Norway Brings OWG Anger Down On Her Head

Friendship Flags Norway And Palestine.

Norway declares support for Palestine’s desire to be recognised by the UN only four days ago.  The country is attacked today.  It could be cause and effect.  The OWG doesn’t want Palestine succeeding in its aspirations.  That is for sure.

REUTERS ARTICLE –   Norway, host of the 1993 Palestinian-Israeli peace accords, said on Monday it was “perfectly legitimate” for Palestinians to take their case for statehood to the United Nations for voting in September.

“We will consider very carefully the proposed text that’s to be put forward by the Palestinians in the coming weeks,” said Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas beside him at a press conference.

“Norway believes it is perfectly legitimate for the Palestinian president to turn to the United Nations with such proposals,” Stoere said, adding that continued negotiations with Israel will be required in any case.

The United States and Israel have opposed Abbas’s plan, backed by the Arab League, to bring the Palestinians’ long quest for statehood to a vote in New York.

Abbas said on Monday the plan was still on.

“We will seek to go to the U.N. next September in order to obtain membership for the state of Palestine,” he said.

He added: “Our way is to go to the Security Council. If we fail we will go to the General Assembly.”

Norwegian diplomats said U.N. membership would require approval by the Security Council, where the United States holds veto power, but that a resolution on statehood could go straight to the U.N. General Assembly.

Stoere said Norway would decide how to vote after reading the exact proposal but left little doubt about his inclination.

“I don’t think that any Palestinians or anybody around the world are in doubt that Norway supports Palestinians’ right to statehood,” he said.

the death robot wearing masonic emblems.
was he acting under mind control, doing as instructed by his controllers?
TAP – That aside a bit of false flag terror all helps to keep people afraid and more likely to agree to an invasion of LIbya, for example.
They took the killer alive on the island where the Labor Party Youth Camp was taking place, but do we hear anything about who he is yet?  No – just bald statements of who is politically responsible without connecting the guman to anyone or anything?  Why not work out he is first?

Anders Behring Breivik.

As the gunman carried on shooting at will, a police special weapons and tactics team finally landed on the island and took the killer alive.  They are saying it more like Norway’s oklahoma city bombing than 911 or 7/7.

Let’s watch out to see if more about his identity is given clearly or cryptically.  He is said to be Norwegian.  That’s it.

A gunman wearing police uniform opened fire on campers on the tiny island of Utoeya, sowing panic among them, before finally being arrested.   Was he a policeman, as well as being in a policeman’s uniform?  Why risk taking him alive?

The gunman, Anders Behring Breivik, was a former member of Labour’s opposition [youth] party, Fremskrittspartiet.

Talking with a couple of friends in Norway this morning. It seems that the suspect has previous as far as attempting this sort of behaviour is concerned. He has previously been arrested when he was caught with fake police uniforms, explosives and an uzi but he was only charged with a minor offence and left to do his thing.
A lot of people in Norway are getting angry hearing that he was under suspicion but still managed to get away with this.

     by Richard Tyndall July 23rd, 2011 at 09:09
Remember the same thing with 7/7 and 911.  The people were previously known to the Police but somehow magically evaded arrest or capture.
I think the Norwegians will be asking some pointed questions this morning about the Helicopter pics of the nutter in action, why were there no police or military choppers landing..  (Comment on Politicalbetting)
….or taking him out from the air?

Those who know the details of 7/7 and 911 will know that the terror acts accompanied exercises held on the same day, envisaging the exact events that took place, more or less.  In Norway there was also a bombing exercise just 48 hours before the attack came in.   The exercise was not notified to the public and shocked many people with its loud bangs and gunfire.  Anyone who has read the details of earlier false flag attacks would know this meant a real attack could well be being planned.

EXTRACT – The exercise occurred on Wednesday and revolved around anti-terror units attacking a disused building at the edge of Bjørvika pier with bombs and firearms.
“The men lowered themselves down from the roof and in through the window that had just been blown out, while they fired hand their weapons,” states the report, noting that the exercise was “dramatic,” produced “violent bangs,” and was watched by spectators at the nearby Opera House.
A video of the drill that accompanies the story shows police scaling the side of a building with an explosion going off below them before they enter the window and start firing.
Police had to publicly apologize today for not informing the public about the exercise.
Although it’s too early to judge the nature of this exercise, the fallback of a drill, which gives the state an excuse should any evidence of complicity in the real attack emerge, has been evident in previous major terror events, including both 7/7 and 9/11.
In the case of the London bombings, a consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th, a “coincidence” many skeptics of the official story have dismissed as a statistical impossibility.

If I was a Norwegian I would need to understand that my own country’s security services were behind this attack, just as we in Britain have to take on board that Blair probably knew all about 7/7 and the killing of people on British trains and buses.  



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6 Responses to “Norway Brings OWG Anger Down On Her Head”

  1. Me says:

    Don’t forget Japan supported Palestinian statehood before the tsunami. Norway and Japan are similar. Nice, insular people. On the fringe of the world government. Successful and probably happy to do their own thing.

    Has one of the hallmarks of a false flag

    I presume the gunman ran out of ammo and gave himself up without a fight. That’s strange since he was so intent on killing people. Maybe he has something to say? Why wasn’t he shot on sight?

  2. Derek says:

    Interesting connection:

    False flag – or double false flag?

    What a tangled web is woven “All the better to fool you with my Dear” Said the Wolf.

  3. wasp says:

    This is another one of those ILLUMINATI TERROR EVENTS.
    The Attack Occurred 22/7/2011
    this is +1 above the GOD HEAD 10
    IT IS ALSO THE MOST PERFECT NUMBER as if Written as two strokes it is superimposable,& totally SYMMETRIC.
    THE NUMBER 11 is Never reduced, so any multiple of it is EQUALLY IMPORTANT, SO LOOK FOR A COMBINATION THAT CONTAINS 11, or MULTIPLE of 11. Consider :-

    22 + 7 = 29

    2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 4

    29 + 4 = 33




  4. Tapestry says:

    Interesting, Wasp. I understand the sums, but wonder what that implies. If the attack was a retaliation for Norway’s support of Palestine’s efforts to be recognised at the UN, the requirement for an attack on that day must mean they had many alternative attacks prepared. If Norways’ support for Palestine hadn’t been forthcoming, for example, which other targets were there to choose from.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Me, agreed, all points.

    Derek, that’s long to watch on a busy Saturday. I watched the first 30 minutes, and it’s good.

  6. Derek says:

    At least three parts to it, and I didn’t discover the second, busy elsewhere.

    Comment and link on Runnymede:

    The attributes; nutter, berserk, and deranged will spring to many minds, yet he was extremely self disciplined with a plan. Such people can be geniuses or killers. An array of insignia on a uniform in ‘The Mail’ (check out the upper arm motif), and a Mason to boot:

    A mind groomed for a purpose.

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