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Blair’s visit to The Whitehouse 07/17/03
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Earlier Press Briefing by Scott McClellan 12:36 P.M. EDT

Finally, the President very much looks forward to welcoming Prime Minister Blair to the White House this afternoon. The Prime Minister is a strong leader who is a great friend of the American people.

But also don’t forget the following, concerning a certain J. Gannon’s activities on July 17, 2003. This is from the minutes of the fraternity alumni organization he got involved with, under the (likely assumed) identity of James Guckert:

JD Guckert was busy entertaining the Prime Minister of Great Britain (not a joke).

Gannon/Guckert is a known male prostitute.

It was apparently the leaking of this scandal by a former British agent that prevented Blair from securing the Presidency of Europe. Rupert Murdoch was already broadcasting in The Sun that Blair had it in the bag, thinking it was a done deal. Sarkozy, a Mossad agent as revealed by the French security service, was backing Blair’s bid.

Source – Gordon Logan, who explains –

The GGG story is red hot still. He was backdooring Blair a-a-a-a-nd Bush. I had the pdf of the college mag in which they quite innocently quoted Guckert as he then was saying that he had to entertain Blair. There are photos of him being kissed on the head by Bush.

It’s a hell of a story because the two specialists in US paedophile politics, Ted Gunderson ex FBI chief in LA, and former republican senator John Decamp are certain that Gannon/Guckert is in fact Johnny Gosch kidnapped in 1982 at the age of ten and turned into a sex slave for the elite.

Bill Colby ex Director of Central Intelligence investigated the scandal with Decamp and concluded that it was so big, that NOTHING could be done about it.

TAP – If this is a wrong story or fabricated, then it’s odd that it is to be easily found on the internet in various places, and has not been taken down. You would think if it was false, the lawyers would have had the various sites closed down. I don’t see the story as entertaining, more as sad and embarrassing, let alone appalling behaviour for a Prime Minister representing his country.

Gordon Logan, the man who sunk Blair’s bid to be President Of Europe, now living in China

It is no wonder that Blair disappeared so quickly from view on the political radar screen once this information was in the hands of the Russians and the Germans, where Logan says he placed it, and that they thought twice about making him President Of Europe. Blair, the warmonger, met his comeuppance through his personal failings, and a little help from a British secret agent.


Blair in November 2009 when he knew his bid to be EU President was over

As PM, Blair seemed extremely keen for the State to remove more children from their families. He said in the video below that that should happen, if a government computer system flagged up future problems. Given his alleged involvement (from Gordon Logan’s email about this to The Tap) in the use of child sex slaves provided by Bush, you do start to wonder where the motivation to seize so many children from their families really comes from.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole thing gets murkier and TPTB are obviously intent on erasing it – as much as they possibly can – from public view.

    The question is – what do WE do about this vile global political cabal? I can only see an uprising, a la Libya, being the thing that will get rid of them.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Power is such a corrupt element within human nature, that there is possibly no way to purify it. That doesn’t mean that the world could not adopt a different culture.

    It will only come about through the dissemination of information. If people know what is going on, it won’t be able to continue.

    The desperation of the cabal to accelerate the level of destructiveness shows that they don’t see time as on their side.

    Maybe the Age Of Aquarius really will be different.

  3. Me says:

    Leaked Rare Video Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11. DOWNLOAD & UPLOAD.


    Is this aerial video of a missile hitting the pentagon a hoax? Where did it come from?

    Also, is that picture with the mouse-hole in the Pentagon accurate? I thought I had seen pictures of the hole that were larger than that.

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