Farage – ‘IN/OUT Referendum Please, Mr Cameron.’

He speaks so well on a wide variety of issues.  The burglar who is released from prison as he has a human right to be with his family.  The sacked public employee who gets £1 or maybe £2.5 million in compensation.  The granting of billions in foreign aid.  I have yet to see Farage lost for words in any debate.  With the Conservative Party lost from sight within the coalition, supporting the EU, the UN, NATO, Human Rights, there is still one voice in the media which speaks the language of common sense, and speaks it so very well.  As he says we won’t be able to sort out the multiple nonsenses out until we get out of the EU, and we were promised an IN/OUT referendum by David Cameron.

Loyalty to the Conservative Party makes little sense, but how can UKIP keep growing fast enough to be able to win Westminster seats?  The Party needs more than just one excellent spokesman.  There were many promising and enthusiastic younger UKIP members visible at the Rally Against Debt last month.  The change is coming not from the grey haired army that UKIP was in 2001 and 1997.  The young want a sensible country to live and work in, even if the middle-aged are content sitting on their property gains from the 1980s and 1990s, and have no desire to rock the Conservative political boat.

Another communicator worth listening to, foretelling the Iraq War, and much else besides, is the late Bill Hicks, 1961-1994.  One day UKIP will have to deal with such issues, and open up on the corporatocracy and its wars.

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  1. Me says:

    Good point about older people sitting on property gains and falling in line with the status quo. Most older people are done with protesting, they just want an easily life, and are easy prey for the con men.

    I agree with you that Farage is popular within the younger age group. His videos are quoted a lot on forums. There’s never been a link to EU Referendum, however.

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