Royal Weeding Out Of Guest List

Why is the Bahraini Prince Salman not coming the the wedding?
He was invited.  And where is President Gaddafi’s invitation?

Global Research –   The guest list points to cynical double standards in Britain’s foreign policy. 

As media analyst Paul Kane points out: “It is so telling, on so many different levels, for example, the contrast between Bahraini rulers, who get invited to the British royal wedding – something that is taken to epitomize and define the gentility and nobility and cultural achievement of the western elites – and Libyan rulers, who get munitions, presumably loaded with depleted uranium, on their heads.”

Finian Cunningham.

Ah, Bahrain, unlike Gadaffi, never issued their own currency.  
If you please the world’s central bankers, you get invited to all the best parties, even if you murder and torture.  
If you don’t please the central bankers, it makes no difference how good you are to the people you rule.  
You borrow and you pay interest, or you die.

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One Response to “Royal Weeding Out Of Guest List”

  1. Stuart Fairney says:

    Breath-taking really. Murder people and get an invite to the Royal wedding.

    If he had a brain he would have attended.

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