China To Govern Australia And New Zealand

Alan Watt of has studied the progress of The New World Order a long time.  Along the way he has discovered what many others have found, although few can be as good as he at putting across what he has learned.

What is the destination for everyone and everything as this Brave New World takes its next steps into the future?  In an interview on minor US TV channel ‘Out There’, he explains the future as he understands it.  China features heavily in the coming story.  In the 1950s China was said by the United Nations to be the model state for us all to follow.  Communism will be the political system under which we will all be made to live, except the elites, who will live in great luxury.  Chinese Communism was set up by western power elites, and is still controlled from the west.

China’s influence will grow to take over all of South east Asia, he says.  China will be given authority over Australia and New Zealand, he explains.

Alan Watt interview was sent in by Derek in comments.  Sent in at same time was the latest Alex Jones by Me.  He covers so much ground in ten minutes, it’s a virtuoso performance – internet censorship growing, vaccines sterilising millions, spermicidal GM corn.  Financial bullying of students.  Alex lives out the real live situation on screen, as the world’s freedom is sucked away step by step.  He must be the bravest and the best TV presenter of all time.

The youtube release of Alex Jones that precedes the one above is just as incredible – literally.  Yet it’s worth watching.  He might be onto something very important…clockwork elves, green hats, the elite injecting DNT, interdimensional aliens.  The elite believe they are in contact with these entities.  The elves tell them to build the world government, to get rid of everyone else on the planet, to create eternal life for themselves….unless this is yet another large scale hoax.  Alex clearly doesn’t think so.

Hey Fellas, what if the clockwork elves are tricking you all into killing off human kind so they can take over the gaff for themselves?  Never thought of that one, huh?

As if that was not enough to get our heads around, what would Alex make of the warnings of a nuclear false flag terror strike coming in Berlin on 26.6.2011?

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  1. Steve - London says:

    Mr Tap – Great reading and great blog as always. You mention in your author notes to email you with info/links/etc, like a few readers do. Are you happy for these links to be left in the comments sections or have you an email address which would be better. Cheers.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Either is OK, Steve – London. I get them both ways most days. You left a good one the other day. I’m back online now so it’s easier to get through them each day again. The last two weeks has been very frustrating. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The email address is here on the blog.

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