‘Tory Calls To Pull Out Of The EU’…Where?

The Daily Mail writes –
Tory calls for Britain to pull out of the European Union received a major boost last night after claims that they are backed by David Cameron’s most senior policy adviser.
(what Tory calls?  I haven’t heard any.  Even BIll Cash has given up by his own admission saying there is no way we can get out)
Downing Street director of strategy Steve Hilton is said to have swung behind moves for the UK to go it alone after being shocked to discover how much sovereignty has switched from Westminster to Brussels.
(is this an attempt to stop the eurosceptics leaving the Party in droves now Cameron’s shown to be a total sell-out?  I would think very likely.)
He also believes Britain should pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) because it gives too much power to judges – and too little to Ministers and MPs.
(what use is it for a PR adviser on £250,000 a year to start whingeing about policy?)
Mr Hilton’s growing frustration with the EU is one of the reasons he has been involved in heated exchanges in No 10 which have fuelled reports that he may walk out in protest at the Government’s failure to press ahead with radical reforms to the NHS, Whitehall and other institutions.
(If this was true, would it appear in the media?)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2005401/David-Camerons-disillusioned-senior-policy-adviser-backs-calls-pull-Europe.html#ixzz1PsRbtQet

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