How Blair’s Bid For EU President Failed

Blair’s visit to The Whitehouse 07/17/03
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Earlier Press Briefing by Scott McClellan 12:36 P.M. EDT

Finally, the President very much looks forward to welcoming Prime Minister Blair to the White House this afternoon. The Prime Minister is a strong leader who is a great friend of the American people.

But also don’t forget the following, concerning a certain J. Gannon’s activities on July 17, 2003. This is from the minutes of the fraternity alumni organization he got involved with, under the (likely assumed) identity of James Guckert:

JD Guckert was busy entertaining the Prime Minister of Great Britain (not a joke).

Gannon/Guckert is a known male prostitute.

It was apparently the leaking of this scandal by a former British agent that prevented Blair from securing the Presidency of Europe. Rupert Murdoch was already broadcasting in The Sun that Blair had it in the bag, thinking it was a done deal. Sarkozy, a Mossad agent as revealed by the French security service, was backing Blair’s bid.

Source – Gordon Logan, who explains –

The GGG story is red hot still. He was backdooring Blair a-a-a-a-nd Bush. I had the pdf of the college mag in which they quite innocently quoted Guckert as he then was saying that he had to entertain Blair. There are photos of him being kissed on the head by Bush.

It’s a hell of a story because the two specialists in US paedophile politics, Ted Gunderson ex FBI chief in LA, and former republican senator John Decamp are certain that Gannon/Guckert is in fact Johnny Gosch kidnapped in 1982 at the age of ten and turned into a sex slave for the elite.

Bill Colby ex Director of Central Intelligence investigated the scandal with Decamp and concluded that it was so big, that NOTHING could be done about it.

TAP – If this is a wrong story or fabricated, then it’s odd that it is to be easily found on the internet in various places, and has not been taken down. You would think if it was false, the lawyers would have had the various sites closed down. I don’t see the story as entertaining, more as sad and embarrassing, let alone appalling behaviour for a Prime Minister representing his country.

Gordon Logan, the man who sunk Blair’s bid to be President Of Europe, now living in China

It is no wonder that Blair disappeared so quickly from view on the political radar screen once this information was in the hands of the Russians and the Germans, where Logan says he placed it, and that they thought twice about making him President Of Europe. Blair, the warmonger, met his comeuppance through his personal failings, and a little help from a British secret agent.


Blair in November 2009 when he knew his bid to be EU President was over

As PM, Blair seemed extremely keen for the State to remove more children from their families. He said in the video below that that should happen, if a government computer system flagged up future problems. Given his alleged involvement (from Gordon Logan’s email about this to The Tap) in the use of child sex slaves provided by Bush, you do start to wonder where the motivation to seize so many children from their families really comes from.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is probably the most important piece about your Common Law rights and the fraud perpetuated by TPTB that you will ever hear. It’s 75 mins long so you may want to listen in chunks but it is AWESOME:


  2. Tapestry says:


    I’m glad it isn’t only me that is suspicious of this “Gordon Logan”
    He seems to have been in the thick of every major event during the past 20 plus years or so.
    That in itself is highly questionable and surely if people such as the VIP he names wanted him
    “removed” then he certainly wouldn’t still be around!

    However, what he writes is hugely entertaining and there may well be some truth in it. But just what
    he is really up to is anyone’s guess. You asked us what we thought Tap and my advice, for what it’s
    worth, would be to proceed with caution. If he’s a fantasist he will trip himself up sooner or later.

    Kind Regards


  3. Tapestry says:

    I’m not entirely sure either, Gillian, but the suggestion that Mrs Thatcher agreed as part of the Trident deal that Britain would go to war on the orders of a US President is entirely plausible. They had bailed us out in The Falklands. It probably seemed the least she could do, and she got on so well with dear old Ron.

  4. Tapestry says:

    ..and it does give some kind of explanation as to why Blair disappeared from view so rapidly after not winning the EU Presidency. The evidence Gordon Logan provides to back up his stories is thorough and convincing. It may seem a bit far-fetched that one person could do so many things, but some people do have that ability!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always wondered why Peter mandelson had so much power in whitehall. This story may provide some clues.

