Russian Speaker Confirms Japan Tsunami Was A Weapon

Latakia – Syria’s Sea Port is important to Russia

The Speaker of the Russian Parliament tells the world he believes the Japanese tsunami was caused by a weapon, not by nature.  He threatens Georgia with a similar fate.  He predicts the victory of Russia in a global war, saying Russia also possesses secret weapons of mass destruction.

The actions of the New World Order are pushing the Russian Bear into adopting an aggressive stance.  The debts are the least of it.  We could yet collect a burst of revenge or a strike of insecurity from Russia at some point if we keep starting wars around their borders.  Syria is a key friend of Moscow, offering, inter alia, access to the Mediterranean.  In this clip it is Georgia which is needling the Russian.

From the indefatigable ‘Me’ in comments.

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RT writes about Russian fears concerning US deployment of missiles in Romania –

On May 4, at the meeting of commanders of the general staffs of the Russia-NATO Council 29 member states in Brussels, Russia’s General Nikolay Makarov said that Moscow would insist that the alliance would guarantee that its European missile defense would not pose a threat to Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

“We intend to seek firm guarantees on de-targeting missile defense against Russia’s nuclear potential. We will wait for proposals from NATO. We hope that our European colleagues will understand us”, Makarov said. “We cannot create the security situation in Europe depending on the Russian-US agreements as it was during the Cold War times,” he added, cited Itar-Tass.

The gathering took place shortly after the US announced its plans to deploy interceptor missiles in Romania, which raised serious concerns in Moscow.

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Friday that the Brussels talks brought no breakthrough.

“We cannot watch indifferently as the US is deploying near our borders elements of its missile defense system, which can reach as far as the Urals,” he told journalists in Moscow. 

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2 Responses to “Russian Speaker Confirms Japan Tsunami Was A Weapon”

  1. Me says:

    It could be a bluff for domestic consumption to make Russia look powerful. If the NWO can flood Japan by drilling a nuke into the seabed then an ultranationalist Russian can do the same thing and flood Georgia.

    Looking at Zhironovksy’s history, this is not the first time he’s said something strange and outrageous. BUT! If it is a bluff it is significant that he is bluffing.

    The NWO are baiting the Russian bear into WWIII…. in Syria (where Russians have a naval base) trying to overthrow Assad, and in Iran and Pakistan where the Russians would like a warm water port.

    I suppose the Russian nationalist finds it hard to understand how the globalist empire can have military bases in 140 odd countries, and that’s called freedom, but Russian bases are part of an “axis of evil” (strange how that phrase didn’t catch on… leap too far).

  2. Everything you need to know to survive the next few years in 45 mins.

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