Obama Osama Drama

Would Obama have become President Of The US without his name being similar to the greatest terror myth of the era?  Will falsifying Osama’a death now bring Obama to an end as well?  Just look at that ruddy nose on the OBL lookalike!

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.” – JFK

For those whose understanding of the world is derived from what their governments and political leaders tell them to believe, and from the mainstream media which regurgitates the government’s views and ideology, the world is black and white.  

It is us vs. them, a simple myth to hold on to. 

For these people: the economic crisis is over.  We are now in a “recovery”. 
The ‘War on Terror’ is an age-old battle between the forces of good and evil.  It is retribution for the attacks of 9/11. It is designed to battle ‘terrorism’ in every corner of the world.

The era of imperialism ended with World War II.  America is not an ’empire’, but rather a bastion for freedom which spreads democracy around the world.  

The war against Libya was intended to save innocent lives out of ‘humanitarian’ concerns.
We must accept the loss and restriction of our fundamental rights and liberties in order to protect us from terrorists.
Barack Obama has brought ‘change’ and is a beacon of ‘hope’.

The death of Osama bin Laden shows that the ‘War on Terror’ is working, and is worthy of going out in the streets to celebrate and cheer!

For these people… the world is based upon a pervasive, unyielding myth, building illusions for all to see and believe. 

At Global Research, we strive to tear down these myths, expose the illusions, and reveal the magicians in the background.

The reality…is war.

See ‘I attended Bin Laden’s funeral on 26th December 2001‘.

Will Osama and Obama be like in the Georgie Fame song ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, US # 8 in 1968, UK # 1 – a couple paired together by fate.

In reputational terms, they ‘lived a lot together, and finally together they died.’

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4 Responses to “Obama Osama Drama”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please switch of the video in this post

    It starts playing automatically every time I load up your page.

    Don’t know about anyone else but it’s driving me away.

  2. Tapestry says:

    thanks, anonymous.

    i deleted it it self activates.

    it’s a shame as it’s a good clip for those interested in this topic interviewing locals in the town in pakistan who are completely fed up at the lies being told.

    it’s easy to click off if you don’t like it, but I agree. It’s no doubt driving people away.

  3. Me says:

    //bin laden announced dead 66 years to the date as hitler’s death announced(not killed, but announced to the world), by seal team 6 = 666 the date 5/1/11(5+1=6, 6×11=66, 666). 5/1/1176 is also the birth of the illuminati! UNBELIEVABLE!//

    Comment here

    there are many more observations!

  4. Derek says:

    Coincidence – or careful planning?

    And WW1 armistice signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day, of the 11th month.

    Pillars of predictability.

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