Libya Being Iraqued

Blogging light today.  Moving house this week.
I-Phone dropped and broken.  Apple asking £146 just to repair shattered piece of glass.
Hotel’s Wi-Fi out of action.
This must be a conspiracy – at the very least.

Anyway we bought a cricket bat and a tennis racket, for when the rain stops.
I see a good article on about the effects of the Japanese nuclear contamination and how to apply the lessons from Russia.

The news shows Apache helicopters being readied to murder Libyans, talking all about the brilliant technical methods being operated to avoid civilian casualties.
How about making peace and getting out?

I read a chapter in Seeds Of Destruction, also available from Global Resrach, this morning about the colonisation of Iraq, how it was organised by Bremer, the MD of Kissinger’s management consultancy.  The whole country was forcibly given over to GM agriculture, with all its publicly owned companies privatised and sold to foreign corporations.  All public servants were fired on day one.

Libya knows what she can look forward to once the killing abates – commercial pillage on the total scale.  Libyans need only look at Iraq.  Nothing for the people.  All for foreign corporations who pay off western politicians like Obama, Blair, David Cameron and his sidekicks.

I had this rather nice email from a reader today, which is interesting in the information it conveys about the developing scene –

Thank you for your email.  Very nice to hear from you.
All is well(ish) just not enough hours in the day for me at the moment!
I’m still an avid follower of your blog posts and the information you bring to us. Have to say I’m rather chuffed that you said my comments have been missed at The Tap! That’s very kind of you.  I’m very pleased to be able to report that my husband has actually been reading some of your blogs just lately and is beginning to see what I’ve been trying to tell him ever since I found out myself by reading your blogs and following links you and others give.  Also, more and more commenters on the Telegraph Blogs
seem to be grasping the reality of the way the world is run.  Other people will never grasp it of course and at the risk of sounding harsh, that’s their problem.
I’ve made time over the last few days’ to do a little research into this Late miscarriage in Pregnancy subject.  Most sites I’ve visited agree that it is very rare!  and yet it’s happened to 3 well known women in less than a year!  Something is not right here.  Alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear.  It would be interesting to know what vaccines these women might have had in the last 10 years or so.  I don’t suppose we will ever get to find that out though.  Actually, most women that have suffered this devastating loss
so late in their pregnancies say it is not really accurate to describe it as a miscarriage.  It is in reality a stillbirth, with all the physical pain and other physical changes that happen to the female body at this time.  Poor things, my heart goes out to them.
What with late miscarriages and low sperm counts in the male population, I think that we have every reason to be deeply suspicious about the causes of these and other unsatisfactory explanations for the dramatic fall in the birth rate in most countries, I believe.
Looks like the results of a de-population programme to those of us with suspicious minds!  I get the distinct impression just lately
that things are really speeding-up.  By that I mean the agenda of the evil crazy people that are really running this world.  I think they have become emboldened by recent success and are continuing to strike while the iron is hot.  Wouldn’t it be great if their confidence makes them become careless and they inadvertently destroy themselves by mistake?  Poetic justice or what?
Sorry Henry, this is not one of my better emails if there is such a thing!  I’m a bit tired at the moment.
Incidentally, I was very pleased to read that your lovely lady is now in this country.  That must be so nice for the two of you
to be together again.  May I wish you both every happiness.
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3 Responses to “Libya Being Iraqued”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “I think they have become emboldened by recent success and are continuing to strike while the iron is hot. Wouldn’t it be great if their confidence makes them become careless and they inadvertently destroy themselves by mistake?”

    Perhaps, but I think the reason things are speeding-up as you said its because there are many of us that are starting to wake up and realising what is really happening out there is not what mainstream media reports. Thanks to the internet where people can share information through Blogs as this one, which I must say is an excellent Blog, a lot of us are starting to see a different world that we were use to see.

    I also think the powers that be have already started to make mistakes, as they are not trying to hide their agenda as much and not even trying to get a decent enough excuse to attacking a sovereign country like Libya and possibly invading it in the near future. We can only hope that the majority of us can begin to wake up and begin to see things as they really are but we need Blogs like this to keep giving us information that is closer to the truth than what we see on our TV sets.


  2. Derek says:

    These Greeks seem to be clued up on what is demanded from their country – resources. Iraq, and Libya repeated. The predictable decadance knows no bounds:

  3. Tapestry says:

    usual procedure. debt comes first. then seizure of assets. nice work derek.

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