More Details Of False Flag Riots

Sent in anonymously to The Tap comments. The Police are monitoring the internet, looking for political opposition. If someone plans a peaceful demonstration in the USA, the mobile phones are cut of for everyone. Sentencing of 4 years for a Facebook riot planned, which never even happened. There was a Police stand down when the riots were small. Others joined in until they were out of control. The real perpetrators got away with it. The small fry was arrested and charged. It was allowed to happen to bring in greater Police powers and tougher sentencing against political opposition, and to make it look as if all opposition on the streets can be equated with rioting. It’s all in preparation for the economic downturn which has been planned for years and which is now happening. This is the beginning of the end of internet freedom…unless people wake up…says Alex. Yet what can they do about it?

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