Kids Teeth. Fluoride A Deadly Deception.

Fluorosed teeth after taking fluoride tablets for ten years.  Not quite what they told you would happen.

Fluoride poisons pretty much every part of the body, the brain, the nervous system, the cells, and the bones.  Low doses longterm kill,and accelerate ageing and wasting diseases.  It reduces the IQ of babies unborn as it penetrates the placenta, and dumbs down kids of all ages.  Why they want our children to consume it is beyond any kind of sensible explanation.  They claim it aids the strength of enamel in the teeth.  In fact fluoride rips the minerals out of the teeth and erodes them.

In Canada, they publicised a campaign for kids to  reduce cavities.  They should rinse their mouths with watered down milk of magnesia before retiring.  This, together with rationing of sweets, achieves a result far beyond anything claimed for fluoride.

From The Devil’s Poison – How Fluoride Is Killing You.  by Dean Murphy DDS.

People should be filtering all their water down to 1 micron (as well as taking out fluoride with a special absorption filter.  Fluoride compound molecules are below 1 micron), changing to healthy, non-fluoride, detergent-free toothpastes, and avoiding salt which is also fluoridated through government intervention (use sea salt which you grind yourself).  The game is to get you and your kids to consume lots of fluoride, which is killing you.  Cigarettes are also loaded with fluoride.

Fluoride was known as the Devil’s Poison for over a century as it was known to kill and injure those exposed to it, until it was rebranded in the USA in the 1940s and sold as a health product.  Why they want to kill people deiberately, I can’t say.  But there is no doubt that that is exactly what they are doing.

When the story of the OWG’s Human Depopulation Programme comes to be told, Fluoride will be Chapter One.  Killing people makes our existence on the planet more sustainable, apparently, according to those like Prince Charles who supports the UN’s Depopulation Agendas.

Fluoride also ensures the profits of the pharmaceutical companies as otherwise healthy people are condemned to live shorter but also chronically depressed and sick lives.  Fluoride and its compounds are your enemy.  Be aware.  Don’t become a victim of ignorance.  Turn off your TV, and read.  It won’t take you long to realise that the fluoride game is a deadly deception.

In Sweden fluoride is banned.

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