Frank Skinner’s Tribute To Osama Bin Laden

Reading the media reports on the latest Bin Laden grand finale, such as Rod Liddle in The Spectator, I wonder why they stop short of saying what they really mean.  It is clear there are many doubts amongst media writers about the truth of Osama’s latest and probably final finale.  Yet not one dares break cover and say that the whole thing from the start was a manufactured event – 911 and all.

Comedians can take a pop at the ridiculousness of the whole decade long episode, which although comical, has been incredibly successful at fooling most of the world, including me until I read some more educated books on international politics, like Dr Monteith’s Brotherhood Of Darkness from

I can’t believe that all politicians and media writers and broadcasters don’t realise the whole Osama thing’s a farce.  This Skinner clip gets the story into perspective.  Now who will be the first news commentator to break ranks and admit that Bin Laden is The Man Who Never Was, a CIA creation from the beginning to the end, a friend of George Bush, dead many years ago?  Are they frightened they won’t get paid if they start telling us the truth?

If you want to look for the truth as to when Osama Bin Laden actually died, head for Osama Bin Elvis.

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