Are You Ready To Absorb Shocking News?

I like listening to David Icke until he starts talking about The Lizards when I tend to glaze over.  At this moment in history, his is a good voice to cover what’s going on.  Alex Jones in this interview gets his ideas on recent events -.

These things for example –

Radioactive isotopes being put into the water supply in Texas was reported this week.  Fluoride’s not killing us fast enough, apparently.

Manipulating the earth’s energy field, the earth’s weather, creating holes in the ionosphere, setting off earthquakes  and tsunamis is all par the course now.

Anything else going on?

Mesmerising people who watch TV to achieve mind control.

Sterilising people.

Jones says the OWG is getting brazen now and admitting what they’re doing….laughing at everyone.   Al Quaeda’s our ally in Libya.  They seem to be determined to create a level of confusion in peoples’ minds, which causes everyone to switch off, give up bothering and become acquiescent.  They want to deliver as many shocks to us as possible.

Icke .. we have to stay calm and we have to stay strong.  If people become fearful, they will support anyone politically who offers to get them out of it.  This is a huge collective mind game, designed to get everyone cowed and under the thumb.

The world’s debts are so vast no one can pay them off.   Governments are introducing austerity programmes everywhere.  A new economic crash will be brought along which will enable Soros and the Rothschilds to appear as the world’s saviours.  Britain, US and France are satellites of the OWG.  They are vehicles, like subsidiaries of the global network, which introduce things all over the world all at the same time.

The American military is a satellite of the global cabal.  They have AFRICOM in place to pick off one country after another within Africa.  They are moving into Jordan and Syria.  They are going after Iran, and dismantling Pakistan.  If they use Saudi Arabia to surround and overwhelm Iran, they will then target Saudi as they won’t have any further use for Saudi Arabia.

The internet is commentating on what’s happening, and the Rockefellers are talking of closing down alternative media.

Libya had its own central bank, which was outside of Rothschild/Rockefeller control.  Now the rebels have a central bank, which is in the Rothschild system.  Iran will be the next big target.

Obama winning the Peace Prize is an attempt to manipulate peoples’ perceptions until they can’t see the difference between war and peace.  This is Orwellian training to teach you how to be a slave.

Libya – ground invasion?  Or no ground invasion?  They say no invasion, then come up with any excuse they need to do what the intended all along – to take the country with troops on the ground.  People just switch off, when they are presented with continually switching and changing information, and they become compliant.

The globalists are a psychopathic structure, a pyramid of terror.  Each level has fear of the next level.  They are all terrified of the spider at the centre of the web.  Soros even is being told what he has to do.  The Rothschilds are not even at the centre.  What does Icke mean by this?  Who is the spider at the middle of the web?  Not those ruddy lizards again, I hope.

The problem is that the control structure is now becoming obvious to the public that it exists.  That period, which Icke claims to have talked of a long time, is coming now.  That is why they are throwing everything at humanity now.  They are afraid we might react strongly, and they need to create terror which brings about a Zombie-like state of acquiescence and the resignation of powerlessness.

Some people are willing to look at what is happening, and talk about it – the conspiracy theorists.  Many others prefer to bury their heads in the sand, especially people with money, who hope it will all go away.

People cannot deal with this by denying it’s happening, Icke says.  But people don’t want to admit to themselves that something this bad is happening.  Here is the fork in the road time, says Icke.  Are we going to keep control of our minds and perceptions?  Or are we going to believe that those who created the mayhem will bail us out, and truly are our saviours.

Icke says they are going to crash the stock market again.

There needs to be a mass non-cooperation, not a march in the streets.  There needs to be a willingness to speak out, and expose the evils that are being perpetrated, to talk to friends and colleagues.  Not to keep silent.

Obama is looking zombie-like.  He’s been sussed by the people as a phoney, and is a liability.  They might well ”take him out”, as that would give Homeland Security a big boost.


Well if that didn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will.

The fact the show took place is encouraging in itself. People are noticing a whole series of extreme events.  Here are some good explanations from people who’ve put a lot of thought into what’s happening and causing it all.

I’m glad Icke didn’t run with the lizards here.  He may be right or wrong about the lizards and all.  But I can’t follow it as it’s too far for my poor mind to go, so it’s better he talks about ”the spider at the centre of the web”, while us poor folks try to absorb all this stuff. (pardon my Texan style of address, clearly Jones is getting under my skin!)

This is an important statement summarising where the world is this week.  I hope you found it useful to listen to as I did.  And don’t miss Jones impersonating a British aristocrat going down on The Titanic.  His accent is spot-on!  I never thought I’d hear a Texan doing that.

