Good Old Serbia Refuses To Bow Down To EU Bullies

Kosovo is the most painful issue for Serbia, which craves EU membership. The country has already extradited ethnic Serbs accused of war crimes during the 1990s Yugoslav war to the Hague Tribunal for Yugoslavia but refuses to recognize Kosovo’s independence, which is one of the entry conditions. The breakaway region has [only] been recognized by 70 countries, but Serbia can’t relinquish its territory owned in line with the Constitution, and where Serbs are bullied by Albanians.

Serbia’s FM Vuk Jeremic states that Serbia’s position is firm and is based on international law, but the country is ready for talks on Kosovo’s status within the Constitution. The current dialogue was to better the life of ordinary people in Kosovo but now it may be breached. The West is also being troubled by Kosovo which is now the main route for drug traffickers and criminal business and is becoming a bigger pain in the neck.

Nick Rozoff.  Stopnato.

Nothing’s changed in the years since Blair and Clinton imposed the ‘Kosovo’ solution, grabbing the resources rich province away from Serbia and handing it to a government known for its criminality.  It seemed like a recipe for endless trouble, which is what NATO wants.  The military industrial complex needs wars.  So it sets about creating them wherever it can.  Otherwise they’d all be out of a job.

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