Humanitarian War In Libya? Don’t Make Me Laugh.

I am getting lazy these days.  Sorry about that but it’s the weekend and I need to relax.  I just read the best expose on what the Libyan war and all the other wars, already started and yet to be started are all about from the excellent Global Research.  Is it about oil?  Not really.  Libya allows the oil cartel to plunder her oil as it is.  Is it being fought to help Gaddafi’s suppressed opponents?  Hardly.  They are no different to Gaddafi and just want to replace him.  No.  The key is that the OWG wants military allies who contribute to the military efforts to suppress the world, who provide military bases to ensure the continued control of the One World Empire into the long-term future, military intelligence and other support.  No standing aside or independent attitudes will be tolerated. 

As George Bush said about the war on terror,”you’re either with us, or against us.”

Perhaps Bush should have added that once he achieves full military suppression of the whole planet, the OWG will release the most terrifying political totalitarian programme of all time upon the whole of humanity, apart from over a select few insiders of course, who will enjoy greater power over mankind than any previous regime in history.  I’ll leave the grisly details of all that for next time (See Tapestry’s Politics left column).  

For now, here is the last word on why the invasion of Libya is taking place – a country that represents no military threat at all to any other country on the planet.


In Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Qatar and Oman ruling autocrats, allied with and backed by Euro-US imperial states go about arresting, torturing and murdering unarmed urban protestors with total impunity. In Egypt and Tunisia, the US is backing a conservative junta of self-appointed civil-military elites in order to block the profound democratic and nationalist transformation of society demanded by the protesters. The ‘junta’ aims to push through neo-liberal economic “reforms” through carefully-vetted pro-Western ‘elected’ officials. 

While liberal critics may accuse the West of “hypocrisy” and “double standards” in bombing Gaddafi but not the Gulf butchers, in reality the imperial rulers consistently apply the same standards in each region: 

They defend strategic autocratic client regimes, which have allowed imperial states to build strategic air force and naval bases, run regional intelligence operations and set up logistical platforms for their ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their future planned conflict with Iran. They attack Gaddafi’s Libya precisely because Gaddafi had refused to actively contribute to Western military operations in Africa and the Middle East.

The key point is that while Libya allows the biggest US-European multi-nationals to plunder its oil wealth, it did not become a strategic geo-political-military asset of the empire. As we have written in many previous essays the driving force of US empire-building is military – and not economic. This is why billions of dollars of Western economic interests and contracts had been sacrificed in the setting up of sanctions against Iraq and Iran – with the costly result that the invasion and occupation of Iraq shut down most oil exploitation for over a decade.

The Washington-led assault on Libya, with the majority of air sorties and missiles strikes being carried out by the Obama regime, is part of a more general counter-attack in response to the most recent Arab popular pro-democracy movements. 

The West is backing the suppression of these pro-democracy movements throughout the Gulf; 

it finances the pro-imperial, pro-Israel junta in Egypt and it is intervening in Tunisia to ensure that any new regime is “correctly aligned”. It supports a despotic regime in Algeria as well as Israel’s daily assaults on Gaza. In line with this policy, the West backs the uprising of ex-Gaddafites and right-wing monarchists, confident that the ‘liberated’ Libya will once again provide military bases for the US-European military empire-builders.

In a nutshell as you might say, the military industrial complex rules the planet, not the oil cartel, which helps to fund it.  Their power will be tasted in bitterness by every human being that’s left alive on the planet.  See the enclosing gloom now if you can.  Few are able to do so for some reason.

From Asia Times

Humanitarian imperialists will spin en masse this is a “conspiracy”, as they have been spinning the bombing of Libya prevented a hypothetical massacre in Benghazi. They will be defending the House of Saud – saying it acted to squash Iranian subversion in the Gulf; obviously R2P – “responsibility to protect” does not apply to people in Bahrain. They will be heavily promoting post-Gaddafi Libya as a new – oily – human rights Mecca, complete with US intelligence assets, black ops, special forces and dodgy contractors.

Whatever they say won’t alter the facts on the ground – the graphic results of the US-Saudi dirty dancing. Asia Times Online has already reported on who profits from the foreign intervention in Libya (see There’s no business like war business, March 30). Players include the Pentagon (via Africom), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Saudi Arabia, the Arab League’s Moussa, and Qatar. Add to the list the al-Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain, assorted weapons contractors, and the usual neo-liberal suspects eager to privatize everything in sight in the new Libya – even the water. And we’re not even talking about the Western vultures hovering over the Libyan oil and gas industry.

Exposed, above all, is the astonishing hypocrisy of the Obama administration, selling a crass geopolitical coup involving northern Africa and the Persian Gulf as a humanitarian operation. As for the fact of another US war on a Muslim nation, that’s just a “kinetic military action”.

There’s been wide speculation in both the US and across the Middle East that considering the military stalemate – and short of the “coalition of the willing” bombing the Gaddafi family to oblivion – Washington, London and Paris might settle for the control of eastern Libya; a northern African version of an oil-rich Gulf Emirate. Gaddafi would be left with a starving North Korea-style Tripolitania.

But considering the latest high-value defections from the regime, plus the desired endgame (“Gaddafi must go”, in President Obama’s own words), Washington, London, Paris and Riyadh won’t settle for nothing but the whole kebab. Including a strategic base for both Africom and NATO. 

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  1. Stuart Fairney says:

    Given the various civil wars around the world, the excuse for intervention in Libya alone is loooking increasingly threadbare. I feel especially sorry for the peaceful unarmed Bahrain citizens murdered by the Saudi police, one wonders where their air cover is

  2. Tapestry says:

    very good link, cynical highlander. I’ve borrowed it.

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