Nibiru Is Another Name For Jupiter

The stories emerging from Dutchsinse about earthquakes, hurricanes, volacanoes, tornadoes, and so on being caused by some kind of man-made intervention, seem real enough. HAARP rings are visible on his weather displays, and he explains the pattern of their effects that he has observed over a year. He showed some kind of anomaly in the direction of Irene as it headed North from Florida, some commenters saying that the HAARP installation in Puerto Rico was sending it on an unnatural path towards NYC.

The opinion of Gordon Logan and others that there are covert environmental wars going on, with all the HAARP facilities around the world being used to create extreme weather and geological events, targeted on cities and other strategic targets, is consistent with the evidence provided by Dutchsinse. The HAARP facilities in each country are controlled by the same elite, Logan believes. It is tantamount to a great game for the elite as they batter down the rest of humanity.

As if all this was not enough to get our heads around, there is more.

The media is starting to mention the horrors of the coming Planet Nibiru, which will, some say, bring down the verses from The Book Of Revelations on our heads, with fire and brimstone, subsequent to weeks of darkness as the sun is blocked off from earth, and we are hit by worldwide earthquakes and tsunamis. The planet is meant to visit earth every 3600 years, according to these reports, destroying all in its path.

It sounds most convincing when the diagrams showing the path of the planet are shown. But wait! Nibiru is nothing more than an old Samarian word for the Planet Jupiter, and that’s all it is. This video explains.

There seems to be an effort being made to create a worldwide panic, which is a precursor not of planetary destruction of Earth, but of a political takeover, where the elite that once ruled the world from the shadows, will declare itself openly. The first stage is to create so much fear that people willingly accept their own subjugation.

The problem is that most people are so dumbed down that they either don’t want to know, or can’t take it in that they are under attack. The panic that is intended to be happening, is not in sight. People plod on, unable, even to grasp that so many extreme environmental events are unusual. As long as the social security checks keep coming in, no one even cares. Life is after all, ultimately about day-to-day survival.

The elite are bent on subjugating mankind to ensure their own, actively manoeuvring to suppress all peoples on the earth. Nibiru appears not to be on the agenda, unless you are a fundamentalist Christian who takes the bible literally. But the timing of such cataclysmic events will be unlikely to conform to the political requirements of a small clique of humans bent on controlling the earth. They can move the weather and influence tectonic activity, but as yet they can’t move the planets around without risking their own destruction, which presumably is not on their minds.

Dutchsinse sees more US extreme weather coming in Southern Missouri, including tornadoes. He sees HAARP activity and chemtrailing building weather events in Oklahoma, Omaha, Springfield, Wichita.

ME in comments

Create a panic so they can stage an alien invasion using secret holographic technology?

The planet Nibiru idea may have been seeded so that people have an idea where the aliens are from.

The Guardian recently wrote a “serious” article on alien invasion.

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists.

Are they preparing the public for the Ace up their Sleeve last ditched attempt to prevent their overthrow?

That looks like it to me too, Me. Holograms in the sky can make planets appear and the UFO thing is allowing people to see the kind of craft they’ve built on the QT these last sixty years, alleging they’re alien craft. It’s what they always said would be the ultimate terror they could project on the world. I think it was Kissinger who let it slip on one occasion. That’s why they want to silence Dutchsinse. Roger Lamb etc as they’re letting the volcanic/tectonic cat out of the bag.

The eruptions are gong to be blamed on aliens…..

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  1. Me says:

    Create a panic so they can stage an alien invasion using secret holographic technology?

    The planet Nibiru idea may have been seeded so that people have an idea where the aliens are from.

    The Guardian recently wrote a “serious” article on alien invasion.

    Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists

    Are they preparing the public for the Ace up their Sleeve last ditched attempt to prevent their overthrow?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What do you make of this from Dutchsinse? His reluctance to say the NWO currently exists appears to contradict his Project Camelot interview. In fact, it’s hard to understand why he was interviewed for Project Camelot if this is what he believes.

  3. Me says:

    Does this latest dutchsinse video sound like the same dutchsinse from the Project Camelot interview where he was talking about things like the hypothesised Project Bluebeam?

    I agree with his stance on 2012 Armageddon theories, which are a distraction from what is really going on, quite possibly deliberate disinformation.

    However, he seems to disagree that the NWO exists. It might just be the way he phrased it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As you know, some people are nice and some are not. Aliens are the same. Some are nice, and some are not. All the top Illuminati are aliens who came to the Earth long long time ago. They are Annunaki created reptilians, and they have been controlling this Earth for eons of centuries. But now this game is going to be over. New players, GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT already came and surrouding the Earth. The Illuminati reptilians want human to think this GFL are bad aliens who come to occupy the Earth, and that is not true. If people think that there are only humans in this huge universe, they are so dumb. We have been living with at least 13 kinds of space human such a long time. Just we don’t realize, and the government is hinding the information. Therefore, it looks like the Reptilian controlling era is going to be over soon, and new age is coming.

  5. Me says:

    08182011 – 6 of 9 Project Camelot Dutchsinse Interview

    “What Fukushima was, a large, long term release of Strontium and Barium. When I found that out I couldn’t believe it…. it turns out the US Army science labs… developed a device that’s capable of projecting a beam into the atmosphere…. yeah it’s bluebeam what we’re talking about… Chemtrail and Fukushima are dual use… plan to enact a greater nefarious fraud that we are all talking about”

  6. Me says:

    For context, I went searching for some recent UFO sightings – lights, in the blue sky daytime over London, July 2011

    This is a pretty awesome video. You can actually imagine them to be holograms. At one point the bright disk looks like a polo mint.

