Politicians And Bankers In Alliance Against The People

Nigel Farage attended The Rally Against Debt in London and was cheered loudly when he said ‘No More Bailouts’.  That was a month ago.

He is now redirecting his fire, pointing out as before that debt hurts ordinary people, but that it benefits the politicians and the bankers who work together to get everyone into debt in the first place.  Debts owed to the bankers put ordinary people into their power, and they rake off big returns in interest.  They like debt.

It might seem only a small change in emphasis, but for a leading politician to be taking on not just the topic of debt, but also to be attacking the power of the central bankers, and their control of the media/political machine, is a giant step.  Why should banksters not be in the political firing line?  They are in control of the events that are reducing people into worse and worse straits. They want to bring on a depression so they can buy up the world’s assets for a song, bankrupting all those who tried to expand their businesses, not realising the banksters were playing a deadly game.

The bankers might own the Conservative Party, who keep borrowing rising ever skywards, bailing out more and more countries to save the euro, but they don’t own UKIP.

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