Princess Kaoru Nakamaru Explains The World Depopulation Programme

This is unusual – Royalty with a brain attached.

Shame about the other bloke in the clip talking, as he is not so convincing and overrides her far too much.  In fact he sounds half mad, but Princess Kaoru Nakamaru at the beginning tells the story very simply and well.  She saw the documentation outlining the plans to reduce the world’s population in half, and she believed it.

Once she’s finished talking, click the other fool off unless you like incomprehensible gibberish in an Italian accent.  He’s meant to be a member of the Illuminati!  If that’s the standard of intellect possessed by these inbred aristocrats over centuries, no wonder we’re all effed!

He’s all on about intergalactic threats bringing the world to an end by December 2012.  

He’s either a genius or a complete fruitcake, 
announcing his prophecies in cartoon Italian accent.
His name is Prince Leo Lyon Zagami of Santa Elia, Sicily.   Prince Zagami came to Tokyo to meet Fulford and negotiate plans for future changes to benefit the people and the planet.

She explains that the media is controlled.

Youtube embed no longer available.

You have to click the link to watch.
Jesus was an Illumati.  Blah Blah.  The world comes to end on December 27th 2012.
War. Drugs. Death.
How about a change of direction, says Leo…..
Princess says the UFOs are trying to help us survive the current madness..
2012 to 2019 is the critical period.  Very nice meeting you, I’m sure.

But what about the Depopulation games of the OWG?  More here.

Princess Kaoru’s a person we never hear about in the West.  Why?  This tells you the answer to that question.


The granddaughter of the Meiji Emperor, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru spent her early childhood in the Forbidden Castle in China. While at Columbia University and in graduate school, she furthered her research into international politics and since 1970, as a journalist, has interviewed kings and presidents, prime ministers and business people from many countries, and has given speeches, written books, and appeared on television as a commentator on international political affairs. In 1973, she was acclaimed in the U.S. magazine, Newsweek, as the “World’s No.1 interviewer,” and the Washington Post described her as “one of those rare women in the world with an outstanding international sensitivity.”
Later, she was producer, director, and interviewer of her own Japan/U.S. talk show, for which she traveled to war-torn areas around the world and carried out positive discussions with the heads of state of those countries. Among those were Colonel Gadhafi of Libya and then-president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein–figures that were considered hostile by the West. Nakamaru even covered the frontlines during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) and video taken of it was shown to President Hussein who suggested that the war be immediately halted. The images of her broadcast on TV pressing President Hussein with the question “Why is this war being continued?” and asking Colonel Gadhafi, “Are you really a terrorist?” drew strong reactions. From those experiences, she exerted her energy into “personal diplomacy,” serving as a go-between among warring countries, using her own funds.
In order to finance her “personal diplomacy,” she bears all expenses. Kaoru’s network of contacts include many “big names” of whom the staff at TV stations say “Even with our connections, there is no way we can approach these people,” and this is linked to the fact that Kaoru, who is not affiliated with any organization, travels the world at her own expense and as a private citizen. Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi, top North Korean leaders, and other important figures that western journalists are unable to meet, talk with her– the main reason being “Princess Nakamaru is not a person who is moved by personal motives and so we considered a meeting with her.”
In response to her personal diplomacy Kaoru established the “International Affairs Institute for World Peace” in New York in 1985, and in 1991, the “Following the Sun Association” was organized for people aspiring toward peace. In doing so, royalty and presidents from various countries as well as cultural figures signed their names to the statement, “I endorse all of your activities,” and these people have been welcomed as advisers and special members. Accordingly, this began in earnest a movement of enlightenment in which the realization of a “one world” policy where the “path of life” is based on mutual understanding and trust, and not on a “one world” policy where the “path of power” is based on military power and tension. Since her days as an interviewer, she has so far traveled to as many as 186 countries.
Nakamaru’s aim is for a “world peace through human renaissance. Wealth, fame, power do not make humans happy, as true happiness is borne from a heart filled with love, harmony, and peace. When there is peace within the hearts of each person, from VIPs to average citizens, then world peace is realized. The phrase ”one world” mistakenly conjures up a religious movement, but Nakamaru has absolutely no religion ties. Nakamaru believes in a religion of her own, but does not belong to any group, saying that “The world transcends all the many religions, races, ideologies so there cannot be just one.
As for her personal life, in 1966 she married Tadao Nakamaru, an actor who worked with Toshiro Mifune. She has a son and a daughter.
In addition, she has maintained a close friendship with South Korea through its former prime minister, Kim Jong-Pil, and with North Korea through the late Kim Il Sung as well as Kim Yong Sun the Secretary of North Korea’s Worker Party (who died in 2003 in a car accident), and has strived to improve relations between Japan and both Koreas as a bridge between the Japanese and Korean governments by bringing about the temporary return of a Japanese woman while at the same time acting as a mediator in bringing about a summit meeting between South and North Korea.
Kaoru Nakamaru  

