Dutchsinse Says Large Earthquake Is About To Hit California

Videos sent in By Wasp.

The attempted murder of his best friend last week has raised questions in his mind.
Youtube have removed many of his weather shots in the same period.
The interview was meant to be on skype livestream, but for this interview, it’s not working.
Interviewer – it sounds like an Illuminati hit on your friend.
Dutch – I got interested in why the birds were falling from the sky, which is why I started looking at the radar in January this year. I went on to the local radar and I found an anomaly in the exact same place that 10’s of thousands of birds died. I now call it a HAARP signal. I used to work for telecom, computers and have a technical background.

I also noted an earthquake correlation with the radar signatures.

I delved into what the answers were.

In March, there were a series of earthquakes and eruptions, matching HAARP signatures. I put over a warning to Japan in March to watch out for an earthquake two days before the big one hit.

You can get a doctorate in weather modification in the UK and the US. I began exposing the facilities that are doing these things. That’s when they began doing stuff to me, and exposing false information on who I am on godlikeproductions and other sites.

Millions of people knew something was going on, but it was when the link to interventions with HAARP were demonstrated that people began to see the picture. The Chinese are also boasting they can move objects in space using HAARP technology. It’s geo-engineering. It’s not just weather manipulation.

There is planetary manipulation going on, weather wars between different countries.
Investigating chemtrails, time travel,
Tornadoes can be delivered to order by HAARP.
Fukishima was using a different fuel, a mix of fuel – 8/10% plutonium rods – when Russia stopped producing uranium. The equipment malfunctioned.
The huge spike in ionising radiation was happening before the quake happened.
They used HAARP to direct the ionising radiation into the ground.
This caused a massive release of energy and the earthquake.
Why are they targeting Dutchsinse specifically?
The real problem came when I started showing the plumes in California.
A month ago a series of plumes appeared on radar, and on invisible satellite, only coming off volcanic areas. Immediately 100-200 people started a campaign to get my youtube channel shut down. I received a threat message by email. Stop making videos. We’ve warned you.
You, Dutch have tapped into something very important.
In San Diego there’s a rotten smell in the air, and people are asking what’s causing it.
It’s a precursor of a volcanic eruption.
ABC News LA put a news report out.
They had talking heads from the military saying the plumes were explosions.

A week later the USGS issued a new story of a lava flow undersea.
There was a 6.0 in Baha California.
Then a plume was captured in Baha California, all the way to Eastern Nevada. Then a hillside began to smoke. A hillside began to collapse. That was in news report from Santa Barbara.
Maybe they are planning to augment the effects of natural tectonic energy.

San Diego is reporting an entire area smelling of tar, rotten eggs,some kind of fume.
There’s going to be some kind of large seizmic event.
It’s already started.
People should be prepared with water and supplies.

What about Yellowstone, Mt Rainier in Washington, some stuff undersea in Oregon and Mammoth? Is there going to be some kind of linked event. The magma (lava) chamber at Yellowstone goes all over to western Idaho. The volcanic system could be connected from Yellowstone, Rainier and Mt Baker. 800-1000 miles apart.
Project Camelot says the best place to hide is out in the open, so it’s best to broadcast what you know. Weekly updates might follow. Get a camera so people get to know how you look.

Originally I thought the plumes were forest fires. Then I found that there were no trees where the plumes happened. There was only a lava field.

There are no news stories being issued about the AK-47 attack on his friend Max. There is a lot of intimidation going on. The USGS responded to Dutchsinse, which means they were worried about their interventions being read and understood.

Two years ago people ridiculed anyone who mentioned chemtrails. Chentrails are no longer debated. We know it’s real. The same is happening all over their other spheres, like finance, UFOs, time travel. We are getting to the point when we don’t need the government to tell us stuff.

Don’t take the official story. Look behind it.
Book on how NASA has lied to the people…the orbit of Elenin?
We are at a point where we can change the way the world is reported.
We can put out videos contradicting their messages.
They started hassling my mother at 3 am at her house.
They posted her financials.

Information about the Palm Springs Area?
Link on its way.
There was plume activity, but I couldn’t get confirmation.
I’m in Missouri.
There’s a military base right there. That was producing the plume activity, they say.
You need people to use video cameras to document what’s going on, to provide confirmation.

