Expert Says – E Coli Strain Bio-Engineered To Cause Human Fatalities

How does the bacterium develop immunity to eight different classes of drug – like penicillin, tetracycline etc?  This cannot happen by chance.  This immunity could only be created by deliberate treatment, carefully selecting surviving bacterium samples, and building the immunity step by step, drug by drug, until its lethality cannot be halted by traditional medical techniques.

In short this is a murder weapon being used by our own governments to kill us, as part of the depopulation programme, which already has many facets, such as spermicidal GM corn, and miscarriage-inducing vaccinations.  Here governments are waging war against health foods by terrifying people into buying corporate mass produced branded foods, and away from fresh organic produce.

Hear the expert’s words here as he explains or read them below.  He’s called Mike Adams from article

(NaturalNews) Even as hospitals in Germany are now filling up with people sickened by a super-powerful drug-resistant “superbug” strain of e.coli that looks like it was bioengineered (…), European health authorities are leaping at the opportunity to spread fear about organic foods while ignoring the obvious true cause of the contamination in the first place — the widespread abuse of antibiotics in animal farming operations.

The e.coli blame game has become a circus of musical chairs. First, they blamedthe Spaniardsas a form of retaliation for Spain’s resistance to accepting GMOs (…). This act droveSpanishfarmers into bankruptcy through a savagecampaignof rumor-mongering. After ravaging the Spanish vegetablefarmers, they began to randomly instill widespread fear about a variety ofvegetables: First it was cucumbers, then lettuce and then finallytomatoes. And now, the blame has come full circle and is now being cast uponorganicsprout growersinGermany!

This has all been nothing more than despicable rumor-mongering that has now reached the point ofeconomicwarfareagainst vegetable farmers. And now it turns out even the latest round of blame cast uponsproutswas completely fraudulent:Newtestsreveal that the organic sprouts are NOT contaminated withe.coli.

TheWall Street Journalis now reporting:

“The Lower-Saxony state agriculture ministry said 23 of 40 samples from the sprout farm suspected of being behind theoutbreakhave tested negative for the highly aggressive, “super-toxic” strain of E. coli bacteria… In a surprising U-turn, German officials said initial tests published Monday provided noevidencethat sprouts from an organic farm in northern Germany were the cause of the country’s deadly Escherichia coli outbreak.”(…)

Huh? Weren’t these sprouts being blamed as thesourceof the outbreak up until yesterday?

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7 Responses to “Expert Says – E Coli Strain Bio-Engineered To Cause Human Fatalities”

  1. Anonymous says:

    E coli is a bacterium NOT a virus. It might seem like splitting hairs but there is a significant difference between the two. You need to check your information and keep it accurate and credible, otherwise you are opening yourself up to being ridiculed / dismissed by TPTB and the general public. Keep spreading the word 🙂

  2. Tapestry says:

    Yes. Thanks. Of course. My internet connection arrives today so I won’t be working standing on one leg in cafes and street corners any longer.

    I don’t see much ridicule. I wish I did. The attempt to manipulate markets and populations is no joke, as far as anyone can see. Government and corporations have become so powerful that they see themselves as untouchable. They see killing in the name of commerce on the one hand, and control on the other, as entirely normal and justifiable behavior.

    They think that if they were not the ones doing it, someone else would be. You can justify literally anything that way. The recipients of the killing and maiming, of course, don’t see it in quite the same terms.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “How does the bacterium develop immunity to eight different classes of drug – like penicillin, tetracycline etc? This cannot happen by chance.”

    It’s called evolution.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Evolution can be assisted here and there, as with GM Foods, and in making strains of bacteria less susceptible to anti-biotics.

  5. Tapestry says:

    In Reply to Anonymous from Gillian by email,
    I don’t think Tapestry referred to E Coli as a virus. But I seem to recall that I did, the other day. Mistakenly.
    Anonymous I completely disagree with your opinion that the strain of bacterium has been changed due to
    “evolution” Living things do change over quite long periods of time. But, this change to the E Coli bacterium
    has happened much too quickly for there to be anything natural about it, imho.
    As I suggested the other day, this has been deliberately engineered in a lab. somewhere. I was pleased to see
    the recent comment by Derek who thinks likewise I believe.
    Tap, the fact that these evil people are out to depopulate has been fairly well established. But to cause innocent
    people to die in such painful, distressing circumstances is beyond evil.

  6. Derek says:

    It is one thing to be suspicious of a ‘new’ superbug’s origins, it is quite another to ‘know’ the origins. The difficulty that the lay person has, is in finding out who ‘knows’. The Brass Check TV presentation is flawed, inasmuch as the presenter admits himself he does not ‘know’ the details. The links to Mike Adams website seem to make more credible sense, but he is a ‘journalist’, I see no references to him being any kind of Doctor or scientist. He himself has come under some swingeing criticism from elsewhere:
    But in that critical ‘essay’ the author launches into such a personal and almost demented attack, it itself is also suspicious, as the author promotes flouride as ‘safe’, as they do vaccines in general.

    While currently scientists are seeking the origins of this particular strain of E-coli, I doubt we are going to get any real genuine and honest information from official sources, such is the distrust that has built up from their previous track records.

    So here we are with no proof one way or another, and unlikely to get any. That leaves us with ‘suspicion’ as the front runner, and likely to remain so. Along with many (not all) natural substances and homoeopathy receiving a bludgeoning from EU directives, the BMA, and governments in general, the big pharmaceutical companies are smoothing their road ahead. How suspicious is that!

    “Trust me, I’m from the government”

    “Over my dead body!”

    “That we can also do”.

  7. Tapestry says:

    No scientist or doctor would dare open up publicly alleging deliberate creation of a killer E coli bacterium. They’d lose job, pension and social connections in a day. The only sources you will find available will be from the unofficial media, Derek.

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