Here is the cartoon Italian member of the Illuminati speaking out in an interview with Benjamin Fulford.  
In this clip suspiciously he sounds much better and is not overriding anyone else.  
It’s as if he knows his script now and is willing to appear other than a total lunatic, 
trying to rubbish the effectiveness of another speaker.

He’s about as convincing as an Italian ice cream salesman pitching for the job of area manager.  
Fulford is keen to pump up the importance of the White Dragon Society.  
It’s like two nutters in a hotel room trying to tell the world that they are in charge.

At least Princes Kaoru seemed entirely natural and genuine.  Can we have more of her next time.

Here’s Fulford and the ice cream salesman in full if you can take it…

Text above corrupted by their usual methods.  I’ve done my best to clear the corruption, 
lost a bit of it but nothing serious

Here is Princess Kaoru on Youtube from 2009

Kaoru Nakamaru  
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5 Responses to “Princess Kaoru Nakamaru Explains The World Depopulation Programme”

  1. Snakey says:

    “After Barnard College, entered the Political Science faculty of Columbia University, New York, where she graduated in International Politics at the East Asian Institute.”

    Columbia is a CIA infested Elite campus and she is a political science major so it’s not difficult to deduce from her background that she is highly likely to be COINTELPRO, no matter how “genuine” she appears to be. Both Barnard and Columbia are very exclusive campuses. Barack Obama is a Columbia alumnae as well and he also studied political science before going on to get his “law” degree. Anyone with that kind of elite background simply cannot be trusted.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I thought there might be a catch, Snakey! Yet why is she revealing knowledge of the depopulation agenda? Maybe she’s game-keeper turned poacher. There has to be the occasional CIA-trainee which turns against the club. Like David Shayler revealing 7/7 is an inside job in the UK. We depend on finding the turncoats. Fulford says there are hundreds of them in the so-called White Dragon Society.

    Maybe she’s one of them.

  3. Derek says:

    I wouldn’t be too cynical, their comments marry with much I have read elsewhere, and an accent is just an accent. There are good and bad in all walks of life (even Lizard people maybe!), being of a particular nationality need not be an advantage or disadvantage – only custom makes it so. Whereas, Fulford’s body language makes me very suspicious of him. He’s nervous, and comes over as uncertain – a Pawn. Reminds me of some inmates of mental hospitals I have visited (No – not as a patient either!!), though they were never Pawns. I have had the ‘privelege’ of meeting with both Abraham Lincoln and the Queen of the KGB.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I just have a question, what princess Nakamaru thinks about Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and his influence in the world and history.

    Thank you.

    Pdta: I wanth to know directily from her, and not just some body self opinion.

  5. Columbia Senior says:

    “Anyone with that kind of elite background simply cannot be trusted.”

    I’m a senior at Columbia, does that automatically mean I cannot be trusted? Very ignorant comment, my friend.

    And CIA infested campus??? Would love to see some proof and/or citation on this point. The only thing remotely close to that is there is a large Military Veteran population at Columbia, but I assure you none are interested in feeding the CIA, and besides, for what?

    Finally, Barnard is not as exclusive as one might think: acceptance rate for the incoming class of Fall 2013 is 29%. A far cry from the 6% of Columbia/Harvard.

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