Delayed NHS Reforms? Just Get Rid Of The Thing.

The health industry is a cartel.  The NHS is a con, the pharmaceutical part of it, especially, which is 80% of the shebang at the GP level.  If people had to pay for their medicines they would be consuming far less of them.  As most are addictive and harmful substances, millions would be much healthier without the NHS sliding antidepressants at them, and other inappropriate get-out-of-my-surgery quick fixes, which are harming people.  
People would look more to their own diet, to exercise to improve their general health and wellbeing, which is where most people could greatly benefit.  But the truths about health are suppressed.

This lady gets her guilt at having been a part of the health industry off her chest in this video – but this is only the very half of it.  The cures and preventions for many conditions are well known and are cheaply and easily available, including most cancers.  But the information is kept out of reach.  Pharmacy is the most profitable cartel in the history of mankind.  Disease is big bucks.  The last thing they want is to cure people.  Let her explain –

Then click on the links in Tapestry’s Politics – especially World Without Cancer by G.Edward Griffin, which explains how the health cartel took over the world a hundred years ago, and ensures that millions of people become sick around the world who could otherwise lead perfectly healthy lives.  The NHS turns your brain off.  Like the TV.  Both are harming you, filling your head with crap, not to mention your body.  Like the lady says.

Try reading about Naturapaths.  The right foods can make you healthy, combined with removal of toxins from your water intake, environment and diet.  It doesn’t take much effort to give yourself an enhanced quality of life, and longer life.  But it does take study, understanding and thought.

My disallowed comment on Political Betting

21.  Everything in so-called public hands is in fact in the hands of the cartels.  Governments are bought to serve the interests of the cartels.  Look at Mandelson, Blair, Brown and Prescot, all become fabulously wealthy, or becoming so, after they leave office, after serving the interests of big business, and central bankers for a decade and more.

The NHS is a method of ensuring the health cartels keep control of the supply of pharmaceutical products at high prices to British consumers, 80% of which they don’t need, and most of which actually harm health.  Most illnesses could be prevented completely or alleviated by other methods, but all serious discussion and knowledge is suppressed by a compliant media.

Clegg knows how to keep in with his paymasters, as does Cameron.  Five or ten years on, they will collect their multi-millions, as the nation’s health is kept on a downward trajectory earning billions for the cartels, so powerful most have no idea they even exist.


Pete Lee said in reply to Tapestry

So Quote form tapestry, the website linked above
”Then click on the links in Tapestry’s Politics – especially World Without Cancer by G.Edward Griffin, which explains how the health cartel took over the world a hundred years ago, and ensures that millions of people become sick around the world who could otherwise lead perfectly healthy lives. ”
What a load of anti science garbage

Tapestry said in reply to Pete Lee…

Try reading the book first. How come you know what it says before you do? You don’t.
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  1. Derek says:

    Perhaps Mr Lee has some ‘pro’ science gargage for us? Science has given us many things, but no cure for cancer. Since cancer was ‘discovered’ at the same time as the pharmaceutical industry took off, much money has been made, and cancer continues.

    Thanks for the video link Tap.
    Mother-in-law at 84 suffers from ill health having been very active. She’s on a list of drugs as long as your arm. She’s dying she says. Her body is failing she says. She is admitted to hospital and tests show she is on a cocktail of drugs that would make any person ill. They take her off, and she returns home feeling better. She then goes back to her Doctor and is prescribed some more drugs. She is now feeling sick and we have a repeat performance feeling like she is dying.

    Having spent all her working life in psychiatric and geriatric hospitals, she is well aquainted with drugs and administering them, and is now completely at home with taking them – despite what appears to be clear evidence they are doing her harm.

    Some people simply refuse to see what is in front of them. It’s called indoctrination – as in “Trust me, I’m a Doctor”. There are good, there are bad, and there are the rest.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother in law. My mum was slipping with patch on lung after many bouts with cancer like face, breast and so on. I finally persuaded her to stop bothering with her GP and go for the treatments advocated by Edward G Griffin in World Without Cancer – Laetrile etc. Her coughing, which was all day two months ago, has stopped completely, and apart from sore knees after gardening, she says she’s feeling much better. She’s cruising the Rhine with a friend next week.

    Hope you manage to persuade your victim of pharmacy to quit the scene and live.

  3. Snakey says:

    Another lie that is perpetuated by the allopathic industry is that a high fat diet is bad for you. I went on a diet that consists of a high fat intake and I lost 2 stones. I am still on a high fat diet and my weight has stayed at 8½ stones. What the lady says about nutrition in your diet is absolutely true because I proved it to myself. I did the exact opposite of what GPs tell you to do. I recommend Gary Taubes’ Big Fat Lies. It’s an excellent book, packed with scientific evidence proving that a high carb diet is, in fact, what is causing the “obesity epidemic”.

    Oh and Mr “anti science garbage” ought to read Karl Popper. He may change his ideas regarding just what “science” really isn’t lol.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Snakey, you sound skinny to me, but I’m not revealing my weight on here! They always slag off milk in the media, but I guess you drink lots of full fat milk and eat butter to no ill effect. And get lots of meat down including the fat.

    The food industry can’t make money selling unprocessed foods that are provided by farmers/nature. So they get them demonised in the media until no one dares drink the most nutritious food that’s so bloody cheap and easily available – milk. cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s or anything else’s.

  5. Snakey says:

    I switched from semi skimmed milk to full fat over 9 months ago and yes I eat butter and meat with fat. I have never felt better. I have more energy and I am back to the weight I was when I was 16. I’m not skinny, even though it sounds like I am, I am the weight I am supposed to be 🙂 My weight gain was exacerbated by family planning pharmaceuticals which made me quite ill and it’s taken me 3 years to flush them out of my system. The good nutrition helped.

    I have found it very difficult to persuade people to abandon their low fat diets even though, especially for women, fat in the diet is an essential component for health. They would rather believe their GPs, who in the main, have no training in nutrition.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for sharing all that, Snakey. Maybe a few browsers on here can benefit from your advice.

    I never waste my time buying low fat milk. It’s watered down milk. Why pay so much for water? And full fat tastes so good!

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