A Former Hitler Youth Warns America Of Growing Totalitarianism

The US is training millions of Boy Scouts under the auspices of Homeland Security.  They are being assembled to act as a force to counter the growing band of disgruntled military veterans who have learned not to trust the government that has sent them to fight unnecessary wars, subjugate peoples and live through dreadful experiences.  Part of the Scouts training is to disarm veterans, and to report on them.

The NAZIS used children in similar vein.  The state took control of all the schools, and turned all children against their parents if the parents were resisting the State.  In the US they want to ban home schooling, and keep all children longer at school.  The Christian emphasis in education is being eliminated, and replaced with loyalty to the President.  Songs about Jesus are being replaced with songs about Obama.

In a book ”A Former Hitler Youth Warns America”,   the author says that, in NAZI Germany, all references to God were removed from schooling, and education focused on the power on the State.  The same is happening in the USA today.

The totalitarian mindset is also visible in the media, presenting the main issue to people as being a battle between Communism and Capitalism.  The differences between left and right are a sideshow to the real issue,  The author, Von Campe, says that the primary battle is between the inclusion of God and religious belief in society, and its removal.  Once Christian beliefs are removed, it is easy to insert totalitarian ideologies into young peoples’minds, make the State into peoples’ God, and engage them in mass murder or any other crime.  This, he says, is what’s happening in America.

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