The Bravery Of A Torture Victim

This chap was imprisoned by the American Government in Guantanamo Bay, Kandahar and in Pakistan.  He saw it all.  This is the way they treat people who happen to fall onto their hit list, whether guilty or innocent.  The best thing about this video as he describes the horrors of it all in a very strong objective way, is that he smiles at the stupidity of the Americans, who failed to crush or kill him.

On a more amusing and topical note –

A great many US citizens seem to be confusing David Cameron with America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan.
The Americans haven’t yet got used to recognising the Prime Minister of their country’s closest ally on his first official visit to see President Barack Obama.
Asked in New York’s Times Square to put a name to Mr Cameron’s picture, MTV producer Melissa France, 28, said: “Is it Piers Morgan? He has the same dress sense and hairstyle. He has a knowit-all look about him too, like Piers Morgan.” Retired Cotten Deane, 72, thought the Tory PM was the “new President of London”.
The great-gran stammered: “I know he got elected recently, but I am not sure if that was for London or the whole of England.”
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Housewife Robin Durawa, 38 thought Mr Cameron was Tony Blair.
She asked: “Is it not? He’s the only British politi-cian that I know.” Advertising executive Clarence Diggs, 54, knew he was the British PM – but he could not remember his name. He added: “He looks kinda shifty though.”
Tourist Linda Eder, 67, reckoned he “looks like any other elected official”. And actress Danielle Treuberg, 35, got him mixed up with Tony Hayward – the under-fire chief of BP.
Florida residents Mike Hurley, 50 and wife Dawn, 40 were the sharpest, saying: “That’s David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. Yes, he is part of the coalition with the Liberals,”
Coming in a close second were university professor Len Bliss, 63 and his wife Linda, 61, who knew instantly that Cameron was the UK Prime Minister, but couldn’t quite place his name. Linda said: “He clearly looks like a British politician with the sharp suit and flustered face.”

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  1. Me says:

    Pisga volcano in southern California hasn’t erupted for 2,000 years. It is unmarked on many maps because it is thought to be dormant.

    Now the USGS is engaged in a cover-up of Pisga’s renewed venting. And just a few days after the venting there was a 6.0 Earthquake in Baja California. Why cover-up the fact Pisga has now become an active volcano? Is there a link between Pisga and the large Earthquake?

    Maybe the USGS got it wrong and will now investigate. But it’s not often they reply to claims made by independent investigators. It’s the first time they’ve responded to something dutchsinse has posted to youtube.

    This is not necessarily significant because it might just be a relatively minor issue of bureaucratic vanity, USGS doesn’t want to admit a youtuber beat them to the discovery. They may officially announce it later as their own find.

    However, it is one to watch. It might also augur a coming major earthquake or devastating eruption in California. Comet Elenin is getting closer to Earth, and we’ve had 8.0s or greater twice in the last two years when in Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment.

    Coordinates for the plume
    34 34 0 N , 116 17 26 W

    Videos the USGS were responding to –

    2nd plume

    USGS issues press release to deny dutchsinse’s claims

    Pisga vents again 3rd time

    Then a 6.0 Earthquake in Baja California

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