real deflation, and then followed by hyperinflation.”

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