Ron Paul : Federal Government Is Preparing For Martial Law In USA

Ron Paul was interviewed at the recent Straw Poll. He said in answer to a direct question that there is no doubt the government is preparing to bring about civil violence in the USA. Civil Emergency Centers have already been built at old military bases. When they got rid of the Glass Steagal Act, they started preparing.

Congress can be set aside. There is a Super Congress. Paulson threatened martial law if Congress refused to cooperate. Homeland Security is setting the stage for violence.

Will that violence come about as a direct result of the forthcoming election? The media won’t even mention Ron Paul’s name, even though he’s miles ahead of all other candidates for the Republican nomination. On a leader board published by US Today, his name wasn’t even on the list. Yet ‘others’ polled 62%!!!!!!!

Mitt Romney 8.06%
Newt Gingrich 3.93%
Mike Huckabee 2.22%
Michele Bachman 3.86%
Sarah Palin 11.76%
Tim Pawlenty 2.54%
Mitch Daniels 1.69%
Haley Barbour 0.3%
Rick Santorum 0.84%
Jon Huntsman 2.73%
OTHER 62.07%

If the media won’t even allow the clear winner to be mentioned, that surely will wake up the kind of resistance the elite wants to bring on – to get Ron Paul supporters out on the streets, hoover them up and throw them into the concentration camps.

Writing words like that, you feel like you’re delivering the punch line of a joke.

This is no joke. The current structure of government in the USA can be set aside whenever the President commands.

Ron Paul will be allowed to run, but only as a way for the elites to pick off political opposition. If 100% start supporting Ron Paul, then they might have a problem. You can’t put all the people into the concentration camps. But either way, they would call martial law and cancel elections rather than let him win.

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2 Responses to “Ron Paul : Federal Government Is Preparing For Martial Law In USA”

  1. Alex Jones has been saying this for years and it sounded absolutely nuts back then.

    In other news, the dollar is clearly on the way out, did you know the justice department is now investigating S & P ? Clear intimidation.

    Very, very intereating times ahead.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Deflation could be about to strike. That could catapult the dollar into favour for a while. Longterm trends have periods when everything flies the opposite way.

    The S & P investigation is a hopeful sign of a fightback, but politics has to run a long long way before the elites fear any kind of serious reprisals.

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