    Disinfo war being waged, right now., which has sneaked up on us.

    Similar lights over the Bronx

  7. Anonymous says:

    These Illuminati reptilians are very afraid of GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT. Why they came to the Earth? My guess is that these reptilians are from Draco Constellation that is most conspicuous stars from the Earth. These Illuminati reptilians are not only on the Earth but also some other planets in this huge universe. These reptilians don’t have love and compassion, and they are super selfish. That is why the history of the Earth was filled with wars and murders. They are demons that love tragedy. If they exist not only on the Earth but also some other planets, there should be constant wars between reptilians and some other benevolent beings. If those reprilians are getting too strong in the universe because people on the Earth support them such as tax, corporate profits and etc.., of course, GFL has to come here to fight with reptilians and change the society so that humans can be free from reptilian occupation. It sounds crazy, but this is my opinion. You don’t need to be afraid of GFL, but you had better afraid of these Illuminati reptilians.
    I saw your suggested youtube. Even she said that there are belevolent aliens who are watching us, and there is a war between Illuminati and those aliens. Blue Beam project is to create fake UFOs or fake hologram evil aliens so that people believe that GFL are here to kill people and occupy the Earth. But that does not very much work anymore because GFL destroyed most of the miliatry functions by using virus and worms.
    Illuminati reptilians are so desperate. They want to do everything to defend themselves. This year and next year are going to be the crucial years for the new age.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In your suggested Dutchsinse Project Camelot video, the lady clearly told that there are real aliens. They are watching us. There is war between those real aliens and Illuminati. Please listen between 3:00 to 3:30 in that video. Thank you. Actually I love your site very much. I am checking almost every day. It sounds crazy, but those aliens love you, too.

  9. Me says:

    There is a lot going on in the land of the completely provable that we can achieve. We shouldn’t get too distracted by the hypothesised truths, be they true or not.

    Rumours aren’t always true. For example the lady has also said in another video the US military has technology enable special forces to walk through solid walls.

    That sounds absurd. The truth might be they have equipment to see through walls. I have, in fact, read an article on this in the media, a British company has produced something that locates moving objects behind walls.

    Perhaps the US have a more advanced version of this technology.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, have you read Benjamin Fulford article “In a related development, multiple sources claim two of the underground cities, one near Washington D.C. and another near Denver, Colorado, were destroyed by nuclear weapons last week. Some sources, also connected to intelligence circles, however, deny that such an attack took place.”

  11. Tapestry says:

    Gillian email comment –

    I quite liked and agreed with some of what Gordon Logan had to say about Hitler. Whether he, Hitler,

    was a British spy or not I’ve no idea.
    But, I do know from little bits of info. that my late father came out with that Hitler was confident that the Brits. would not stand in his way and were more or less with him on his quest. My late father worked closely with a fleet street baron in the 1930’s and the press knew what was going on. But were not of course allowed to print any of it. Hitler never had any intention of invading Briton. He believed we were on the same side and was shocked when we declared war on him when he went into Poland. Churchill was defininately no patsy, as someone wrote in the comments. He was a high ranking member of the elite, obviously! Look at his family tree!

    On a lighter note. Nibiru another name for Jupiter? no way (imho). One look at the Sumerian diagram of the planets in the British Museum is convincing enough for me! Conspiracies theories are one thing, Star trek-type fantasies are another! One has to draw one’s own personal line somewhere and I guess that would be mine. It’s important to keep some sense of proportion, otherwise important results from genuine truth seeking will be dismissed as crack-pot conspiracy theories. And that would play straight into “their” hands.

    I found myself watching and liking this video on you tube last night: David Icke – They Dare Not Speak Its Name…ROTHSCHILD
    ZIONISM I liked it because it goes along with my belief that not the entire Jewish population are bad and out to get us! It is just the elite Jews and of course Zionists.


    • Samadhi Maithuna says:

      I suppose id like to think whats typed above is true, that any signs in the sky are hologram images of Nibiru type planets plus Angel Harp creating tectonic events. It would be nice because it would simplify things a lot.

      But, yesterdays amazing footage in the southern skies here

      Plus the dec 201th 2015 California footage that cannot be challenged. I suppose COULD be holographic cabal deceptions. But they don’t really seem to be.
      Add to this, it seems that Dublinmick has put a wrecking ball through any remaining doubts with his extensive discussions about ancient red indian and other civilisations beliefs in the Red Kachina, Red Dragon etc.

      So somethings up there.

      All political social, geopolitical events happening today in the UK and the world, I think must be linked into this fact of the Red Kachina coming.

      However for extensive reasons I try to go on about elsewehere, I reallydont think it is the cataclysmic demise some are saying, or that might have happened in the past. I feel this time leaving the kali Yuga will be different
      Some might even say theres actually evidence for this, for those with eyes to see and sense.

  12. Twig says:

    “…the Reptilian controlling era is going to be over soon, and new age is coming.
    At last, some good news!
    Please keep us updated of developments via The Tap Blog /tks

  13. Tapestry says:

    It’s you the readers who are feeding the site, and reading the site.

    I learn on here every day. Keep the stuff coming. The Benjamin Fulford stuff is always hopeful, but is it real?

    Does Gordon Logan know about him, next door in Japan? Is he genuine or not? It’s very hard to read, without inside knowledge.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone seriously believe the alien story? From what I read people think TPTB are off their heads – totally deluded.

    As for apathy, don’t think that people won’t rise up once their livlihoods are threatened. Th lion is only sleeping and there are more of us than there are of them…


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