Lawyer Uploads Warning Of Terror Bomb In Berlin

Episode Of The Simpsons warned of 911 6 months ahead in 2001
Now the Simpsons is warning of an attack on Berlin on 26.6.2011
The warnings of a nuclear terror attack on 26th June 2011, in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium are not going away.  Youtube is filling with various professional looking clips, including this simple one in English (below), placed by the German lawyer who believes he has inside knowledge that a false flag terror attack is about to take place in Germany.
There were similar warnings made before 911, with images from movies and TV shows like the Simpsons now in retrospect clearly telling what was going to happen to the Twin Towers on 911.  The next clip assembles a collection of similar showbiz indicators, indicating that now Berlin is being targeted on 26.6.2011 with a nuclear explosion, including, would you believe, another episode of the Simpsons offering numerous cryptic and not so cryptic clues.  The clip will not embed.  Here it is.  The text is in German which makes it a bit hard for non-German speakers.  The meaning of the clip is easy to take in regardless.  There is another version similar and easier to take in, sent in by a commenter at the end of this post.

Note the clock showing 26 by pointing the hour hand at 2, and the minute hand at 6.  How come?  A clock never points the hands like that.  The hour hand should be half way between 2 and 3.

The episode of the Simpsons enacts a nuclear explosion at a sports stadium giving clues as to date and time.  The 26.6.11 at 7 pm seems to be the exact moment to expect the event.  The deduction that the location is Berlin is made from overlaying the cartoon sports ground with Berlin’s Olympic stadium.  Other evidence can be found elsewhere.

THE BRAVE LAWYER (who has other evidence at his disposal) PUBLISHED THIS STATEMENT –

Eerily at the end of the showbiz clip, the singer Jennifer Warnes (get it!) croons the lyrics from 1987 – First we took Manhattan, next we take Berlin.  It is hardly reassuring to hear the words before the refrain – guided by the beauty of our weapons – and earlier guided by a signal from the heavens.   The song was written by the dreary Leonard Cohen, who is said to be a mason.  The video accompanying the song originally showed crowds running scared in Manhattan.

Was he told to write a piece foretelling a generation of terror in a song?

The United Nations was founded 66 years ago on 26th June.

This really is clockwork elves stuff.  I cannot see the goons calling off the show just because a few hundred thousand people see things like this on the internet.  In fact why do do ‘they’ sow so many clues unless they want people to be warned in advance, but not in a way which can bring any action to stop the horror they intend to unleash?  I suppose occasionally they just have to reveal just how powerful they really are – being able to carry out false flag terror operations at will anywhere they like, and write the script for The Simpsons.  That’s awesome!

None of this will get into the main media.  That is for sure.  But if it made the Simpsons,  and 911 is any guide, that has to be taken seriously.  At the foot of this post lies another good visual explaining the ‘coincidences’.  It was kindly left by a commenter.

If this thing is for real, it signifies a beginning of a new phase in the so-called ‘War On Terror’.  NATO will ‘find’ a supposed perpetrator of the coming nuclear attack on Berlin, and use this as the excuse to retaliate with nuclear devices of its own.  Either they’ll dong seven bells out of Libya or find a new customer for the military services wing of the One World Government.  I wonder who that unlucky country will be.  My first guess would be Iran.  You feel like saying ‘Leave Bart Simpson out of this’ but that hardly meets the seriousness of the situation.

GLOBAL RESEARCH on the planned use of nuclear weapons by the US and NATO

Is the use of nuclear weapons contemplated in North Africa?
With regard to nuclear doctrine, the concept of a US sponsored pre-emptive nuclear attack applies to a number of countries or “rogue states” including Libya. An all out war against the Qadhafi regime has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than 20 years, Moreover, Libya was the first country to be tagged for a preemptive attack using tactical nuclear weapons.[3] The Clinton administration’s plan to nuke Libya had been announced in no uncertain terms in a 1996 Department of Defense press briefing:
“[The] Air Force would use the B61-11 [nuclear weapon] against Libya’s alleged underground chemical weapons plant at Tarhunah if the President decided that the plant had to be destroyed. ‘We could not take [Tarhunah] out of commission using strictly conventional weapons,’ Smith told the Associated Press. The B61-11 ‘would be the nuclear weapon of choice,’ he [Assistant Secretary of Defense Harold P. Smith] told Jane Defence Weekly.[4]
Clinton’s Defense Secretary William Perry had confirmed in a statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “the U.S. retained the option of using nuclear weapons against countries [e.g. Libya] armed with chemical and biological weapons.”[5] The Department of Defense’s objective was to fast track the “testing” of the B61-11 nuclear bomb on an actual country and that country was Libya: “Even before the B61 came on line, Libya was identified as a potential target”.[6]
While the 1996 plan to bomb Libya using tactical nuclear weapons was subsequently shelved, Libya was not removed from the “black list”: “The Qadhafi regime” remains to this date a target country for a pre-emptive (“defensive”) nuclear attack. As revealed by William Arkin in early 2002, “The Bush administration, in a secret policy review… [had] ordered the Pentagon to draft contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries, naming not only Russia and the “axis of evil” Iraq, Iran, and North Korea but also China, Libya and Syria.[7]

Operation Odyssey Dawn. Nuclear Weapons against Libya? How Real is the Threat?