Now then, about the masters of the universe, the extra-terrestrials and their part in this story.  I’m willing to give it one more try.  Let’s listen to Jordan Maxwell, who started David Icke in dealing with this topic.  Maybe I’m ready to try and take it all in.  Let’s see.

I’ll start listening now and look again at it later and tomorrow.  This guy has studied the word of the occult (the hidden) all his life.  He found out that most people are not allowed to know who and what really runs the world.  This is a long video, and he speaks very well.  I’m looking forward to an interesting day or so. 

This link arrived in Comments –  well worth a read.

The video stopped playing after fifteen minutes twice so I gave up.  I’ll try when next in the UK in case Youtube are running different standards in different locations.

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10 Responses to “Are You Ready To Absorb Shocking News?”

  1. Derek says:

    David Icke has had a lot of discrediting press, and I believe unfairly so. What does not help is his references to ‘Lizard people’ certainly, but who are we to deny the existence of such people? What do they look like? How can we tell them from anyone else? He has to be nuts – right? Not necessarily.

    Jordan Maxwell speaks well, but he’s creepy. His knowledge of the occult and all the symbolism that surrounds everything to do with accepted religions and civilisations is enormous. He once stated he did not like what David Icke had done to the information Jordan gave him, but is this one showman against another? Maxwell’s website is full of books and videos, as is Icke’s, nothing wrong in that – business is business.

    Now if you want to hear from those who have allegedly not just been in contact with ‘others’, but have worked with and alongside them, even fought them, listen to the Montauk tapes.
    Stewart Swerdlow
    Preston Nichols
    Duncan Cameron
    & Nikola Tesla was at the heart of the Philadelphia project. Much of his work was smashed, destroyed due to its possible effect on world energy and a way to no longer be reliant on mineral resources.
    This forum has the links, also to HAARP with Dr. Nick Begich.

    Note these entries were made first three years ago, the last in April 2009.

    Unbelievable? Didn’t Jones say “Truth is stranger than fiction”? It often is. And if you find that strange, try this:
    There’s a lot of reading.
    Theory? Fantasy? Unbelieveable?

    We have not scratched the Iceberg yet.

    Is the idea that HAARP could instigate earhquakes unbelieveable?

    We sit in a world far removed from that in Rwanda; Pakistan; the Amazon Rain Forests, or the Siberian hinterlands. Some fine people in those places, and who would find an invading force from the other side of the world unfathomable – would they not?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Nice you’re back, Derek. I have to thank you for many good research links over many months. You’ve trodden the path before the rest of us, and are a great sharer.

  3. Derek says:

    ‘I know nothing!’ Just a curious bystander.

    To perhaps balance the ‘shrill’ of Jones is a comment in ‘The Register’. A little off topic perhaps, but relates to an excess of fear media:

  4. Derek says:

    I used the analogy of an Iceberg.
    It might be said we have not even seen it yet, and for many, there is no Iceberg. Yet the waters are getting colder, and we appear to be sailing North.

    Keeping watch is having an open mind.
    We must adapt to survive, or perish in disbelief.

    I have no idea where some of this I write comes from, the words come into my head and I put it down. Maybe it’s just me. If I have some natural clarity, it may be based upon a large dose of cynicism for all I see around me. Believe nothing, but believe anything. We believe what is possible, but what is possible is all we know, and we know very little.

  5. Me says:

    Derek, there have been illnesses and deaths due to radiation from the Fukushima disaster. You haven’t been following the news. This isn’t fear-mongering. There is a cover-up so that people are not able to protect themselves. They don’t care about us, only making money out of nuclear energy when there are now alternative technologies (and no, I don’t mean renewables).

  6. Me says:

    Derek, there have been illnesses and deaths due to radiation from the Fukushima disaster. You haven’t been following the news. This isn’t fear-mongering. There is a cover-up so that people are not able to protect themselves. They don’t care about us, only making money out of nuclear energy when there are now alternative technologies (and no, I don’t mean renewables).

  7. Derek says:

    Follow the News, and you will be misled. I do not follow the news, other than to acquaint myself with the latest desired line in propaganda.

  8. Derek says:

    A very interesting 2 hrs 48 minutes. I had found Maxwell ‘creepy’ on previous viewings of his talks, but found a lot of corroboration with others I have listened to.

    His last few minutes tell of small hope for the human race unless they begin to wake up, and selfish as they are, not much chance of that.

  9. Me says:

    Derek, I’m not an idiot. I do the same thing. In this case the media is underplaying – covering-up – the Fukushima disaster. It’s much worse than you are being told. That’s the story. The story is not it’s a scare story, it’s the mass media line that “there is nothing to be scared about”.

  10. Tapestry says:

    The Register is interesting read, Derek. What’s the game in Japan? To bring them into line?

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