  6. Me says:

    If Gordon Logan is real perhaps he can tell us once and for all whether Gold is going up or down.

    BTW Tap just found a new blog you’d like

  7. Tapestry says:

    That’s a good site, Me.

    I’m the greatest expert on gold and silver. If they go higher it’s only a prelude to a greater crash!

    Don’t rise!

  8. Me says:

    5.9 Earthquake US East coast – has Russia/China just HAARP’d Washington in retaliation for the siege of Gadaffi in Tripoli?

    Just speculation!

  9. Tapestry says:

    It’s hard to unravel exactly who’s HAARPing who and why.

    Gordon, any thoughts?

  10. Me says:

    Quickly interject with this …

    Here’s a picture of Russian HAARP.

    Of course, it could be US HAARP false flag… or it could be natural.

    BTW Gordon Logan is more believable as a real person now you have a picture. Whether he caused all those things to happen or whether he just thinks he did is another matter.

  11. Gordon Logan says:

    None of the major powers want to fight each other. The problem is that the Pentagon’s many HAARP facilities are under the control of the World Government because the United States’ military power is totally controlled by the globalists/zionists. If it wasn’t there would have been a military coup a long time ago. Obviously it is in the interests of the WG to weaken the major powers. Covert environmental warfare is a convenient way to do this. Though the WG is a distributed entity, its centre is London not Israel. If it were Israel, then there wouldn’t be such a drive to attack Iran, which would be a disaster for the Israelis as Meir Dagan said in April. The Israeli elite are split between the nationalists like Dagan, and the globalists, like Netanyahu, who will follow the Rothschilds no matter what. The environmental anomalies in America are caused by the hijacking of Pentagon technology. Brzezinski said back in 1971 that the technology can be used with very few people knowing about it. It’s just a matter of keying a username and a password and entering the parameters of the attack. I don’t see the Russians or the Chinese rising to the bait, in spite of Sechuan and Russia’s brush fires last year, which they said, almost officially, were caused by HAARP. They know that America is a WG zombie. No offense meant to Mr. Obama.

  12. Tapestry says:


    Who runs the OWG in London?

    Is Prince Charles anything to do with it?

    What about Foundation X?

  13. Me says:

    If you have time, could you answer this question: how was information passed on so that you came acquire the knowledge you have?

    Is it all personal contacts and word of mouth, or are there official documents written that refer to the “deep state”, official meetings – mini-Bilderbergs – that you may have attended to discuss WG themes.

    I ask because if you received the info by word of mouth/personal contact that probably means every top politician and official knows a lot of the basic stuff you know because these ideas are floating about in the milleu at the higher echelons of power, and people pass on the information as they chat to each other.

    On the other hand, if you mostly came to acquire the information through official and secret channels then not everyone in positions of great power and prestige can be expected to know about the WG. When someone does know something they are encouraged to keep quiet due to official secrets acts etc.

  14. Me says:

    How did I not notice this?

    TV News is no longer news… it’s a movie presentation.

  15. Gordon Logan says:

    Firstly, we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Rothschilds and Mossad for 9/11. That woke up the world. Secondly, we have to thank the USAF fighter pilot who disobeyed orders and shot down the Flight 93 over Pennsylvania. That meant that WTC 7 wasn’t hit, so Larry Silverstein had to have the building ‘pulled’ late in the afternoon so as to ensure that the explosives in the building weren’t discovered. If WTC 7 had been hit and collapsed, the world might have been none the wiser. Today, only fools don’t realize what happened. Since WTC 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition, we can be sure that WTC 1 and 2 were also brought down by a controlled demolition. Swiss Re led the insurance syndicate that gave Larry Silverstein a double pay out. Swiss Re, a giant, is a Rothschild company. It is significant that there was of course no claim for WTC7, since it was demolished. When I found out about WTC7 and Swiss Re, and Atta’s passport lying intact in the debris, along with the dancing Israelis who “were there to document the event”, it was all very clear. I got interested in the Rothschild’s and spent weeks in the summer of 2001 on the internet investigating 9/11 and fractional reserve banking. I was stunned by the audacity of a banking system that could only have been sustained by a full blown system of covert political coercion. Money creation had been privatised and our governments could only print bonds. It was that system of coercion, involving the control of politicians, civil servants and secret services, that made the 9/11 operation possible.

