Wokingham Council Elections Indicate UKIP Somewhere Between 6% and 9%

In the absence of any reports from UKIP as to their performance in the Council elections, here is a comment from John Redwood.

Pollsters are  ignoring UKIP and not reporting their level of support, which is odd as on some measures they are getting close to eclipsing the Liberal Democrats.  The LDs get treated in very similar vein to the major parties.  They never expected to have to come clean about their policies in government, and support for them is now tanking with reality exposed.   The recent Council elections confirmed the trend of collapsing support.

UKIP on the other hand is surging.  Cameron broke all his eurosceptic promises, and is now seen as untrustworthy by the right-minded voter.  Many will not be voting for him again.  John Redwood cannot see that that makes any sense in an FPTP system and he’d be right about that.  

He writes –

Now it is all over I would be interested to hear from UKIP locally how they assess their election. 
Their share of the vote varied from 5.7% to 8.8%. 

If, on the other hand, Cameron were to be shifted by Conservative MPs, and replaced with someone like John Redwood, many Ukippers would return.

Here is an expression of their disgust on Europe Day – great music, but where are the words? UKIP needs to keep its message stronger than ‘enough is enough’.  Come on.

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4 Responses to “Wokingham Council Elections Indicate UKIP Somewhere Between 6% and 9%”

  1. Stuart Fairney says:

    I do wonder if enough tory MP’s might do a bunk to UKIP a la Owen, Williams, Jenkins etc did to the cenre ground in the early 1980’s

    This might just make them serious or it might kill the right-wing vote.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I don’t see much of a spirit of rebellion in the Parliamentary Party. They have become meek lobby fodder. Only one voted against the Libyan War. After Iraq and Afghanistan you would think they would have learned their lesson.

    Cameron gets full media support now and is building support levels in the polls. The OWG will keep him on as a key asset, until he wears out. Just as no Labour MP dared take on Blair, or Brown, no Conservative MP will dare to challenge Cameron, it seems.

    Carswell acting alone cannot undo the situation (even he supported Libya I presume). Then again when you look at what happened to Robin Cook, who can blame any of them?

    The things the OWG cares about are its wars, and keeping Britain from finding her independent voice. The full array of methods from corruption to assassination will no doubt be used, whether assassination be literal, media or by means of scandal.

    The Redwood wing is too polite to actually sink Cameron’s ship, and in any case they fear Labour more than the OWG.

  3. Stuart Fairney says:

    If I may mis-quote Orwell ‘if there is hope it lies with the internet’ We certainly won’t get reality from major media or mainstream polticians, but get a bit X-files, the truth is out there (from sites like yours and others) and more and more people are seeing it.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Stuart, you’re my most loyal fan!

    I agree with you about the internet but it needs more than that. It’s one helluva job to communicate to people that they live in a world of myth, with reality kept just out of sight.

    I am working on a few techniques, but need new formats as blogs are restricted in their capabilities.

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