UKIP Says No To War In Libya

Not Nice To See A Four Year Old Like This, Is It?

UKIP says No to War in Libya

UKIP considers this intervention the wrong decision’ – Nigel Farage

• “This military intervention in Libya is ill-thought out, unprepared and unjustified, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said today.

“The War coalition has no coherent strategy for North Africa and the Middle East, and is walking into a chaotic situation of which it knows little.

“UKIP considers it rash for ill-equipped soldiers and airmen of this country to be led into an open-ended commitment which reminds us of Afghanistan.

“There is no exit strategy or even clear objectives in this war. We have gone into Libya – but where does it stop? Should we also go into Yemen, Bahrain and then Syria?

“The fact is that it is difficult to differentiate between the worthiness of rebels and leaders in different countries.

“UKIP considers this intervention the wrong decision.”

On Western military interventionism: “We’d all seen it, to begin with, as France, Britain and America getting involved in this and it is now coming under a NATO umbrella, but what van Rompuy made clear was that those countries would not, and in fact could not, have gone to war in Libya without the European Council approving it. So what van Rompuy is saying is that it’s the EU that started off this war and that the aim is to topple Gaddafi. I would have thought that that does go against UN Resolution 1973 and I see it as a very surprising development,” said Nigel Farage

“If we run this on any longer we may well find ourselves with ground troops in a country where we actually alienate both sides of the conflict, so I am very nervous, very sceptical, I don’t like what’s happening in Libya, but here we are, throwing in our aircraft, possibly about to throw in our troops, against a man who just four months ago Mr van Rompuy was hugging in public.”

The message needs repeating and emphasising.  Each time Nigel speaks in the EP, he could and should demand that the war be ended.   Libya refused to join Sarkozy’s Mediterranean Union.  He’s refused to join Africom, the effective placing of all Africa under US military command.  As a sovereign independent nation, Libya is entitled to do that.

If Britain quits the EU, and refuses to join American-led wars around the globe invading sovereign countries that present no threat,  but which don’t wish to be part of an UN/American Imperial power structure, will we also be invaded?  Or Ireland?  

Is that why our navy is being quietly eliminated, so we can more easily be threatened?  Nigel Farage’s voice is the only one that speaks for the peace of the world, and the preservation of mankind against the military aggression of those who have no respect for national sovereignty, private property and the right of self determination.

Britain was bounced in WW1 by false stories of German atrocities in Belgium.  We fought that war to preserve Belgium’s sovereignty.  A hundred years later we are the bullies invading smaller countries because we want them to join the same clubs that we are in.  We should get out of the game of bullying, killing and maiming innocent people.  If this is democracy, I can see why many nations are not interested in adopting a democratic system.  With bullies like Britain showing that democracy is a sham, and doesn’t work, why bother with it?

A majority of British don’t want to invade Libya yet our government, as with Iraq, is simply ignoring our wishes, and obeying those of Wall St, who pay off our Prime Ministers once they move on from subverting our democracy.  I wish we had a Gaddafi who refused to bow down to the corrupt bullies of Britain, America and their sidekicks – the aspiring One World Government.

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Herman Van Rompuy claims credit for Libyan operationIn a surprising declaration yesterday, EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy said: “From the beginning of the crisis, the European Union was at the forefront: the first to impose tough sanctions; the first to impose a travel ban on leading figures in the regime; the first to freeze Libyan assets; the first to recognise the Interim Transitional National Council as a valid interlocutor…Without European leadership there would have been massacres…We acted in time and without Europe nothing would have been done at the global level or at the UN level.”
Meanwhile, speaking in the European Parliament, UKIP leader Nigel Farage noted that “hardman” Van Rompuy had “made it clear” that the aim of the Lybian military intervention was “regime change”, or the removal of Gaddafi, while EU Foreign Minister Baroness Catherine Ashton, he said, had “contradicted” this point in later statements. “Here we have two big EU chiefs who, when it comes to the policy on Libya and Gaddafi, are in direct contradiction with each other,” he argued. 

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