If You Think You Support The War In Libya, Watch This.

Nukes are ready to go

This video explains recent wars – from start to finish.  If you think you support the war in Libya, watch this.  Or if you don’t.  Governments always sell their wars as ”humanitarian wars”,  from Yugoslavia in recent years and onwards.  Michael Chossudovsky exposes how big a lie the humanitarian lie is.  You owe it to yourself to understand what all these wars are about – global domination.

The Iraq War was already planned during the Clinton Administration.  Iraq was first, to be followed by Iran.  One of the key objectives of these wars is access, control and securing of the strategic oil reserves of the Middle east.  Yawn.  We all knew that.

But so too were the Yugoslav Wars to do with the same objectives, as pipelines run in that way.  The CIA kicked off the war in Macedonia in 2001, using Al Quaeda to destabilise the necessary countries.  They collaborated with the KLA and the Mujahideen to get the war going in Yugoslavia, while, of course, blaming it all on The Serbs.

You can follow the strategy around the globe repeating over and over, well explained by Chossudovsky.

It’s an interesting way to pass forty minutes of your time.  You will learn more by listening here than watching TV or reading any newspaper.  BP is integrated into the US oil industry, merged with Amoco Cadiz.  British Aerospace is one of the big six defence contractors supplying the US military.  British intelligence is merged with US.

Not many people know that the US has developed nuclear weapons to be used as part of conventional war, and they have a fully developed policy that these weapons will be used pre-emptively against a list of countries that includes China and Russia, apart from Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea.  So much for the subject of WMD.  The very people who claimed to be going to war in Iraq to stop their use are, in fact, the very people intending to use them.

The war agenda is a project of world domination, ultimately targeting China and Russia, but which also intends to subdue the European Union along the way through a process of political fixing and bullying.  Anyone who controls 70% of the world’s supply of oil has tremendous leverage, and that is one of the objectives of the wars.

Revisit the details of the Libyan riots.  Thousands supporting Gaddafi,and a few hundred Islamists against him,using extreme violence….

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4 Responses to “If You Think You Support The War In Libya, Watch This.”

  1. Me says:

    Tap, off topic but very important. I want to pester you on this because I think you will become convinced precious metals are not in a bubble, they are central to the mechanism by which the NWO are fleecing, destroying the middle classes.

    A Golden Tipping Point: University of Texas Takes Delivery Of $1 Billion In Physical Gold

    China Hikes RRR For Fourth Time In 2011: As Real Estate Bubble Pops, JPM Sees “Mass Affluent” Rushing Into Gold

  2. Tapestry says:

    right now the owg wants gold at $2000 an ounce to be part of the world currency.

    strangely their political opponents see rising gold as a statement of rebellion from the owg.

    if the owg succeeds in holding the financial system from collapse, they might succeed in hitting the $2000 target, but any sudden crash of banks or countries leading to a dislocation of the owg’s programmes, could see gold revert rapidly to a market-derived deflationary price level under $1000.

    as to which story wins out, I don’t know. back both horses is my advice, and don’t follow single outcome financial theories.

  3. Me says:

    //if the owg succeeds in holding the financial system from collapse, they might succeed in hitting the $2000 target,//

    They won’t hold it, that’s not part of the design… Controlled demolition is THE plan. This is to destroy the middle classes… transferring wealth and power to the tiny elite. The GE would fall right now but the digital fiat buying up stocks is keeping it up.

    Inflation is sending up food and fuel which is eroding the savings and living standards of the working class. House prices aren’t going up.

    Any time between now and end 2012, once Saudi Arabia falls, the new system will come in, all the while silver and gold rising increasingly quickly.

    Only after the massive crisis will the hyperinflation potentially kick in, and the NWO want this because it means not only transfer of wealth to themselves (they’ve been hoarding assets) but stronger control grid.

    We can defeat their plans by telling the middle class to be prudent and take physical delivery of metal.

    And it’s not the price in dollars or pounds of precious metals that matters, because fiat currencies will become worthless. Against the price of gold and silver the £ and $ is getting pummelled.

    //but any sudden crash of banks or countries leading to a dislocation of the owg’s programmes, could see gold revert rapidly to a market-derived deflationary price level under $1000.//

    This cannot be possible since they are all fiat currencies.

    How do you explain the precious metal buying habit of India, China, Russia, the wealthy and now these institutions, if not that all faith in fiat currency is essentially over?

  4. Tapestry says:

    I’ve no objection to the creation of possible scenarios but it is just as possible that the surge in asset prices will reverse and the dollar surge. You need a bit of everything in stock, not just one staple.

    The OWG’s plans is to rebase the world’s economy on the SDR, which will be 40% dollar, 40% Euro/Sterling, 10% Yen and 10% or so of Gold.

    If the OWG plan collapses in a heap and the strength of the American Republic is rediscovered like a phoenix from the ashes of the OWG, the dollar would surge and gold shrink.

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