Elenin is coming in, is visible in the sky from Australia. The information – we want people to be afraid, and they are looking for an opening to be aware of a disaster.
Dr Deagle’s radio show is predicting some kind of disaster intuitively. The event will be cloaked in all kinds of confusion.

Major earthquakes around the globe are escalating. The main cause is an extra-planetary cause, some kind of problem with the sun, or another planet. Elenin will be 35 million kilometres away from earth at its closest. It is 200,000 kilometres across. It will look like the moon. What will its effects be? I’m not sure yet.

Please download this interview and make it go viral. ‘So we do not lose it’.
Let’s do weekly interviews.
Yes. I’ll get a camera.

13 million views on youtube. I’m going out on Discovery Channel program on Bunker people.

UPDATE 23rd August 2011 –

East Coast earthquake at 5.8 strikes Virginia, felt as far away as Toronto.

Is the whole country affected?

The trouble is the effect on nuclear power plants, as this one today in Virginia twenty miles from the epicenter.

Gordon Logan –

Hello Tap,

Here are some jpgs about HAARP.
The headline is lying about the ‘response’.
The other heating picture makes it clear the heating was a precursor.
It’s from Pulinets, Ouzounov et al.

Geller has worked hard over the years to protect HAARP by campaigning against international funding of research into precursors.

When seismologists figure out HAARP, the SWHTF.


Best wishes,

Gordon Logan

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  1. wasp says:



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    11:30 AM

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    11:30 AM

  4. Tapestry says:

    I’ve credited you in the blogpost, Wasp. Thanks for the link.

    I’m working at odd times as my young son is here and it’s not so easy to remember what came from where.

    Keep sending stuff in. 80% of material on The Tap is sent in by readers.

  5. Me says:

    This ludicrous article in the Guardian, and the NASA research that is the basis of it, is intended to take the dangerously stupid to a new magnitude of ignorance. Firewall your IQ cells before you read the title.

    “Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists”

    Now, what this video to help put the Guardian article in context. They want to stage an alien invasion to make you submit to a world government.

    As Dutchsinse explained in Part 6 of his Project Camelot interview, the radiation from Fukushima breaks down into strontium and barium, increasing the proportion of these in the atmosphere, making it more suitable for creating realistic holograms.


  6. Me says:

    Here is that video you should watch to put the Guardian article in context.

  7. Tapestry says:

    I watched the first four of the Dutchsince Camelot interview, then real life intervened for the rest of the day, and I haven’t completed the series. No doubt I’ll be awake at five am tomorrow and will watch two more clips.

    Just imagine, the arrival of the 25,000 year planet triggering HAARP-prepared worldwide volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, the illuminati hide underground. Holograms appear in the sky. Looters gunned down by police. Financial collapse. Starving mobs. And that’s just episode one!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, do you remember Dutchsinse had gotten trouble about plumes video around the desert area in California, such as Pisgah Crators? I suspected those plumes are top secret of this government. Probably plumes from DUMBs. Now the government is kicking out the residents around the area. Check Youtube “Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw3RiMdS7sE&feature=player_embedded#!

  9. Me says:

    Dutchsinse’s youtube channel has been taken down and his website is no longer up. Apparently this is because he had made enemies of his own (former) subscribers and co-youtubers over the past few months.

    I don’t know the right and wrongs of the situation. But I don’t think this one is necessarily connected to globalists.

    This may have culminated in one of his most recent youtube videos – before his account was taken down – in which he basically claimed he didn’t believe in anything after all, NWO didn’t exist, etc.

    Well, that was really the end of dutchsinse anyway since the reason I was listening, and probably most others, he was prepared to entertain evidence for original theories, and examine publicly available data for unusual patterns related to the Earth. I enjoyed keeping track of the Earthquakes on EQ 3D – that’s something nobody else does.

    In the end he stated a position that suggested he was totally closed-minded. Was this out of spite to deliberately annoy those he was arguing with? An admission he was only trolling?

    I suspect he banned from his youtube account everyone who said anything slightly critical to create an echo chamber but his enemies managed to get him on something and have closed his down.

    Sad case of in-fighting which helps nobody.

  10. Tapestry says:

    They drilled a few holes in his best friend. He’s decided he prefers to live. Until that moment he was straight common sense. Give the guy a break.

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