Miliband Is Right. News International Should Be Broken Up.

Cameron and Brooks.  Who wears the trousers?

If the Police, DVLC, BT and all other national service providers are willing to provide information to newspapers for money, presumably they will do the same for anyone else.  In fact this is how business in Britain and the US, and most countries works.

No one is ever prosecuted.  NI assumed they were untouchable and operated above the law.  But sometimes legal sanction is the least of your worries.

Rupert Murdoch is being hung out to dry because of Gordon Brown’s displeasure, a man he helped into power and supported while there until he swapped to Cameron.  From one point of view, this is Brown’s revenge.

From another viewpoint, it isn’t.  It’s a sign of the economic situation.  Rising prices, low pay, no jobs available, cuts in services and so on.  People are angry and need to express their anger.

The political operation by Cameron has been to shove all the shock and anger in another’s direction – at the media and Murdoch, although the media only operate a system permitted by government.

Cameron is ultimately responsible.

People hold back from hanging Presidents and Prime Ministers until they have to do so, as a rule.  They wield real power, and don’t make good enemies.  That said, Cameron is sliding.  He is locked into a cooperative relationship with News International, and is obviously not being fully open about his close relationship with many of the key players, and the nature of the operations they typically carry out to maintain him in power.  Going on holiday with the Brooks’ doesn’t look right for a Prime Minister, who carries the reputation of the country on his shoulders.  Cameron, who’s gone out of his way to create an image of Mr Clean from day one, now looks more than a little grubby.

Ed and Justine.  They’ve survived a severe media drubbing.   

Miliband has nothing to lose by dislodging the Murdochs.  He owes them nothing as they and the rest of the media have done their best to bury his leadership.  There are efforts being made to nail him over Tom Baldwin, but so far Baldwin’s ‘operations’ look positively professional, compared to the hacking of grieving families, and the total lack of humanity at NI.  Miliband’s star is now rising, as he finds the Murdochs have become a soft target.  He has struck at them and drawn blood.  Now he’s suggesting they should be broken up.

The depressing thing is the dependency of all leading politicians on this shadow world, of corruption, theft and (the occasional) murder.  Political leaders obviously need to keep high up ‘players’ at their sides to be able to function at all now.  In a way, it’s not surprising that power requires the criminal elements of society to be kept onside.  It’s just that the criminal elements seem to be running the show, and are no longer mere props.  Prime Ministers should not be holidaying with the heads of the hacking underworld.

OK realistically let’s face it.  People in power play very dirty games, and hide 90% of what they’re really up to.  We only see a manufactured and manicured version of the truth.  But parading this evil as publicly as Cameron has done, has made him very vulnerable.  The idea was no doubt to make people feel threatened.  He betrayed his natural supporters by conning them into believing he would fight the EU and resist pressure to bail out the Euro, when he clearly had absolutely no intention of doing so.  Promise has been abandoned, leaving only threat as the method of clinging to power.  That tactic is starting to backfire.  The threat is now pointing the other way, as he has exposed himself by making it quite so obvious who his closest friends really are.  The attack dogs of the media who were meant to bite to protect him, are now being savagely bitten themselves.

Blair got caught out, famously with his lying over Formula 1.  But when the economy was bouncing, people forgave and forgot such ‘errors’ and he skipped on.  Now things couldn’t be more different.  The economy stinks.  Cameron’s starting to pick up the smell.  It might only take one more scandalous event to dislodge him from the leadership.  The coalition would almost certainly collapse in such circumstances.  Ed and Justine Miliband could find themselves in Downing Street in no time.  They say a halo is a dangerous thing.  It only has to slip nine inches and it becomes a noose.  Cameron’s is a great example.

Daily Mail –
Rebekah Brooks tells David Cameron who he must hire as his spin doctor.  Who’s the boss, one might wonder.  Not Cameron by the sound of it.  

Is Rupert Murdoch dictating Cameron’s policy on the EU as well (as he did for Blair)?  If so, Miliband is right.  News International should be broken up.

Today’s Mirror –

Mr Coulson quit as his (Cameron’s) ­communications director in January before the paper was hit by fresh ­allegations of phone hacking and ­payments to police officers. ­Yesterday Foreign Secretary William Hague defended Mr Cameron’s decision to invite Mr Coulson to his official ­country home Chequers, just two months after his resignation.

Mr Hague said the PM’s resolve to stand by his friend was a “normal, human thing” to do. Mr Cameron ­revealed last week that he had met Mr Coulson since his resignation, but “not recently and not frequently”

Read more:

For the Conservatives, whatever happened to the rebellion from Steve Hilton over the EU?
That was just days before Christopher Shale’s suspicious death at Glastonbury.  Was the released memo really the original?  Or was the Shale memo also part of a more general eurosceptic rebellion against Cameron?  Do any of these events tie in with the exposure of News International’s methods?  It’s a lot of action all pointing in one direction.  

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