‘Hacked Off’ Hugh Grant Stars In Murdoch Horror

Hugh Grant as Prime Minister in Love Actually – the position he is now helping to protect in real life.

The best way to face off political opposition is to lead it yourself.  Those were Lenin’s words, and today you might wonder if you are witnessing a brilliant use of this strategy being carried out to defend those made vulnerable by Gordon Brown and his henchmen’s revelations about hacking.

The organisation ‘Hacked Off’ has sprung up as if from nowhere.  It looks well-funded and professional.  Its posters are allowed to be attached to public property without the Police insisting they be moved, as happens to most political campaigners.  Their political props include well-made Spitting Images of Murdoch, Cameron and Hunt, arrayed as puppets and puppeteer.  Things like that are not cheap or easy to make in 24 hours.  They make great photos for news coverage.  There is money being spent, and there has been a period of advance preparation.  This is not a grass roots spontaneous affair.  You can smell it.

Into the studios walks one of Britain’s greatest actors,  his lines perfectly written and prepared, confident in his delivery, and being treated with all seriousness as a person qualified to enter a complex political debate.  He once acted as the British Prime Minister in Love Actually, possibly a movie version of Blair, or at least ‘inspired by’, and was no less convincing.  His name Hugh Grant.

It is of course quite possible that he hasn’t been hired for this role at all, and he decided spontaneously to appear in this capacity all by himself.  Yet knowing how the media works, this seems unlikely.  He might have had a minimal exposure in that case, not the throwing open of every door of all the television studios.

The way he was humiliated by exposing his dalliance with a black prostitute on Sunset Boulevard ten years ago, had political ‘play’ written all over it.  He wouldn’t be the first famous person to do things like that, but normally the media protects its icons as their investments.  The people who control who lives as stars and who dies off, had decided to nail him beforehand.  You can be sure.   He was getting too big and was not willing to get involved with their game plans at that time.  He had all he wanted. Why did he need ‘them’?

No – it was them that needed him to start considering a new role, to become a part of their programme of social control.  He was the biggest star on the screen, and they control Hollywood, and direct peoples’ careers.  His career was hit for six, out of nowhere, and he’s been given bit parts for ten long years.  After seeing how the ‘treatment’ works, he is now more willing to do their bidding.  He wants to be allowed back into the game.  His moment of opportunity has arrived.

Cameron must be protected at all costs.  If he falls, the whole support structure that keeps Britain in all the wars, inside the EU, bailing out the Euro, delivering the programmes of the UN,  ensuring the corporations get their way on all the key issues like the NHS, could fall apart.  Murdoch’s own position is also heavily dependent on David Cameron, the man he helped into power by dropping Gordon Brown two years ahead of the election.  Cameron must be protected.  The Lib Dem vote has been decimated.  The Conservative vote is likely to be fragile from hereon, with many supporters feeling cheated and let down by Cameron’s false promises.  If Humpty Dumpty falls, the pieces will not be easy to reassemble.

The narrative decided upon is to channel the whole attack onto one spot – to hit Murdoch – if only hardish, and for a while.  Instead of Murdoch setting on victims, he’s agreed to play the victim for a while to protect the real vulnerability of the One World Government’s position in Britain.  And, as all politicians know, the best way to create and control a battle is to control both sides.  They have to ensure the public’s attention is pulled inexorably away from Cameron, who would be finished if this scandal were to fall heavily onto him, and to keep people talking, first about the News Of The World, whose false closure was played out with full unnecessary drama, and then on BskyB which can be fixed somehow down the track, if first it is placed into the long grass.  Then they will find new daily distractions to extend the story.  The Coulson aspect, and any other embarrassing details like the recent death of Christopher Shale must not be featured.

The organisation Hacked Off, and Hugh Grant are playing this narrative to perfection, using their skills and resources to keep the attention mostly on Murdoch.  Charm ouses from the TV screen.  People are hooked. Lenin would be proud.

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  1. Me says:


    “Gold and money are separate things … Gold is the trick mechanism by which you can control money… that is the root of all evil.” (Thomas Edison, NY Times, Dec. 6, 1921)

    The “Wizard of Oz” was an Animal Farm like allegory for banking tyranny. Explanation begins after about 1hr in.

    The narrator goes on to say

    “The solution is government issued money. That’s the most democratic form of money system. It maximises freedom in a republic instead of the centralised control of the international plutocracy we are rapidly devolving into.

    But be prepared to deal with the modern day Gold Bugs. There arguments divert us from the real question. It’s not what backs the money, it’s who controls its quantity. That’s what the Wizard of Oz was all about. Big bankers were controlling the quantity of American money, gold money.”

  2. Tapestry says:

    Gold’s done $100 in a month with talk of more QE. Silver’s hardly budged.

    The demand for gold is falling in all the previous boom locations, according to Kitco. The governments want gold up and keep pushing it along, not the public, who are not buying at these levels.

  3. Me says:

    Good post by the way. I’m enjoying your intelligence coverage of this hysteria du jour.

    RE: Gold and Silver.

    Kitco is under a criminal investigation for false billing and tax evasion. Not the most reliable source I shouldn’t think.

    I agree gold is too expensive for the public. It won’t be obvious they need it until too late.

    I think I now agree with the narrator of the video that gold should not be money, but that doesn’t take away its value as asset money in extremis.

    Silver was raided on Monday. Huge drop in 20 minutes, the same time of day it always happens, New York morning.

    JP Morgan run the Federal Reserve. It will be interesting to find out, once the Asian Precious Metals Exchange has opened, whether they can still fixed the price.

  4. Tapestry says:

    kitco has the best precious metals website available. i wouldn’t think their credibility should be done down because they are being investigated. That could be cartel work.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I see they are using kitco charts!

  6. Tapestry says:

    Erwin Toseland copies via email piece by BL –
    COMMENT:- Cameron has no choice, he is a Conservative and they are totally committed to Fascist Europe and have been from the day the Conservative German spy Heath treasonously signed us up to it. We now live in a Fascist police state in which ordinary people are arrested at dawn, handcuffed and their property searched for the most trivial of alleged offences, held in a police cell for several hours and invariably never charged, all to keep the people very afraid, it happens all the time. Cast your minds back and imagine that happening before 1972. Some of you might remember the warnings of old Labour politicians such as Peter Shaw, Michael Foot and others.
    People can write to their MPs all they like, it will make no difference, they are not going to risk losing their inflated salaries and pensions or run the risk of committing suicide in some quiet field for the likes of us. Exaggeration? Not a bit of it and you had better believe it. I have talked to German people now living in the country who grew up in Germany during the 1930s, they are adamant that what they are seeing here now is the start of what they saw in Germany. As my late friend and colleague Norris McWhirter used to say, ‘incredulity is the enemy’s greatest weapon. It often takes a long time for people to realise that they are in a dictatorship and then invariably longer to get themselves out of it.
    Fascist Germany constructed the ‘autobahn system in order to move tanks and militia style state police quickly, these have now been extended to cover all the new EU Reich including this country with the Channel Tunnel and high speed rail. The running down of our national defences has been no accident or mere incompetence. All has been achieved by our unlawful Parliament hiding behind a charade of Monarchy, thus creating cake and circuses for an incredulous people. As the German philosopher Neitzsche said, “The German is an expert on the secret roads to chaos”. All is smoke and mirrors, as any magician will tell you, the distraction is more important than the trick, the present witch hunt for alleged hackers could be just such a distraction. Take careful note of what Harry Beckough is telling us, he is an expert on the subject and has seen it all before. BL.

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