Hitler, Saddam and Gaddafi All Issued Their Own Money

Hitler didn’t want a war with Britain.  He believed an alliance between Germany and the British Empire would halt the spread of communism.  But he underestimated the power of the bankers to control events.   Britain started the war, not Germany.

I just read Who Makes Our Money?  by F.J.Irsigler.  It was sent to me by a Tap Blog reader called Erwin from Yorkshire in January, and it’s taken til now to get around to reading it.

I like the bit on Thatcher –

In England things look quite promising.  They have a Prime Minister who is not a banker’s man.  The trouble is she is the leader of a party composed entirely of bankers’ men.  As their leader she will have to do what they want and not what she would like to do.  The assertion seems preposterous but here is the evidence to support it –

As reported by George Knupffer (op.eit. pp 92/94) on the 14th January 1964 and then again on 22nd December 1964, Captain henry Kerby, MP, introduced a Motion in the House of Commons demanding that the usurped right of issuing money be restored to Her Majesty The Queen, and that is future, all monies required by the Government of Great Britain should be issued debt-free for the benefit of British taxpayers.

As not a single Member of the House of Commons, not a single Conservative, Socialist or Liberal supported this motion, it was not even discussed or reported by the Press.  Maybe some members would have like to support it but shuddered at the thought of what had happened to Hitler and others who had dared to oppose the bankers.

I tried to get in touch with Captain Henry Kerby but was told he had died of heart failure.  We all have to die sooner or later of heart failure, but men who oppose the bankers have a tendency to die rather sooner than later.

The book covers the role of Hitler at length.  He issued his own money to get Germany’s economy surging before the war, which I never knew.  He offered Britain a non-aggression pact to stop the spread of communism, but as the spread of Communism is the long term plan of the Bankers, Britain was prevented from accepting this offer.  The Poles were offered easy negotiating terms by Hitler to allow a single road to reconnect the two halves of a Germany divided by the Versailles Treaty.  But the bankers were determined to get WW2 going, and the Poles were persuaded not to even negotiate at all with Hitler, imagining themselves protected by a guarantee from Britain and France – only made to assist the commencement of a war.

Churchill was saved from bankruptcy in the 1930s by the bankers and was in their pockets.  The British politicians who wanted to keep peace with Germany like Lord Erroll, were assassinated, or moved to one side, just as Mrs Thatcher was, IDS and any others who have made attempts to stop the imposition of communism by the One World Government.

Soviet Russia was financed and supported throughout by the Bankers.  They see the suppression of private property and democracy as the only way their power to issue money and continue our enslavement can survive.  A worldwide communist totalitarian state is their aim.  They control all the media as well as the political parties.  Only on the internet can the message of the true history of the world be told.

This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand.  Try to find a copy.  The book deals at length with the Nuremberg Trials alleging that the statements of the accused were obtained under torture, and that there were no gas chambers at the various camps.

The Bankers control the flow of information, and want wars, as that is the way they increase their wealth and concentrate their power.  The latest British Prime Minister, Cameron, is another banker’s man rushing to create war in Libya to pl;ease his masters, as did Blair in Iraq.  On all occasions the wars are declared against countries governed by men who dare to issue their own money, and who, as a result of daring to challenge the power of the bankers, become history’s bogeymen forever more.  Those who comply with the Rothschild’s banking requirements, can commit mass murder with little or no effect to their reputations.

Amazon possesses a single copy of the book –  here


Incidentally, the world central banks have pumped $5 trillion dollars into the economy in the last three and a half years, 8% of the world economy –

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  1. Stuart Fairney says:

    I’m half with you on this one. Sure fiat money is a giant con/crime foisted on an unknowing public. Back to the gold (or other commodity) standard post haste. In the last couple of yeasr I’ve been reading a lot of the Austrian school and heartily agree. So far so good. (You might want to check out “How and economy grows and why it crashes” best economics text I ever read.)

    But no gas chambers? There is too much evidence from survivors, documents, receipts for the gas, testimony from guards, train timetables, otherwise “missing” jews etc There is even footage of the einsatzgruppen working on mass executions by shooting. It is no stretch to believe that people capable of that, would indeed go for this type of genocide.

    (In fairness I don’t think you are advocating this view point merely reporting it.)

