Does Cameron Know The Word ‘Peace’?

John And Yoko said ‘Give Peace A Chance’.
George Bush Had Another Idea.  Manufacture A War On Terror,
A War Without End, 
A War Without Limits.  
John Lennon Was Killed.  
Osama Bin Laden And Al Quaeda Were ‘Created’.
All those who campaigned publicly for peace and democracy have died. 
Looking at their pictures their eyes seem aware of a great evil. 
John Lennon,
Princess Diana

Benazir Bhutto 

Robin Cook

In earlier times
Martin Luther King,

It doesn’t matter who you are.
If peace is on your lips, you are eliminated.
Those who would back war, destroy democracy and international law 
live on.
Many become rich or richer.
Blair.  Cameron.  Clegg.  Bush.  Obama.  Prince Charles.  
But look at their faces.  
Their evil is gradually eating them out. 
Even now they could give peace a chance.
Before the sorrow of personal loss affects them also.

“And you all also may remember that early on, I said if you hide a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, if you provide comfort to a terrorist, you’re just as guilty as the terrorist. ” George W. Bush. (Address to US., troops, Alaska, 16th February 2002.)

Given the ferocity of the attack on Libya, the country Tony Blair credited himself with bringing in from the cold and turning in to a new trading partner, Colonel Qadhafi, has been remarkably conciliatory. On 5th., April he wrote to President Obama, more in sorrow than in anger.

The irony of a half African, Nobel Peace Prize winner, initiating bombing in Africa, instead of using his roots to nurture shoots of understanding and co-operation, is a fairly mind stretching irony. But why spoil an unbroken track record and become the only US., President in modern history not to attack a few countries who pose the United States no threat whatsoever.

On April 30th., Libya’s leader proposed a negotiated cease fire with the rebels, as long as NATO; “stop its ‘planes.” NATO and the insurgents, rejected the offer saying it: “lacked credibility.” Don’t bother to: “Give peace a chance.”

America, Woodrow Wilson’s: ” … only idealistic nation in the world.”, responded by participating in a missile attack which killed the Colonel’s second youngest son, Saif Al Arab, and three grandchildren under twelve.

Nato launched the air strike hours after the Libyan leader renewed calls for a ceasefire and negotiations, in an 80-minute televised address. “The door to peace is open,” he declared, adding that while the Libyan government would welcome a ceasefire “it cannot be achieved unilaterally.” “Come, France, Italy, Britain, America, come to negotiate with us – why are you attacking us?”

But it is April, the seemingly open season on the Qadhafi family, month. On April 15th., 1986 his adopted toddler daughter Hanna was killed in a US., bombing; his son Khamis reportedly died of wounds from another bombing, just four days before March this year, became April.

On 11th., April, Delegates from the African Union, also failed to broker a truce, rejected by the former Justice Minister, turned “rebel leader”, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, who had gone on behalf of the government to Benghazi to broker a peace deal – and switched sides. Quaddaffi himself had accepted the plan. In recently released Wikileak-ed US., diplomatic cables, Jalil is described as “open and cooperative.”(ii) Wonder what deal might have been struck.

NATO’s Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard said he is aware of unconfirmed reports that some Qadhafi family members may have been killed: “All NATO’s targets are military in nature … We do not target individuals”, he said.

In broken record mode, he “regrets”: “all loss of life, especially the innocent civilians being harmed as a result of the ongoing conflict.”

Interestingly all three attacks appear to have been on the same residential area, where the media yesterday found a decimated one story residential house, the television still on, food in the kitchen, fruit on the table and a football game machine in the garden.
This extract comes from The Never Ending War Machine  –  at Global Research

Who else should I add to the list of peace heroes?

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Here’s Joan Baez, singing against The Iraq War.
No Tears Now.

Another version which has pictures of Blair at Oxford before he was recruited to join the Bush war machine.

Reader’s suggestions –

Jesus (see comments)

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2 Responses to “Does Cameron Know The Word ‘Peace’?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Who else should I add to the list of peace heroes?’

    Add Jesus to your list please

  2. Tapestry says:

    Jesus is a better add-on to the list than many would think, according to Irslinger – see My Books list.

    He believes that Jesus was mainly about ending war, and ending slavery, which is why the Romans saw him as such a threat.

    Yet Christianity in the New Testament doesn’t mention war or slavery, or at least emphasise them as the great evils that they are.

    Irslinger claims that the Christian Church was offered the chance to become the state religion under Constantine, on condition that references to Ending War and Slavery were removed from the church’s teachings.

    An empire which required endless war and slavery to exist, could not tolerate a religion which stood against both, as it undermined the morale of soldiers, if they became soldiers. Businesses ran on slavery, as the rich were too idle to work.

    Irslinger says that the Christian Church agreed to remove opposition to war and slavery, and thereby became the official religion of the Roman Empire, and that is why so many of us were brought up as Christians (if we were!).

    Jesus’ history has been doctored to remove his anti-war credentials.

    I tend to believe Irslinger’s thoughts on this at this moment in time.

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