  16. Gordon Logan says:

    I also happened to have an MI6 colleague, who had been an accountant and was

    very knowledgable about the banking system. He pointed out for example that the Israelis didn’t use the predatory banking

    system. They used a non-predatory system known as industrial banking. I learnt a lot from him about deep politics over the next

    four years. I encouraged him to talk and cultivated him as if I were his case officer. Another colleague appeared. He had been the

    aide de camp to General Alexander Haig, when the latter was Secretary of State and tried to take over from Reagan. We had a

    few long conversations which eventually came round to Jewish power and Rothschild power. He was in fact preparing a ‘pitch’ so

    as to recruit me in order to get me ‘under control’ before the Saudi bombings scandal broke. He had worked with Henry Kissinger

    and had the photographs to prove it. I didn’t push him on sensitive matters too much but I did ask him why he worked for the

    Jews and he said, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” He also said with reference to World Government and Rothschild power

    that “The United States doesn’t exist, but the people haven’t been told.” My conversations with these two people in particular,

    who I am certain were freemasons, and my observations regarding the many Jews I met and with whom they worked

    operationally gave me quite a clear picture. I remember reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion after 9/11 and being

    fascinated by the astuteness and obvious experience of the author. I asked the American if the Protocols were genuine and he

    said, “Of course, they are!” I must say that I find the claim that they are a forgery, rather a slender one. The plagiarised part from

    the writer Joli, who was a Jew and a freemason, was probably itself lifted from an authentic document, so I doubt whether the

    Protocols were copied from Joli, I think that instead Joli copied an earlier version of the Protocols. It is very curious that Graves,

    who in 1920 wrote the famous Times article, had managed to find Joli’s forgotten book at a time when google didn’t exist. Even if

    the Protocols are a forgery, it has to be accepted that they are one of the best introductions to realpolitik ever written. This much

    is clear, the WG system is one of coercion, not allegiance. It is quite obvious that the British Royal Family are coerced. They

    have had media nightmares in the past, whereas the Rothschilds can rely on total media discretion. That’s where the power lies.

    They are the ‘dark force’.

  17. Gordon Logan says:

    You raise a very interesting question when you ask whether top politicians are aware of all this. I think that because of the internet, people are waking up. That is clear from the readers’ comments in the newspapers. Twenty years ago, the secret services kept politicians at arm’s length. I wrote an article about how the PTB wanted Blair out before 9/11. Blair adapted to what was demanded of him and Cook did the opposite and was killed. So who are the ones that are trusted and taken on board. The answer is obvious. The ones who can be coerced. Politicians without a ‘handle’ remain on the outside. It follows that in the corridors of power there is a strange coexistence between the insiders and the others, who haven’t smelt the coffee. There are still plenty of fools in high places who think four pakis did 7/7 and that Bin Laden did 9/11. I must say that it does seem that being Jewish is a distinct advantage. I haven’t noticed the system of coercion applying to Jews. Their confidence is quite noticeable. By contrast, Dubya was definitely under coercion. The British Royal family had to take the blame for the Diana killing, so they’re pretty low in the pecking order. Blair incidentally is a Jew with the right of ‘return’. His mother was Jewish. I think that the methods of the elite are being exposed more and more, so that politicians are finding it difficult to keep their heads in the sand. They are faced with increasingly stark moral choices.

  18. Me says:

    WG isn’t a Jewish thing.

    Jews are simply high achievers so they become over-represented in whatever high-IQ endeavour they choose to participate in… be that high end physics, World Government or opposition to World Government.

