UKIP Should Open Up On Consumer Issues

I checked my 3 three old’s Happy Kids toothpaste and was shocked to find it contained the industrial  waste product of aluminium refining – sodium fluoride.  I popped into the local health shop and bought another brand assuming that a health store would never dream of stocking a toothpaste containing a substance known to damage the minds of all who consume it, let alone their bones and the teeth.

Fluoride is a halogen like chlorine, the most reactive substance on earth. It strips the minerals out of the teeth’s enamel, and reduces the essential minerals in people’s blood.  It easily passes through the skin, and obviously even faster through the tongue.  It suppresses the production of melatonin in the brain, causing depression.  The replacement brand claiming to be Nature’s Friend (or equivalent) also contained this filthy poison, which should never be given to humans, let alone babies.  Eventually I found a fluoride free product, but I was shocked to find that so many manufacturers feel they have to include fluoride in the first place.

Then again the corporations that have pushed the fluoride thing from the beginning, control the media, and there is no opposition coming from anywhere to tell people that what the bastards have conned people into consuming is in fact killing them, causing many to become depressed or to become sick along the way.  There’s money to be made by the corporations out of sickness.  That’s why they try to feed people as many foods and chemicals as they can to ensure a steady supply of consumers for anti-depressants and other medications that are designed to build lifetime addiction, and make huge profits for the drugs companies.

There is a need for opposition in Britain to the pharmaceutical cartel that drives us all to consume Fluoride, and other toxic foods and drinks, such as Aspartame in sodas and cordials.  I checked the shelves of a Spar supermarket this week, and couldn’t believe that every cordial carried Aspartame as its sweetener, including high level brands like Robinsons Barley water.  Aspartame is a powerful carcinogen.

That’s before we start talking about GM foods, which are not labeled at all as far as I can see.  Yet it would be most surprising if GM corn and wheat were not being sold off British supermarket shelves.  GM is cheaper to source as it is known to be less healthy, so corporations will of course be buying it in on the quiet.  I avoid oats like Quaker myself, and head for locally grown from an organic farm I visit.  I buy bread made from their flour too.  I have covered some of the known effects of GM foods in other posts.

The local water here doesn’t contain industrial fluoride as yet, although there are moves afoot, I am told, to start poisoning the local populace with its inclusion in all water.   Where my mother lives near Oswestry, down the road, the water doesn’t have fluoride either but it is thick with toxic metals.  I put in a filtering system costing £1000 in my mother’s house, and her health has picked up noticeably.

What this all adds to is the fact that there is a gap in British politics, a gap which needs filling urgently.  All the big parties are beholden to the corporations that feed us fluoride, GM foods, aspartame and toxic metals in water.  UKIP is not beholden to these outfits who are powerful enough to control the media and buy politicians worldwide.  UKIP should be rushing to fill this gap and get involved in consumer issues.  There could be big votes here, once consumers are educated into how to bypass the corporate hold on our health.

The Daily Express could lead in the media.  There’s a job to do, and UKIP is ideally placed to do it.  Why not?  It fits well with the fact that the EU is built on the same monopolistic power that delivers chemical and other sources of ill-health into people’s lives in ever growing quantity.  They don’t just send us political poison.  They deliver poison across the spectrum.  This should be fought tooth and nail.  Come on, UKIP.  The bankers don’t own you.  Nor does agribusiness, nor Monsanto.  Fight for our children’s health, please.  I’ll sign up the moment you do.

COMMENTS – This is good for adults, apparently.  I bought Weleda for my son, and AloeDent for myself.

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9 Responses to “UKIP Should Open Up On Consumer Issues”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post!

    Another thing I’ve noticed is an attempt to stop us eating red meat and cholesterol, which are good for us (body and brain).

    Paleo-nutritionists argue that hunter-gatherers were bigger and stronger than their urban, grain-consuming contemporaries because of the meat and fat in their diet.

  2. Tapestry says:

    In the Philippines where I lived five years, the people eat the fat on the meat. They are skinny. In the UK they don’t and they are obese!

    The Brits are funny as they won’t eat fresh fat on their meat but they eat bangers readily enough, which are 50% fat. They like to eat a few chemicals with their meat to keep their brains happy – the part of the brain tampered with by advertisers.

    UKIP could work on some of these topics though not all. I would suggest Fluoride and toxic metals in water is a sitter. It would bring UKIP into contention in local politics, and expand the party’s relevance at the same time.

  3. “Paleo-nutritionists argue that hunter-gatherers were bigger and stronger than their urban, grain-consuming contemporaries because of the meat and fat in their diet”

    I’ve seen some smalls studies suggesting this is the case. I’m not holding my breath for major studies however. That said, remember why (I think it was) Churchill introduced milk into schools? Because our troops were smaller and weaker than Anzacs or South Africans

  4. Tapestry says:

    Milk had to be got rid of. It enables calves to live and grow with no other intake, and is cheap to produce. First they pasteurise it to kill off as many vitamins as they can and reduce its taste to a level manufactures can compete with.

    Then they run scare stories about dairy products endlessly in the media.

    When you get unpasteurised milk, it tastes so good, you can see why the food industry just had to get rid of it. Of course it is highly nutritious, as are meat and fresh fish, also removed from our diet by various means.

    That’s all on the positive side of the account. The first stop is to stop them trying to poison us all. Fluoride has to be the top of the list, along with filth in water.

  5. Anonymous says:

    THE MAIN POINT ABOUT PASTEURISED MILK IS THAT IT IS DEAD–THE ENZYMES NEEDED TON DIGEST IT HAVE BEEN KILLED.I have read that if you feed a calf on such milk it will be dead within 6 months.Of course,pasteurisation prolongs the “shelf life” so called.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I occasionally get a tinful of fresh milk from an organic farm nearby. I find, when I do that I drink milk in preference to all other drinks. It tastes absolutely delicious. The farmer is paid 30p a litre. No wonder they destroy it. It lasts in the fridge just as long as pasteurised milk.

  7. Derek says:

    Moreover, pasteurised milk if left to go sour will stink to high heaven. Unpasteurised milk does not. Drank unpasteurised during my first job – farm labourer in Dorset. Never tasted anything like it – wonderful! Again during ten years in Herts. – until the farmer was stopped through new legislation (no prizes for guessing where from).

    Such milk is unavailable in my locale, but I drink water with colloidal silver, and will not brush my teeth with any so called ‘paste’.

    As people begin to return to home grown, for cost savings as well as taste, watch government begin to interfere. Allotments licenced, garden plots monitored – chemtrails – no hiding place. Polytunnels and greenhouses – reverse osmosis water filters, such things will be essential to avoid the trickle of poisons.

    And definitely no vaccines.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Euthymol FTW

    Also beware vit-C pills promoted to enhance your imune system (such as Tescos) containing Aspartame.

  9. Snakey says:

    Not all fluoride free toothpastes eliminate SLS:

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) : SLS is used as a detergent and helps make the toothpaste foam. It is a known skin irritant and some people are very allergic to this chemical. SLS is believed to cause or aggravate canker sores in those prone to such irritations.

    I bought Sarakan toothpaste and mouthwash which is fluoride and SLS free from an online retailer and it cost me no more than the supermarket fluoride brands 🙂 It also tastes quite nice 😉

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