Debt Gives The Bankers Supreme Power

The Ascent Of Bankers

That’s good, Godfrey.  Tell it like it is.

But why not go the whole way?

The collapse of the EU is part of the greater plan.  The method of its collapse is debt.  Debt is being accumulated on such a vast scale in every EU country that it cannot possibly be paid off.  The Euro and the EU will implode.  A worldwide single currency is being readied to replace the Euro, and all other currencies. It’s called the SDR, or Special Drawing Right.

The world’s Central Bankers have a political power base.  It is not the EU.  The EU is a device designed to destroy national sovereignty.  Once the nations are destroyed, through political confusion and debt, the real source of the world’s power can declare itself.  Its agents are being readied by careful selection and insertion into governments worldwide.  In Britain they are called Common Purpose Graduates.

The EU’s collapse will be followed overnight by an activation of the Common Purpose network which is being inserted into Britain’s Civil Service at every level.  David Cameron regularly attends their conferences in secret.  The United Nations is the One World Government at the head of this network.  The EU will disappear in a puff of debt, and open rule by the bankers will appear, as if from nowhere, via the United Nations.

The Ascent Of Bankers

The debts have a purpose, to destroy the nations and the EU, leaving the bankers in supreme control.  The debts are not an error of policy, Godfrey.  They are the implementation of the policy of those who really run the world.  Tell your fellow Parliamentarians that next time.  You know, I honestly don’t think even half of them realise that they too will be disposed of, once their purpose has been served.

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  1. Is there a tangible answer to this? How can these things be opposed when it’s all happening right in front of us and still most people ignore it?

  2. Tapestry says:

    If it’s not in the media, it doesn’t exist, Blaize. That’s why we bloggers have a role. The United Nations makes no secret of their plans. It’s just that the world never hears about them.

  3. Me says:

    The Tap should be a member of the Silver Liberation Army.

    It’s taken silver from $10 to $41 in about two years. When it gets to $50 it’ll be higher than JP Morgan’s stock price.

    Because, you see, JP Morgan has been making billions naked shorting the silver commodities market with tonnes of non-existent silver in order to prop up the fiat dollar and the private Federal Reserve.

    Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver is the battle cry.

    See also,

    Max Keiser’s blog, plus
    Harvey Organ

    Also, Mike Maloney

    Silver is the fiat bankster’s Achilles heel.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The story doesn’t make sense. The bankers are controlling the silver price, yet failing to control the silver price.

    There is no shortage of many commodities which continue to surge in price, silver being merely the most extreme.

    It’s a very small market to manipulate, and can be used to keep bullish market sentiments going more cheaply than QE.

    The game is to suck in all the suckers and then crash the price, when the insiders are ready.

  5. Me says:

    It does make sense.

    Look. Silver doesn’t gain the investor interest but there is a trick you can pull to make money. You suppress its value by massively flooding the market with paper silver (that doesn’t exist) then buying it back cheaper.

    JP Morgan has made billions doing this for years. The silver market is tiny so this is easy. If you hold a beach ball underwater and then release, it pops out the water. This is what is happening to the silver market.

    There is no more silver (PHYSICAL) left

    The value of silver also needs to be suppressed against the fiat dollar. You need to research it. It’s entirely predictable and you’re ignoring a huge story.

    The bankers cannot stop investors taking possession of PHYSICAL silver. Without physical silver JP Morgan cannot use this trick. People hold their contracts and demand physical delivery. In March they had to pay cash settlement because there was no silver!

    Remember the commodities market is a paper market. Paper commodities market operate on fractional reserve. For example, there’s about 45* more gold that exists on paper than in actual gold. If all those investors asked for their gold they wouldn’t get it.

    Silver is the same. Some weeks years worth of silver is shorted. That doesn’t make sense, but it’s possible because it’s paper market.

    Please look further than explanations I’m capable of giving.

    “The game is to suck in all the suckers and then crash the price, when the insiders are ready.”

    Yes, the PAPER MARKET will crash. OBVIOUSLY.

    Take physical possession, or store at goldmoney (independently allocated accounts), and you will preserve your value.

    It’s about value, not price. You can’t crash the value of precious metals while fiat is unbacked.

    Trust me on this and look into it, and the difference between paper and physical.

  6. Tapestry says:

    All markets rise and fall. Property (real estate), shares (securities), currencies, commodities, metals, precious metals.

    Any argument that says one way is a sure bet gets burned.

  7. Me says:

    Nobody is saying it is going one way! GRRRRRRRRRR.

    This is far more complex than you’re giving credit.

    I’m sorry I’m not the perfect person to explain this.

    There WILL be a time to cash in but that time will be after the precious metal backed global currency is implemented or we reclaim states from the NWO and back our own currencies with PMs.

    The paper commodities market is volatile and the spot price will go up and down in the meantime but the price in DOLLARS is irrelevant, it’s the value of silver to stock price/farmland/houses that you have to track.

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