Vicky Haigh Needs Our Help On Monday

7 Years Ago Before The Nightmare Began
Two emails came in this morning from Vicky Haigh whose case is being heard at The Royal Court Of Justice on Monday 25th July 2011.  Her daughter was removed in January.  The SS want to keep from seeing her mother for eleven more years. 
Email 1
Hi Tapestry,
I have seen a report from my daughters social worker today. My daughter is 'soiling' at night now, underachieving at school, very subdued, and they are blaming me for this!!! I haven't seen her since November. She is nervous, and no longer the outgoing child she was. They are lying to her telling her I do not want to see her. 
There is a massive criminal cover up and this needs to come out into the public arena. 
Please blog or whatever it is called, that the police seem to be covering criminal acts against a minor. The police need to pass the case to CPS for a prosecution and they have blocked this. It is a proven way to protect peodophiles. 
My daughter is suffering so badly and she is only 7. 
Please blog like mad and get the public to wake up. We really need a huge public stand. Please use your contacts. 
This is so serious, please help.
Vicky Haigh

Email 2

Hi Tapestry
I have received a report today. The Doncaster council are asking the judge to:
1) extend the non- molestation order against me until 2021
2) extend the no contact order until 2021
3) make an order that I cannot make any applications to court in respect of my daughter until 2021
This cuts me totally out of my daughters life until she is 18. 
She is now showing serious signs of distress including soiling at night which she has never done. 
She is scared of been taken by me as it is 'against the rules' (her words) and I would go to prison. 
The social services are desperate to cover their criminal acts by making me out to be a crazed mother when I have done no wrong at all and am actually calmer now than my distress since she was taken last January. 
They have a child on their hands that needs psychiatric help but they are ignoring her obvious mental trauma from been seperated from her mother. 
They continue to protect the father to then protect their house of cards. 


TO News Editor,  On Monday 25 July in the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, two separate but related actions will take place.  Doncaster council is attempting to commit Elizabeth Watson to prison for no good reason and without any supporting evidence, for an alleged "breach" of a Reporting restriction order, believed to be invalidly issued and based on fraudulent documents which appear to be forged from the Council. Nothing has been sent by the Court and the court Registry has no record of the documents.  Elizabeth will contest this allegation in open court, based on legal principles and errors of fact. The main allegation against Elizabeth Watson is that someone leaked details of the case onto the internet.  In the Family court, the same morning, Doncaster MBC is trying to maintain its Care Order for the daughter and Non Molestatation Order against Vicky Haigh. Doncaster placed their daughter with her father David Tune, after he had been accused of sexually assaulting their daughter, now aged 7.The original taped evidence for this molestation was never given to the CPS by the police. There is also other evidence which corroborates her distress and injuries. Elizabeth Watson has been assisting Vicky as a Consultant investigator, also acting in the Public Interest to serve the Cause of Justice against Doncaster MBC and her threatened imprisonment is part of Doncaster attempts to keep their flawed and detrimental actions secret.  Vicky Haigh has said that she wants this hearing in the Family court made Open, so that Doncaster Council can no longer hide behind a secrecy injunction. Now that Vicky Haigh has been named under Parliamentary privilege by John Hemming MP(ref, aspects of this case can be reported. Court 45 Before MR JUSTICE BAKER Monday, 25 July, 2011 At 10:30 AM Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers SE09C01011 FD09P02105 Court 34 Before MR JUSTICE BODEY Monday, 25 July, 2011 At 12:00 Noon Applications/Summonses for Committal for Hearing in Open Court SE09C01011 DMBC v E Watson Reading AM ends


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5 Responses to “Vicky Haigh Needs Our Help On Monday”

  1. These Doncaster Council people are bastards.

  2. Anonymous says:

    maybe someone from the uk column can help or who know how to deal with legal matters.

  3. Tapestry says:

    good link. blogged it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmm. Why do you assume she is in the right? Have you considered that there might be justification for the child having been removed from her care? And in any event, can it be in the best interests of the child for you to publish information which for evermore will be on the internet for her to see when she gets a little older?

    Anyone can see Ms Haigh’s anguish, but that does not mean one should ditch one’s good sense.

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