Has the project to nuke Libya been definitively shelved or is Libya still being contemplated as a potential target for a nuclear attack? (This preface serves as an update on the potential dangers of a nuclear war against a defenseless non-nuclear State). The air campaign directed against Libya commenced on March 19, 2011. America deployed its Bat-shaped B-2 Spirit Stealth bombers operating out of the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Described as “deadly and effective”, the B-2 was used as an instrument of “humanitarian warfare”.
Barely two weeks after the commencement of the war, the Pentagon announced the testing of the B61-11 nuclear bomb using the same B-2 Stealth bombers which had been deployed to Libya at the very outset of Operation Odyssey Dawn. The B-2 Spirit Stealth bomber is the US Air Force’s chosen “carrier” for the delivery of the B61-11 nuclear bomb. These timely tests pertained to the installed equipment, functionality and weapon’s components of the B61-11 nuclear bomb. The tests were conducted by the B-2 bombers operating out of the same Air Force base, from which the B-2 bombing raid on Libya were conducted.[8]
Is the timing of these tests in any way related to the chronology of the Libya bombing campaign?
The U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command was in charge of both the JTA tests of the B61-11 as well as the deployment of three B-2 Spirit Stealth bombers to Libya on March 19 under operation Odyssey Dawn. Both the deployment of the B-2s to the Libya war theater as well as the tests of the equipment of the B61-11 (using the B-2 bomber for delivery) were coordinated out of Whiteman Air Force base.

America’s Long War: The Global Military Agenda

The US has embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. The first two chapters of this E-book focus on the “Cult of Death and Destruction” underlying this global military agenda. US-NATO weapons of mass destruction are portrayed as instruments of peace. Mini-nukes are said to be “harmless to the surrounding civilian population”. Pre-emptive nuclear war is portrayed as a “humanitarian undertaking”. Nuclear war has become a multibillion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”.
US nuclear doctrine is intimately related to “America’s War on Terrorism” and the alleged threat of Al Qaeda, which in a bitter irony is considered as an upcoming nuclear power. Under the Obama administration, Islamic terrorists are said to be preparing to attack US cities. Proliferation is tacitly equated with “nuclear terrorism”. Obama’s nuclear doctrine puts particular emphasis on “nuclear terrorism” and on the alleged plans by Al Qaeda to develop and use nuclear weapons.

My comment – a nuclear false flag event would be needed to justify moving from conventional warfare to nuclear in Libya.  The supposed attack on Berlin would fit the story that Global Research has been telling about NATO’s nuclear capability and ambitions for a while.  I hope that revealing the plans to attack Berlin is a deception.  I fear they are not.

More details were posted on this disturbing story here three days ago. EXTRACT

Attorney Torsten van Geest has submitted a “provisional order” — similar to a request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in US legal practice — a legal instrument used to establish preliminary rulings in a court case — documenting specific indications and warnings to force the German government and those responsible for security in Berlin to take these warnings seriously and act accordingly upon them. The order also contains extensive background material about foreknowledge of the September 11, 2001 attacks which, had it been taken seriously at the time, may have prevented the tragedies. 
The order provides comprehensive material over 405 pages that explains how, throughout modern history, secret-service operatives from many nations have conducted so-called “false-flag” terror attacks that have been blamed on specific ethnic groups or countries in order to create chaos, to create enmity between peoples, and to advance a concrete world domination agenda generally referred to as the New World Order. This new-world-order agenda seeks to concentrate power in the hands of a few unseen, unknown elite organizations that are actively undermining true democracy and freedom worldwide. The order will force the German government and security representatives to act upon the warnings and prevent another large-scale tragedy from happening.

(Use Google Translator if you are English-speaking, and be amused by the word order!)

Germany’s women’s team

TEXT IN ENGLISH – Secret (!) documents show how meticulously the authorities prepare for the World Cup for women.  The Federal Crime Office even went after clues of a nuclear attack allegedly planned for the opening game.  According to investigators, Islamists see women’s soccer as a symbol of the decadent West.

Der Spiegel doesn’t suggest a coming event of false flag terrorism, but real terrorism, emphasising that Islamists see women playing soccer as highly decadent, to the extent that they would go so far as to plant a nuclear device to prevent the football from occurring.  This is not a denial that an attack will be coming, but is only a denial that the attack will be false flag, and is the planting of a different narrative for what’s about to happen.  That’s all.

How do they know about the nuclear attack if not from the evidence provided by the lawyer Torsten Van Geest, who is able to clearly demonstrate that the coming attack is false flag.  The German kriminalampt wants to CYA*, and show that they were investigating a nuclear attack prior to the event, to avoid subsequent criticsm, and they are coming under political pressure to counter the growing allegations of false flag terrorism.   

Der Spiegel provides yet more worrying evidence of the event to come.  If I was a football supporter, I would consider not attending most seriously.   Is anyone’s life worth only a game of football?  Until there is clarification, the event should be cancelled.  The media opening a dialogue as to the reasons for the supposed coming attack, seeding a counter-narrative in advance to compete with Van Geest’s, is most worrying. 

* Cover Your Ass


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a good version

    I’m hoping it could be a viral advertising campaign. After all, who would care about the opening ceremony of Women’s World Cup? You need a nuke to go off to make it interesting.

    Then again, that would only explain the existence of these videos, not the content.

    I wonder if it is just as easy to find coincidences in films for any date and set of numbers… how about 7/7 ?

    As for the reason for an attack on Germany, they would want to turn a pacifist country into one that will go to war.

  2. Tapestry says:

    There is the internet evidence. Apparently this is added to by other real evidence, including terror attack rehearsals being enacted on the same day as happened on 911 and 7/7. Someone is leaking information from the inside. Overall the story is more compelling than the entertainment coincidences alone would suggest. The lawyer has put his reputation on the line (presumably not a party to a deception)

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