Rioters Shooting At Police – False Flag Action On Film?

Did rioters shoot at Police with live ammunition?

Anyone must know that shooting at Police is as good as an instant death sentence.

Is there any real evidence that someone actually took that risk?

No one was apprehended, or named.

Daily Mail showing the pictures.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Tap
    I have found some interesting articles on Japanese blog site. If it is true, I feel this is really dangerous articles. Please do not post the SECOND COMMENT on your website. I want to give you this info just for you. OK? I have already posted as a comment on the Truther Girls website to just let them know. (You can post the first comment about the Fukushima radiation info if you want, but not the comment of bomb for tsunami that might not be true and if it is true, this is very dangerous).Thank you.

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