    We don’t oppose a people… we oppose an evil system. At the top it happens to be dominated by Jews, but if Jews didn’t exist it would still be possible for amoral, smart individuals to attempt to construct the same system would. Tyranny has occurred throughout history amongst all cultures and peoples. The only thing unique about this one is it’s a global tyranny.

  19. Me says:

    I agree there is a Zionist aspect to WG but there are other facets too, one that is popular with the non-Jewish is eugenics.

  20. Tapestry says:

    From Gilliam by email –

    Hi Tap,

    First of all congratulations on the recently posted stats. on and about the Tap Blog. It’s well deserved.

    I have to admit that I’m beginning to warm a little towards Gordon Logan! He’s brought some great info. to your blog.
    Have you asked him exactly why he decided to tell all or most of what he knows to your blog Tap? Maybe he’s trying
    to get it all out there in case something happens to him perhaps? I hope he’s not trying to get you in any bother though.

    It’s kind of comforting and slightly reassuring if he is correct in what he says about our Royal Family. That they are not
    so high in the pecking order as we might have thought. Princess Michael always said that they were way beneath her in
    status! I didn’t know Blair’s mother was Jewish! I was reading some of the stuff on wikispooks and was surprised to read
    that Rosa Monkton a close friend of the late Diana was em eye six!

    Many people on Telegraph blogs are convinced that what is happening now to the financial system is a Jewish conspiracy.
    But I think that people such as the Rothschild’s and the other elite are a world away from the ordinary Jewish people. They
    don’t care about ordinary Jews any more than they care about the rest of us.

    Finally, I am a little surprised at the lack of comments regarding the earthquake/volcano subject. Maybe like me they are simply
    waiting with bated breath. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later, I believe.



  21. Gordon Logan says:

    Lord James is a very important figure and is not a politician, but a banker, whose job for many years was to follow very big money, not to spout hot air. He is precisely the kind of MI5 agent or officer, who can tell you where the money is. So Lord James must know who’s got the money in Britain. What is striking about Foundation X is their possession of tons of real physical gold. Only 1 per cent of the world’s gold is physical gold. The rest is pieces of paper. The Rothschilds abandoned the gold market just before the price of gold started to skyrocket. Prior to that, they had been buying up the world’s gold at $260 an ounce, as Gordon Brown well knows. So only a fool would believe that the Rothschilds gave up their interest in gold when they abandoned the famous daily gold fix. I doubt if anyone has ever heard of the Rothschilds selling gold, though
    their agents have been exhorting others to sell gold since the Napoleonic Wars. I have said that if the distributed World
    Government has a home, it is London. We can be sure that there is no place where Jacob and Evelyn Rothschild feel more at
    home than in England. When they got Greenspan to force through the legislation that crashed Wall Street in 2008, their primary
    concern was to ensure that they had the coercive power in place in Washington and London to ensure that bailouts would be
    forthcoming from future generations of taxpayers. But they now have a government of gungho Etonian schoolboys in London
    who want to take Britain back, not to the 1970s, but the 1870s. There are two ways of handling that situation. One is for the
    Rothschilds to find a discrete way of returning some of the gold that they have plundered, so as to ensure that life will be continue
    to be liveable in the Home Counties. Owing to Cameron and Osborne’s stupidity, that seems to have failed. The only other option
    is to muscle up the state in preparation for the hard times to come. Hence the attempt to introduce a new police chief from New York, followed almost immediately by the organization of nationwide riots, with suitably unusual punishments. If they’d been
    smarter they would have tried it the other way round. As for today’s crash in the gold price, that is to be expected. The rise in the
    gold price represented transactions in real physical gold, which must be discouraged, as it is in Britain, in order to force savers to waste their money in the rackets of the markets. Only one kilogram in a hundred is real physical gold, so the latter is not even for the elite, but the super elite. It is the elite, holding all the paper gold, that will get burnt. So what is the solution to Britain’s
    problem? Force Osborne to sign the receipt for Foundation X’s gold, then kill him to keep him quiet and the Rothschilds happy. And Ferguson can write another book saying how poor they are.

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