Britain At Her Best

The neighbours lent me some wi-fi which worked fitfully for two days, but has now cut.  My own BT connection is due on Wednesday 8th June.  Meanwhile blogging is tricky, although many good comments and links are coming in from various stalwarts.  I am reading Prof Chossudovsky (?) of Global Research on The Global Economic Crisis in between playing grass court tennis, and cycling around town, making the best of the superb English summer weather, which has at last arrived.

Grass court tennis is still, despite middle age, superbly enjoyable, and the various injuries which occur on harder Filipino tennis court surfaces, disappear (well, almost) when running across a carpet of freshly mown green.

The Chossudovsky book is highly recommended explaining in detail how the laws that used to keep the banksters in check were dismantled by Clinton and Bush until we are now entirely at their mercy.  

I’m now off to watch a game of football to watch my niece play.  She and her twin sister, 14 years old, have both been selected for the Wales squad.  This is Britain at her very best….apart from the politics of course.  They could hardly be worse.

Keep on commenting and sending in the links.  I’ll get back to the blog properly as soon as I can.

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  1. Me says:

    Listen carefully – apparently filmed at Pentagon

    You have to cover this!

    The NWO wants to spread viruses to vaccinate us against excessive optimism, causd by high monoamine levels, which has been correlated with “fundamentalism”.

    But despite the nickname “God gene” VMAT2 affects a whole other bunch of behaviours and beliefs that have nothing to do with religion. Optimism has a variety of uses.


    Love is another possible use for optimism. It’s useful sometimes to have faith that your partner loves you.

    Essentially the NWO want to vaccinate us against love and happiness so we will all willingly kill ourselves.

    This branch of “science” is totally sociopathic. It should be nowhere near a military establishment like the Pentagon.

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