Is there a huge volcano about to blow in California?

The US Geological Survey issues a SECOND denial.  

Listen to dutchsinse on his latest video on youtube (second one down. the first one has lost its soundtrack but the pictures from NEXLAB seem conclusive).  There is evidence to show that there is a huge amount of geological movement from northern California to Nevada, with plumes visible across a vast extent of the continent.  See the plumes in the video below, pictured on satellite, and visible on radar.

The denial from the USGS contains a lie that the cloud cannot be seen on satellite imagery. 

It can.  There is huge outgassing.  Unless this guy is wrong and these are strange cloud effects, which all seem to originate in dormant volcanic cones.  Take a look.

Why are the USGS not issuing warnings?   

Is there potentially a potentially huge Earthquake about to strike?

EXTRACT“..they don’t want panic, they don’t want everyone to leave California. There are trillions of dollars of real estate … there’s a lot of other stuff at play that the USGS have their hands tied on, and they’ve got to do this first. They’ve got to deny this to the point where it really spits up a lot of steam.”

This follows another six plumes in a supposedly dormant volcanic zone across California and Nevada.

My first comment on this subject was underneath this post in comments. Who knows how this will develop. The activity dutchsinse has picked up implies a sudden and widespread meeting of magma with the water table.

From ‘ME’ sent in to The Tap in Comments.

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4 Responses to “Is there a huge volcano about to blow in California?”

  1. Me says:

    I don’t think we’ll get an Earthquake immediately because the Earth moves slowly – it’s probably a matter of months – but this is unmistakable, fascinating evidence of an up-tick in geological activity in California.

    It is all the more extraordinary because it is something the USGS has denied twice! Why deny something that isn’t important? It doesn’t make sense. If you want to make people think it is important the thing you don’t do is deny it. Twice.

    It’s as if the USGS really do want to bring attention to what is happening, because they know what is going on, but they aren’t allowed to say. The only way they can communicate is in rresponse to dutchsinse’s popular youtube channel.

  2. Me says:

    A mother and son confirm the existence of the vent hole in Pisgah. It was powerful enough to blow away rocks.

    The mother gets angry with him because the gasses can kill.

    Best to go there with CO2, S02 detectors and possibly breathing apparatus.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Let’s follow the story, Me. I’ll check your links on Monday morning. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Really interesting videos but pretty terrifying stuff. I studied volcanology at Uni so have a huge interest in this kind of thing.


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