  2. Tapestry says:

    Stuart, the point about fiat money is that if it is not issued by central bankers who have their own their own agenda, basically to increase their own power and the enslavement of the countries they cheat, is that it can be made to work very well, gold or no gold.

    Rushing people into gold, as is possibly happening now, can be manipulated just as easily as any other financial herding procedure.

    As for the extermination of many people by the Germans in the war, the point that comes out in the book is the fact that no eye witnesses ever saw gas chambers, and the evidence that was produced came out later, and was acquired under torture by a bureaucracy needing a story.

    I am not taking sides strongly as you say, but why was the death of Jews so heavily featured in reporting when many others died in greater numbers. Not to mention that the Soviet Gulag is hardly ever mentioned in the media, which is said to have done in 90 million people, and the Great Hunger in China in the 1950s killed 50 million, also hardly mentioned. If nothing else there is an imbalance in the reporting of the various mass killings, and the reporting has an agenda.

    I had not heard a detailed expo on the non-existence of gas chambers designed for killing before, and it makes an interesting read. The details of how the guards supposedly were able to empty the chambers as described in reports, are clearly impossible.

  3. Stuart Fairney says:

    No eye witnesses saw gas chambers eh ?

    SS-Untersturmführer Hans Münch,
    SS-Oberscharführer Josef Klehr,
    SS-Unterscharführer Oswald Kaduk,
    SS-Rottenführer Oskar Gröning,

    True it gets way more press than Stalin or Mao’s killing which is numerically much higher. I think this is because the media are overall crypto-Stalinists.

    Central banking is way more powerful in a fiat system than in a commodity system because of the ability to ‘create’ money at will, via fractional reserve and plain printing. That said, I agree we could do very well without central bankers.

    I do hope I am not coming off as too much of a critic as I really do enjoy this blog

  4. Tapestry says:

    Criticism welcomed!

    The usual technique of spammers is to effusively praise, and then slide in a link. Critics are usually more honest about what they’re about!

    Do you have any links to the aforementioned witnesses’ statements?

  5. Anonymous says:

    In fact, what happened was simple:

    Eugenics was already strong since 1920… they had several pratice fields, since german concentration fields or homeless places on USA… England… everyone was doing that… but just Germany is remembered today.

    The Gas chamber ans the fields was supported by IBM, Bayer, General Motors… all eugenics cientists gone to USA after the war…

    The created water fluoridation, several medications, GMO concepts and mass control technics… not just on germany… it was multinational…

    Of course there was gas chambers… and of course there was less jews than non jewes. Probally Hittler speak publically against then because the bankers was jews. But Hittler was an idiot, so…

    The war between comunism and capitalism is a theater… of course the real war is happening since first war… that are soberign economy versus rotchild economy… there was no first and second war… it won’t have third war… we are on a more than 100 years war… with 2 major events and several medium and minors.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Hitler was an idiot but even he worked out he didn’t need central bankers. All we need is mass revolt against central banking inbreds.

  7. stedra rulz says:

    Not to mention that the Soviet Gulag is hardly ever mentioned in the media, which is said to have done in 90 million people, and the Great Hunger in China in the 1950s killed 50 million,

    The answer is: they weren’t human beings; so nobody cares.

    As for Rudolf Hoess(commandant of Auschwitz) he mentioned, Wolzek, a non-existant camp in his confession. Put one over his “interrogators” there.

  8. Derek says:

    There are more revelations to be found in David Irvings history of WW2. Much maligned as the ‘Holocaust Denier’ Irving has produced videos and books; Churchill’s War, and Hitlers War – the latter is downloadable free from the internet in pdf form.

    For an expensively produced set of documentaries to show another side – that more well know, actors, and reproduced meetings and events, along with detailed computer graphics to convince the correctness of the data – see here:

    Irving was imprisoned in Germany for annoucing that the gas chamber shown to visitors at Auschwitz was not a gas chamber used to kill anyone during WW2. He pointed out that it had been built by the Polish in 1948 as a reproduction. Did he lie?

  9. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, Derek. I’ll check those out tomorrow.

    The book by Irslinger also reveals that the American War Of Independence was also over central banking. The States issued their own money until Britain banned it. Benjamin Franklin triedto persuade the Brits to relent and ended up being murdered.

