Hitler Put Fluoride In The Water Of The Countries He Occupied. Why?

Friend of the Bush family.   He found that putting fluoride into water made people more docile.  Nowadays it only strengthens their teeth, we are told.

I encourage people to listen to Dr Stan Monteith in my blog summary Tapestry’s Politics.  People who follow my blog, and who find much of what I write about believable, do, on the other hand, have trouble with believing one topic in particular. People glaze over at the thought that someone might be deliberately putting things into our food and water supply, or using vaccinations with the intention of harming us.

I suggest that anyone struggling to get to grips with this topic, and I include myself in that group, should either refresh and watch Dr Monteith’s clip again, or, if new to Dr Monteith, watch his video for the first time.

He has a number of facts which anybody living in the world with an enquiring mind needs to know.

Why for example, do 40% of the children with AIDS in African HIV-intensive areas, come from mothers who are HIV-free?  AIDS is being passed by sex, as we are always told.  Children don’t have sex.  Dr Monteith wrote a book called  Aids The Unnecessary Epidemic, and he has an idea as to why these children are dying of AIDS.

He explains Malthus, and how his ideas were transported into the modern era by Francis Galton, the Father of Eugenics, and Margaret Sanger.  He covers the topic of why Russia’s population is tumbling, and who is on record as stating that the world’s population should be reduced.  Who would want to hide the cures for cancer, and create a batch of new diseases, and who actually has done so, and admitted it?

Are there fertility controlling agents and carcinogens being supplied in foods and in the water supply?  Why is autism now affecting one in thirty five male children in the US when, not long ago, it affected only one in thousands?

Why do one in four couples in the US today find it impossible to conceive?  Dr Monteith has researched these topics, and more, over his time as a writer, researcher and broadcaster.  He was formerly an orthopaedic surgeon who gave up his practice to campaign against AIDS, which he always referred to as the unnecessary epidemic, once he realised the authorities were making no attempt to control the outbreak.  His Radio Station is Radio Liberty at www.radioliberty.com, located in Monterey, California.

He will not set you free, but it will, at least, assist you to work out whether you face any threats to your family and your loved ones, or not.  And those who are sceptical, saying things to me like,”surely depopulation is bad for business”, I would suggest you hear Dr Monteith.  He says that the people who are in control of the world don’t see things like you and me.

He will also inform you as to why Hitler put fluoride into the water of the occupied countries, and explain to you why you’ve never been told that, and many other things, and never would be told by the new media monopoly, another title he recommends.  The video starts with 30 seconds of black level.

More on fluoride sent in by Derek in comments.

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8 Responses to “Hitler Put Fluoride In The Water Of The Countries He Occupied. Why?”

  1. Derek says:

    Readers may also like to view ‘The Flouride Deception’ on You Tube. Christopher Bryson speaks in three videos.

  2. Snakey says:

    Ah yep the good old fluoride is good for your teeth scam, most convenient for the aluminium industry.

    The one thing that stands out in my mind is this phrase from the US Military plans to 2050:

    full spectrum dominance

    Now, if it was the Germans or any other country that had this goal, widely published and not hidden from view, wouldn’t we be saying “but that’s fascist and we hanged the Germans for having such plans for world domination”? Do we really need to know anything other than this phrase to know what the Elite’s plans are?

    full spectrum dominance

    There are over 700 military bases around the world all owned and operated by the USA and their handlers. Would we feel so comfortable about that if they were all owned and operated by Germans? The faces change but the core axiom of Empire remains. Oh, but no need to worry, they are our friends and allies! Yeah, right, the Jews also believed every word the German government told them until it came to being shoved into concentration camps and killed by disease (the vast majority died of typhus).

    Rothschild and Rockefeller and their banking chums and all those other traitors to humanity in the CFR and other Foundations, will I hope, face the equivalent of a Nuremberg Trial one day, but hopefully without Sir Montagu Norman of the Bank of England coming to the rescue of one of his banking chums so they could escape the noose and then carry on with the important job of creating money out of thin air in order to fund the USA’s massive rise to sole superpower and Fourth Reich status.

    Sorry for the rant 😉

  3. Me says:

    “He explains Malthus, and how his ideas were transported into the modern era by Francis Gorton,”

    Francis Galton!

    “And why does he never reference Dr Monteith who really does know what he’s talking about and is not presenting a never-ending TV mystery like Icke. It still suggests to me that Icke is managed dissent, and not a genuine exponent of The New World Order”

    Maybe it’s plain old plagiarism. I’m sure there are examples of “managed dissent” but if you consider Icke’s been one of those primarily responsible for educating the 15-35 year old demographic to the NWO it’s unlikely he is “managed dissent”… or if so, he’s a double agent.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Yes, Me. I’m probably wrong about that.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Snakey, don’t apologise. I’m enjoying it. Although it’s not the USA’s Empire. The USA has been used as the shell within which the alien OWG nurtured itself awhile. It is now bursting out through the flesh killing its erstwhile host.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Derek, they’ve disabled youtube under my google ID so I cannot embed clips from hereon.

    I’ll try to find a solution to the problem.

    Strangely it was the George Bush reptile eyes video which bothered them a couple of days ago. I thought the reptile thing was a joke, but they seem to be taking the suggestion of George Bush being a reptile seriously!

  7. Tapestry says:

    I am not sure what to think. You know if people are suffering from nuclear fallout if their thyroid function is impaired. Keep an eye.

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