Why Is Poison Being Added To Drinking Water? RISE UP!

Read the words. ‘May be fatal if inhaled or swallowed’
The truth is that your own government is deliberately poisoning you.  Why cooperate?  If they are using Fluoride in your area, immediately stop paying taxes of all kinds.  It is not the job of a government to be poisoning its own citizens. 
CLICK THE IMAGE TO EXPAND – and see that Sodium Fluoride is used to kill rats and cockroaches ……….as well as human beings.

Search under FLUORIDE on google, youtube and anywhere else.  The truth is never seen in newspapers or on TV, but it is just a mouse click a way on the internet.  
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6 Responses to “Why Is Poison Being Added To Drinking Water? RISE UP!”

  1. Woodsy42 says:

    They are not really poisoning us. It’s only a little dose to keep people compliant and servile – all for our own good don’t you know.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Both, actually. Read the details. Many people are dying as a result of Fluoride. Our own anti-cancer fighting capabilities are dismantled by it. It eats copper an essential regulator of the process.

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    “Many people are dying as a result of Fluoride.”
    An unimportant side effect for such a useful social control mechanism.
    (I am being cynical of course, it is indeed a dangerous poison!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have an RO system and a water distiller and there is a funny taste I can never remove from the water (originated from tap/municipal line). If I buy RO water from the store, it does not have this funny taste and if I distill THAT water it has ZERO taste (which is ideal).

    I am wondering what it is they put in the water that is crafted to be so hard to remove. Bi-chloramines and tri-chloramines have a distinct taste and are nearly impossible to remove from the water supply once they are mixed in. How could anyone be so evil as to force these things into my water supply with the intent that they may not be removed?? Aqua-tyranny!

  5. Tapestry says:

    Buy a filtration system that goes down to half a micron. That takes out trichloramines and bichloramines, and the chlorine that they add which creates the above. Most taste is chlorine derived.

    The only thing left, below half a micron, with no taste, or colour is fluoride (if your municipality is adding it). Fluoride is in solution and needs to be removed chemically by using an aluminum bed. That is expensive for whole house systems, but could be used for all drinking and cooking water.

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