Cruising For A Bruisin – In The Land Of The Free

ICE by name, and ICE by nature
Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Some old folks cruising on a ship wanted to get off the ship and tour Los Angeles.  The security checks were a bit heavy.  Someone complained, and then the ICE let all 2000 passengers ‘have it’.  The people were kept in the sun for hours, finger printed, retina checked, not allowed to go to the bathroom.  Gruesome.

Just make a note, secretary.  Skip the USA for any holiday plans.

US Immigration (ICE) are pretty much out of control.–abuse/welcome-to-america.html

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2 Responses to “Cruising For A Bruisin – In The Land Of The Free”

  1. Budvar says:

    They certainly like to pick their targets don’t they, a boat load of geriatrics.

    This will have repercussions, that’s an absolute certainty.

    Will this type of shit happen over here? I doubt it in the foreseeable future as the percentage of UK passport holders is about 80% as opposed to the US’s of about 10%.

    I can see it now, a plane load of Stabby and the McChav clan coming back from a fortnight in Benidorm and UKBA give it “I’m going to have to shove my hand down the front of your lasses snatch and that of your 4 year old daughter”.

    You just know that that’s going to end well…

  2. Tapestry says:

    I may be wrong but somehow I imagine good old Brits, for all our faults, will not tolerate excessive state power being exercised so blatantly. Our tradition of fair play might yet save us from the worst. The problem is the control of the media. Will people ever find out what’s actually happening?

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