  10. BRIT says:

    The concentration camp commanders were required to send detailed reports to Berlin every day listing how many and who entered the camp, how many died and how, how many births, and how many left. These details were sent top secret using the Enigma machines. Unknown to the Germans, the de-coders at Bletchley Park de-ciphered these messages. The messages contained details of the deaths, mostly by Typhus, which ravaged the camps, some by hanging and others by shooting but NOWHERE is there any mention of gas or gassing. Read the official historian, Professor Sir Frank Hinsley “British Intelligence in the Second World War: It’s Influence on Strategy and Operations”, Cambridge,1979-84, 3 vol.,vol.ii, appendix, page 673

  11. BRIT says:

    Auschwitz was captured by the Russians and all documentation was sent to Moscow. When communism collapsed, Gorbachov returned these to the German government. Among these were 43 volumes (a further two missing) containing the death certificates of all who died there. Not a single one with reference to gas or gassing (I have left out the trials with a mobile lorry as this hardly refers to the camp).
    The American army also carried out thousands of autopsies on camp dead, no mention of gassing.
    Whitakers Almanac,1945, carries an entry on page 93, near the bottom by The Jewish Council of America claiming that the war killed 1.5 million jews. Although any loss of life is tragic, to abuse the dead to further ones lust for power and gain is diabolical.

  12. BRIT says:

    The ZYKLON B gas was used in the camps for de-lousing everyones clothes, etc.. Virtually the same amount was used in Orianenburg camp (with NO claims to gassing) as was used in Auschwitz.

  13. Tapestry says:

    Interesting stuff, Brit. What of the four eye witnesses Stuart mentions?

  14. BRIT says:

    Give me enough money or power, Tap, and I will obtain as many eye-witnesses, to whatever outlandish fact you want. Don’t forget, the same people (and their descendants today) are STILL perpetuating massive frauds, especially in the area of finance.

  15. Derek says:

    Such information tears at the emotions. Yet those who orchestrate them seem emotionless. It does make one wonder what kind of species these people are spawned from. Who was it said “Fact is stranger than fiction”?

    I hear there’s a wedding somewhere. As a couple I wish them well, but they are slaves unto their system.

    I have Irslinger’s book on its way to me. Looking forward to that.

  16. stedra rulz says:

    Good job that the Allies didn’t bomb Auschwitz! Imagine the howls of outrage(and compensation to pay) if they had.

  17. Tapestry says:

    Irslinger points out that the Allies never once bombed the plant that produced Germany’s aviation fuel throughout the war, and yet had they done so, the war would have been over.

    The bankers wanted the war to keep going until the Communists had control of most of Europe, and until the British colonies were ready to be sprung ‘free’, after being infiltrated with Communists.

    The same people supplied Russia with all the military technology possessed by the Americans, some of which was invented in Britain.

    The British invented the jet engine ten years before the war started, yet it was suppressed as Germany wouldn’t have survived, had it been built. The war was orchestrated carefully into being,and continued until it achieved the aims of the bankers and their corporate friends.

    Communists have no agenda for saving Jewish capitalists.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just for future reference, about gas chambers.

    1. No forensic study has been done on any remains that show gas was the cause of death. It’s assumed how people died, who they were and how many. Made up statistics.

    2. Investigating the gas chambers can result in prison terms, that says it all.

    3. Train time tables don’t prove gas chambers, the Nazis had slave camps all over.

    4. The gas chamber story relies on the Soviets to be truthful. They said all documentation was destroyed by Hitler to hide his evil deed. However, when Western historians got access to the Soviet archives, low and behold, Auschwitz death certificates, registrant lists and blueprints of the camp surfaced. On the Krema blueprint it has ‘ morgue ‘ where the Soviets say the gas chamber was, which makes sense since it’s tiny and underground to keep the bodies cool.

    5. Eye witness testimony of the gas chambers amounts to around a dozen people, the real survivors are not asked about chambers. This results in ‘celebrity survivors’ who go around gaining sympathy for the cause and saying they saw everything and that anyone who doubts them is racist.

    If you like a lack of forensic evidence, a handful of survivor stories (some without Tattoos after claiming they had them), torture to get signed confessions, prison sentences if you try and investigate yourself, then by all means, gobble down that pseudo-history. If you’re a critical thinker then you need to get past the emotional mindf*** and start reading and cross referencing the evidence presented.

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