Agenda 21 Starts Rolling In L.A. County

This is a really shocking piece. Not that we need to be shocked any more. It’s excruciating to watch the total destruction of people who’ve built independent lives in Antonio Valley, state bullies driving them off their land – people who can’t afford lawyers and don’t know their rights, and who instinctively trust the government and can’t believe what’s happening to them. They live without utility company power supply, drill down to get their own water and without the need for much else.

The most sinister part is when the governor of the county sits in total silence when he is asked publicly what is going on, his assistant saying he is not obliged to reply to questions.

My heart goes out to them.

This looks like the beginnings of Agenda 21, where humans will only be allowed to live in designated areas, marked in black on the map. There are precious few of these areas. The bulk of the land humans will not be allowed to enter, let alone live in. The end of freedom is here. The enlightenment and the right to the pursuit of happiness are dead.

What is Agenda 21? It’s the ‘sustainability’ agenda – the United Nations Agenda For The 21st Century. It’s the end, basically.


Hi Tap,

I found this map which explains Nixon’s Environmental Protection Act. The Agenda 21 map is even worse.

Agenda 21, the EPA and biodiversity legislation are about removing Americans from land that has been covertly used to collateralize American debt.

I found this out in 2002 and the MI6 officer that had leaked it to me got called to London for his indiscretion. I was questioned separately and told [sic] that it was ‘a major strategic secret’.

So the bankers force the United States into expensive fiscal wars that themselves create even more debt. The United States is therefore one of their primary victims.

Best wishes,

Gordon Logan


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  1. Me says:

    Agenda 21 or “Sustainable Development” is an agenda to create the world’s first industrial environmental monopoly, owned by the globalist. It requires that the sheeple be herded onto reservations, “population sinks” where they can be drained down the plughole by the spread of engineered supervirii, and only allowed out if they pay the troll under the bridge a fee.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap. This morning when I checked radar for the hurricane, I found out that there were many parts of the HAARP rings surrounding this hurricane. When I try to post the comment about HARRP rings on CNN, my comment was refused to be posted. In addition, on the radar, you can find it look like UFOs jumping, making some formations and suddenly spreading, appearing and disaapearing suddenly all over the US. Please check it out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Britain enacts blanket ban on protests

    The Home Office announced the blanket ban on all marches in five London boroughs for 30 days starting from September 2.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the links. Can you get me a bit more detail on or get a youtube up, dutchsinse style?

    I’ll check out the blanket ban on marches in London.

  5. Me says:

    Those are great videos but someone really needs to specifically tailor it to youtube and compact the information into 10 minutes. Then it will have a better chance of people watching and going viral.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course, one way around this forced herding off land is to be a protected minority – a gippo/’traveller’ or illegal immigrant (although you’ll have to invest in a good fake tanning session for this one). Then you can squat (illegal immigrant) or pick a prized green space, set up camp and squeal like piggy-o that it’s ‘racist’ and against your human rights if they dare try and remove you. You also get to jump the queue at the Doctor’s surgery and the NHS in general. Bingo – you strike gold!

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