Bush War Lies Are Far More Extensive Than Osama Bin Laden

‘Nurse’ Nayirah was trained in PR and acting before putting on this little show for Congress.
It was entirely false testimony, but was used by H.A.W. Bush.  She was the daughter of the Kuwaiti envoy to Washington, and was no nurse.  She claimed Iraqi soldiers killed hundreds of babies in a Kuwaiti hospital.

The same techniques are used every time they start a war.  Libya is no exception.

The Propaganda War: Media Distortion about Libya

Perception management has been used to start the war against Libya and to garnish support for the aggression against Libya. This is part of a tradition that the Pentagon and NATO have followed. 

All the major wars the U.S. has fought in have involved major media lies. In Vietnam there was the Gulf of Tonkin incident, in Yugoslavia the claims of ethnic genocide, in Afghanistan the tragic events of 9/11 (September 11, 2011) were blamed on the Taliban, and in Iraq the lies about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and cooperation between Baghdad and Osama bin Laden. The mainstream media has been the first line of attack in these wars of aggression.

In regards to Iraq, the U.S. government brought a false witness to the U.S. Congress who while pretending to be a Kuwaiti nurse testified that Iraqi soldiers threw 312 Kuwaiti babies out of incubators to die. [15] This was used to galvanize public opinion in the U.S. in order to go to war with Iraq in 1991. 

The infamous Nurse Nayirah testimony was given by Nijrah (Nayirah) Al-Sabah the daughter of the Kuwaiti envoy to Washington. She was even given acting lessons by a public relations (P.R.) firm before her false testimony, which George H. Bush Sr. referred to when justifying going to war with Iraq. 

Who is behind the Massacres and Acts of Brutality in Libya?

Stories were also presented that Libyan forces were killing individuals from within their own ranks that refused to fight. 

Video evidence from within Libya actually proved that video footage presented alongside these reports about Libya was spun. It was not the Libyan forces that killed these men, but elements within the Libyan opposition. 

Videos showing torture and brutal treatment of civilians, including a small boy, by elements from within the ranks of the rebel fighters are also appearing.


It was claimed by the mainstream media that these men were killed by Qaddafi loyalists, but video evidence proves this is false.

Global Research

Then from ‘Me’ in comments, top American psychological warfare specialist and spymaster, Dr Steve Pieczenik, said that Osama Bin Laden was diagnosed with a terminal illness before 911.  Osama was therefore an ideal person to provide the narrative for the War Of Terrorism, as he was dying, and his identity could be borrowed.   Pieczenik was interviewed on the Alex Jones Show, confirming 911 was a false flag operation, triggering a huge reaction.  He’s a bit long-winded, as Americans can often be! but he’s an important witness, braving the threats that he clearly faces by talking.

He sees Bush Junior as totally dangerous, as he does Obama.  He says they are constructing false stories to play psyops games on the American public.  Terrorism has become such a big business.  There are 850,000 people involved in the prevention of terrorism, which is ludicrous.  The only people who attacked the United States are George Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.  

He says, “And I warn the intelligence community that’s listening now, and the military, do not even think of creating another false flag because that will be the beginning of the second American revolution.”

Jones states with Webster Tarpley that World War 3 and nuclear attacks are being prepared.  Tarpley says ‘get active, or get radioactive’.  Jones thinks the latest Osama falsifications indicate an apocalyptic event is being planned.  Tarpley says they could still back away from pushing the nuclear button, but people need to be active and speaking out.

Tarpley says they need to be aware that being aggressive now is fraught with danger, and that wars are not a one way street.


Why is the government so sloppy in its lies that they keep messing around the details of the Bin Laden ‘killing’?

Paul below says that it’s because they got away with 911, and have got cocky.  Governments always get away with falsifications of history….like this clip makes clear –

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  1. Me says:

    You need to follow the Pieczenik story.

    This is huge. Major insider, 67 years old, influential through numerous administrations prior to the neo-cons, comes out and says 9/11 inside job on Alex Jones show. Media isn’t touching the story. He will testify in front of federal court the name of the General who told him this.

  2. Me says:

    This individual is very well know in the US government. He organised regime changes during the Cold War under Nixon, Carter, Regan and Bush Senior. He has a lot of pull and, presumably, allies.

    Spectacularly, he later says this:

    “And I warn the intelligence community that’s listening now, and the military, do not even think of creating another false flag because that will be the beginning of the second American revolution.”

  3. Tapestry says:

    Great link, Me. Thanks.

  4. Derek says:

    Yes, excellent link. 22 minutes of clear water midst a cesspool of ‘NEWS’.

    The Paul Craig-Roberts interviews that run alongside are good too.

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