Cameron’s Achilles Heel

Steve Hilton thinks Cameron is not the man he claimed to be when he was fighting for election.

Cameron’s biggest vulnerability at this minute is Steve Hilton, his PR and Policy adviser on his journey to power, huskies on icebergs, bicycling, windmill on house, The Big Society and so on.  He is shocked at the abandonment of all Cameron’s principles since he was elected.  He’s been talking of resigning since mid-June.  If he goes now, he would inflict maximum damage on Cameron, especially if he links Cameron’s failures to #hackgate in any way.

If it’s coming, this resignation would wound Cameron badly.  

There was only one politician prepared to appear in public this weekend and talk about the current crisis, and it wasn’t anyone in David Cameron’s team.  Boris was willing to talk and be interviewed by Sky TV.  Theresa May, Home Secretary, has only issued a written statement about Stephenson’s resignation.  

David Cameron is still trying to keep #hackgate as a story about the media.   Yet things like this are being said by serious political commentators –

Dale & CoSir Paul Stephenson launched a thinly veiled attack on David Cameron in his resignation statement.  The Prime Minister is already on the ropes about the propriety of his relationship with Andy Coulson.

Could David Cameron be next to resign? 

Cameron’s getting heavily tarred, and it’s getting worse……He has to address the role of government in the #hackgate scandal.  The bottom line is how far do News International control the decision-making of the British government, and why has he allowed their staff to get so close to him.  What is his relationship with News International all about?  He can’t honestly keep saying they are all just good friends.

His statement on Paul Stephenson’s resignation addresses none of these questions –

And now he’s on the run…to Pretoria in the morning.

MrHarryCole Harry Cole 

Dave going to have to pull something big out of this foreign trip hat if he doesn’t want to look like he’s on the run…

This BBC list shows the sheer scale of the hacking enquiry.  How could a news company operate an effective hack into anyone they liked, with no effective Police scrutiny, unless they had become effectively the government of the country?  The suggestion that many of the events took place under the previous government doesn’t wash.  Cameron leapt enthusastically into bed with the same people and partied with them.  He showed no sign of wanting the system changed.

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