Details Of April 2013 Global Power Cut

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The focus on underground US military facilities and cities in this morning’s post brings this reply from Gordon Logan, who sees the threat of a solar event happening in 2013, known as a Carrington event, which with HAARP eliminating the magnetosphere, will incapacitate the world’s electrical supply for years into the future. The people underground in the cities two mile sdeep will be protected from the sun’s effects. Are we at last getting some answers to our questions as to what is going on as regards covert environmental warfare?

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Niigata, Sechuan and Fukushima plus the extreme droughts and flooding in China all support Fulford’s claims of a major covert war between the Oriental secret societies and their Western counterparts rooted in the banking system. If he says that they call themselves the White Dragon, I’m quite prepared to believe him.

Japan and China are savings economies, which makes them anathema to the Western bankers, who are hell bent on turning every penny they have into strategic assets, military and political power. The banking system is being transformed into pure strategic power and is melting away before our eyes, having been used for hundreds of years to create the greatest concentration of private wealth (and public debt) in history. The present crisis is the final crisis of fractional reserve banking and is entirely banker created.

It is the crisis that Marx knew all about but never mentioned when he intoxicated Europe with its first calls for genocide. The environmental crisis, like all the others, is a deliberate diversion.

The key to the underground cities is to be found in two things.

Firstly, the disappearance of the magnetosphere in 2008, which was unprecedented.

Scientists were ‘astonished’ because the temporary rupture was fully ten times bigger than anything ever recorded. Their explanation (magnetic reconnection), recycled the usual explanation, but was unable to account for the sheer size of the breech. However, if you check the Stanford University website, and switch from data to projects (top right) you will find that there are a lot of American ELF facilities around the world.

According to Dr. Rosalie Bertell, these facilities are capable of knocking out the magnetosphere.

Secondly. a ‘Carrington event’ is expected in April 2013. The sun will be transformed into a sort of neutron bomb. This happened in 1859, and had little effect for two reasons. The magnetosphere was intact and the technological level of the world at that time, was quite low. The high energy particles merely melted telegraph wires.

In 2013, every transformer in the world will be affected. Not only that, Chinese TV Channel 2 predicted in April that the Carrington event would coincide with another disappearance of the magnetosphere and the world would be without electricity for up to three and a half years.

I think that it is fairly obvious that the disappearance of the magnetosphere in 2008 was a HAARP experiment, and was an exercise in preparation for a deliberate extinction event in 2013. So that is where the 2012 problem really is.

Thanks, Gordon. We will need to defend ourselves against such an event. That means heating and lighting from non-electrical sources, and preparing to generate our own power sources independently of the grid. I feel that this gives some kind of plausible explanation of many of the things we are witnessing.

ONE QUESTION – how do we know so precisely when the Carrington Event is due?

I have other interesting comments and emails coming in from various sources, which I’ll post up later.


The Chinese have informed the general public in a rather understated documentary about the April 2013 Carrington event. They were quite explicit about an absence of electricity for a long time.

If Cameron had accepted the gold from Foundation X, we could have done something about it.

The British political problem in a nutshell is that the real government is the City of London, which uses high ranking civil servants to communicate its will. Since the secret government is secret there is sometimes a disconnect with the government of the day.

During the war, Victor Rothschild was at Churchill’s elbow, so communication was perfect.

As Fulford said, what is needed is for somebody (the USAF would be best placed) to bomb the HAARP facilities. That will ensure that the magnetosphere isn’t damaged.

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